The broadcaster launches weekly rooftop summer party: ‘The Rooftop Sessions’

June 28, 2024

The broadcaster launches weekly rooftop summer party: ‘The Rooftop Sessions’

The Broadcaster, West London’s rooftop hotspot, has launched The Rooftop Sessions, a weekly rooftop party featuring live DJ sets, taking place every Saturday from 3pm - 10pm, throughout the summer months; the perfect destination to soak up the sun and enjoy chilled sunset beats every weekend.

The Rooftop Sessions will feature an array of exclusive DJ’s, with resident DJ Harrison playing the first set each week. As well as tequila cocktails on offer in partnership with Tapatio Tequila and delicious small plates, set in the central rooftop area of The Broadcaster, creating a vibrant yet chilled atmosphere and boasting breath-taking panoramic views of West London.

Guests at The Rooftop Sessions can indulge in delectable Buttermilk Fried Chicken, St Ives Monkfish Scampi and Plant Based Sliders, as well as enjoying flavoursome Rhubarb and Apple Crumble and Chocolate and Hazelnut Slice. Guests can also sip on mouth-watering cocktails including The Broadcaster’s Paloma Spritz, Smoked and Spiced Margarita and Italicus Spritz.

The Rooftop at The Broadcaster is the perfect summer destination; a social hotspot from day to night for dining, drinking and relaxing. The rooftop features two bars, comfy tables, lounging areas and a private al fresco dining room.

The Broadcaster also has a contemporary pub located on their ground floor - a relaxed haven, offering an all day pub menu with elevated takes on comforting pub classics, fine wine and premium beer. As well as a first floor bright and sleek dining room offering a modern British menu centred around seasonal, local ingredients including fresh salads, delicious British Wagyu burgers and Grilled Yellowfin tuna. Set above the dining room is The Playroom - a stylish dedicated event space at The Broadcaster, complete with its own private bar and terrace that can accommodate up to 120 guests.

Surat Jewels opens its doors for the first-time on Maddox Street Mayfair

May 15, 2024

Surat Jewels opens its doors for the first-time on Maddox Street Mayfair

Surat Jewels, crafters of refined, bespoke jewellery, has launched their first store in the heart of London, amidst the bustling Mayfair streets at 54 Maddox Street. Opening its doors by appointment only, Surat Jewels offers luxury clients a world of elegant diamonds, gems and gold that epitomise both opulence and sophistication, and they will be unveiling their Queens, Spring and Peacock collections at the store for the first time for clients to preview.

The brand is deeply-rooted in a four-generation legacy of jewellers, bringing forth a vision that transcends the ordinary by crafting exquisite, bespoke jewellery, with each piece designed upon request. At Surat Jewels. they believe that diamonds are the embodiment of luxury and a celebration of life’s finest moments, they channel their passion into creating exquisite diamond jewellery that captures the essence of these moments, transforming them into tangible, timeless art.

The journey of Surat Jewels began generations ago, and the family heritage serves as the bedrock of the brand, infusing every creation with a sense of history, elegance and artistry. The creative director and founder, Yashovardhan, initially began his journey in rug making and following a client request to place diamonds within a rug, he discovered his passion for diamonds and the jewellery industry. The jewellery at Surat Jewels is meticulously crafted in Surat, India, the diamond cutting and polishing capital of the world, where raw diamonds are transformed into breath- taking masterpieces by skilled artisans.

Surat Jewels are dedicated to reshaping the very experience of buying jewellery, allowing the client to embark on an enchanting journey through the world of diamonds, with a commitment to offer impeccable craftsmanship and unwavering customer service at each step of the process. The team will procure and assort the finest stones, including the deep arsenal of stones the family has collected over many years, allowing their craftsmen to make jewellery pieces that stand out and that are bespoke and timeless. Each piece of jewellery created is a masterpiece, where luxury knows no bounds and the Surat Jewels family will focus on the story behind both the jewellery and the recipient, bringing imagination to life, when creating each piece.

Creative Director & Founder of Surat Jewels, Yashovardhan Sharma says: ‘At Surat Jewels, our mission extends beyond the mere creation of jewellery, we cater to a diverse audience of luxury connoisseurs, providing not just products, but an elevated lifestyle, where the experience is nothing short of extraordinary. We believe that you are not just purchasing jewellery, but investing in a legacy of elegance and grace. We are very pleased to be launching this store on Maddox Street in Mayfair, a place steeped in so much history and culture.’ Surat Jewels will be displaying their first designer collection named ‘Treasures of India’ at their Maddox Street store. The Treasures collection narrates the influence of Indian Jewels on the world of Jewellery. Each of these treasures have a remarkable history to them- from hosting old mine diamonds to featuring stones cut from a single rock deposit.

