Video Content: It's Go Time

It’s no secret that all major social media apps are swaying towards video-first content, but why?

Typically, video content performs best with most algorithms - pushing it to the top of your feed therefore capturing more viewers attention, resulting in souring engagement rates. Did you know, in 2019 users spent an average of six and a half hours a week watching online videos? That’s a whopping 59% increase since 2016 ( 

Video content also tends to last longer. Take TikTok and Instagram Reels as an example, a video you may have seen on your For You Page will resurface days, even months, later on your Instagram Discover page, this is because video-first content typically attracts more interactions and shares, helping it to stick around for longer. 

So, where do you start when it comes to incorporating video into your social media strategy? Start small and aim big: add in a few Instagram Reels into your IG content plan, start a TikTok account for your brand and play around with their range of in-app features, produce a content shoot where you’re able to capture some short BTS clips to share on your main social channel feeds .

If you want to chat video (or anything social), you know where to find us. Drop us a DM on instagram - we’d love to help.

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