Tumi Hosts Exclusive Event At Regent Street Store With Tottenham Hotspur Womens Football Players

April 26, 2024

Tumi Hosts Exclusive Event At Regent Street Store With Tottenham Hotspur Womens Football Players

International travel and lifestyle brand TUMI hosted an exclusive event on Thursday 25th April at the TUMI Regent Street Store in London. Themed “HER JOURNEY,” the event served as a celebration and recognition of the remarkable achievements and invaluable contributions made by women across various industries.

A standout feature of the event was the presence of players from the Tottenham Hotspur Women's football team, including Rosella Ayane, Charlotte Grant, and Jessica Naz.

Together, they shared their stories of resilience and teamwork, shedding light on their personal journeys within the fiercely competitive realm of professional sports. The players discussed overcoming challenges and achieving excellence, which ignited motivation and inspiration among the attendees, encouraging them to push boundaries in their own careers.

Furthermore, an engaging Q&A segment hosted by Andrea McLean provided an intimate conversation with the Tottenham Hotspur football players, delving into their travel experiences and serving as a platform for sharing motivational narratives, inspiring all present.In attendance at the event were notable guests such as TV personality and dancer Nadia Bychkova, actress Natalie Anderson, and TV presenter Liam MacDevitt.

The "HER JOURNEY" event offered an exclusive opportunity to meet extraordinary and inspirational women, fostering learning, growth, and mutual inspiration for all attendees.

EX Vong Head Chef Launches Grille Restaurant

February 1, 2024

EX Vong Head Chef Launches Grille Restaurant

Metropolitan Mayfair is delighted to launch the new ‘Grille’ restaurant with the appointment of a new Culinary Director, Tim Tolley, of Vong fame. Tolley has spent the past two decades in NYC and London at Jean-George’s Vongerichten and as Head Chef at restaurants for Sir Terence Conran’s D&D restaurant group. Tim’s appointment is part of the luxury casino’s aim to deliver an exciting dining experience in a venue that’s designed for guests to enjoy cocktails, music and entertainment.

Chef Tolley is designing a menu that features a variety of fresh seafood dishes and innovative international cuisine. Sourcing UK produce from land to sea, the menu will feature a strong focus on ingredient led, fresh cooking, from the wild game and Penny Bun mushrooms to Cornwall’s pristine shellfish.

Paying homage to his time as Head Chef at Vong, Knightsbridge, and Spice Market in New York City, the menu highlights include his signature curry dish, which features British lamb and a homemade blend of 15 spices. The entire menu draws inspiration from spices such as cumin, sumac, coriander seeds, fresh turmeric and more subtle flavours of preserved lemon and coriander. Flatbreads and smashed burgers provide comfort food for gaming guests, and the playful lollipop chicken wings are a nostalgic nod to his New York days. Charcoal and wood fired prime steaks will round out the menu.

As part of the Metropolitan Gaming Group’s aim to be the number one multi-channel gaming and hospitality brand in the UK, Chef Tolley will extend his role to oversee the F&B outlets across all eight UK casinos including; Metropolitan Mayfair, Park Lane, The Sportsman and Empire Casino.

Experience EMS training at Londons Hotspot E-Pulsive

January 24, 2024

Experience EMS training at Londons Hotspot E-Pulsive

E-Pulsive is London’s hotspot for personal training using radical EMS technology; a personal training evolution that harnesses the transformative power of EMS.

EMS stands for ‘Electrical Muscle Stimulation’, a method of high-interval training which utilises electrical impulses designed to contract the skeletal striated muscles with targeted precision. The result is a shorter work out that equates to 120 minutes of intense exercise, perfect for strength training, body toning and skin tightening. A 20-minute E-Pulsive session can burn up to 500kcal so it can be easily adapted into the busiest of schedules. EMS training is also excellent for recovery and rehabilitation, helping to treat existing issues, build strength and prevent future injuries.

With studios located in High Street Kensington, 180 The Strand and West Hampstead, E-Pulsive has quickly become the hotspot for personal training. A new state-of-the-art E-Pulsive wellness club will also be launching in Zurich, Switzerland this year, with EMS, Cryotherapy, Infrared saunas, IV drips, nutrition advice, facials and treatments available at the club. Originating in Germany, EMS has gained increased attention among athletes, fashion models, weekend warriors and celebrities. For those that partake in continued programs, the training offers the potential to lose weight, tone your body, tighten skin and aid low- impact high-intensity strength training.

Scientific studies into EMS training reveal that a 12-week period using the E-Pulsive 20-minute strength training program saw clients lose up to 9% body fat and 4kg (9lbs) weight loss, 30% increase in strength, 89% of all probands felt substantially stronger and tighter, with 98% of all muscles engaged during a workout.

The boutique studios offer private and partner sessions, with home and office sessions also available. Eladio de Leon, co-founder of E-Pulsive, alongside Mario Kaspers and their team of specialists have introduced this radical new approach to health and fitness in London. Fusing traditional HIIT techniques with hard science and pressed schedules, the integrative approach to fitness makes everything from strength training to achieving your body’s desired look that little bit easier.

Eladio de Leon says, ‘After four sessions, most of our clients noticed a significant improvement in body shape and general well-being - no other work out is as efficient and effective.’ Private and partner sessions start from £50. Trial sessions cost £20. Initial consultations last 45 minutes in total where the trainer will discuss lifestyle, goals and potential injuries followed by a fully customised 20-minute EMS workout. For more information visit

The Lifestyle Agency worked with the landmark hotel, The Royal Crescent Hotel & Spa for an impressive five years.

January 8, 2024

The Lifestyle Agency worked with the landmark hotel, The Royal Crescent Hotel & Spa for an impressive five years.

The Lifestyle Agency worked with the landmark hotel, The Royal Crescent Hotel & Spa for an impressive five years. Throughout this period, the dedicated lifestyle team launched successful influencer campaigns, hosted numerous launch events and secured outstanding national and international press coverage, with extensive and detailed coverage landing in VOGUE, Conde Nast Traveller, The Daily Telegraph, The Times, Tatler, Olive Magazine, Sheerluxe, Country & Town House, The Independent and Harper’s Bazaar, to name a few.

TLA has utilised the hotel's key drivers to curate and deliver standout story angles and engage in national and trade conversations, whilst ultimately promoting The Royal Crescent Hotel & Spa as the number one British travel destination. To further elevate the hotel's 'Best of British' angle, TLA has managed a number of partnership opportunities with select, like-minded brands to increase reach and engagement via brand association. Examples include Farrow & Ball, Penhaligon's, Sipsmith Gin, Taittinger Champagne, Pride of Britain and TempleSpa.

The results of the campaign have been exceptional and there has been a noticeable increase in hotel bookings throughout the period, highlighting TLA’s success at promoting and positioning the hotel as the number one British travel destination.

Total coverage secured for The Royal Crescent Hotel & Spa during this period exceeded 600 pieces on and offline and total reach exceeded 500 million. From August 2022 – July 2023 vs August 2021 – July 2022, there was a 373% increase in website traffic, representing the success of the PR campaign.

Produced in Montenegro, Beluga Vodka looks ahead to 2024

December 29, 2023

Produced in Montenegro, Beluga Vodka looks ahead to 2024

Beluga Vodka is a symbol of luxury and success. It blends craft and tradition with innovation and an unwavering dedication to quality and attention to detail at every stage of the production process.

Owned by Montenegrin spirits producer Noblewood Group, it is made with neutral grain spirit from the group’s distillery in Latvia and then filtered, rested and bottled in Montenegro at the group’s production site in Nikšić, at the foot of the Trebjesa Mountain close to the river Zeta.

Montenegro, on the Adriatic coast, was the first country in the world to declare itself an “ecological state” in its constitution, making it a pristine paradise with the purest water, clean air, rolling forests and natural beauty.

Through multiple filtration and extended resting in Montenegro, Beluga Vodka is a pure, smooth spirit for creating memorable experiences, whether drunk neat, on the rocks, with a mixer or in cocktails.

Best consumed with caviar, Beluga Vodka is the perfect choice for those who appreciate the finest things in life. A metal beluga sturgeon is attached by hand to every bottle. Positioned as a super-premium luxury brand, Beluga Vodka is available in more than 100 countries including the UK as well as airports worldwide. Noblewood Group is building on this success through new expressions and trade activities to grow sales in the UK on-trade (trade/off-trade) in 2024 and beyond.

The brand’s commitment to innovation will see new expressions including the newly released Adriatic Botanicals spirit drink range, naturally infused with fruits and herbs. The initial focus for Noblewood Group in the UK will be Beluga Noble and Beluga Gold Line but all expressions will be available including Beluga Allure, Beluga Transatlantic Racing, Beluga Celebration, the ultra-premium Beluga Epicure by Lalique and the Beluga Adriatic Botanicals range.

The neutral grain spirit is handcrafted at Noblewood Group’s distillery in the village of Jaunkalsnava in Latvia, 150 kilometres east of the capital, Riga. Surrounded by forests, the distillery is designated to be included within the Natura 2000 network of EU protected natural areas.
Beluga Vodka is made with the purest water drawn from 120m-deep artesian wells and mixed with high-quality grain spirit sourced from the company’s own distillery in Latvia, which means that every facet of the production process is carefully controlled.

Founded in 1937, the Latvian distillery has been completely renovated with state-of-the-art equipment and uses production processes accredited by sustainability and ecological certifications.

Andreas Ioannides, global business development managing director at Noblewood Group, said:

Produced in Montenegro, Beluga Vodka is handcrafted in one of the most beautiful, natural areas of Europe and made with the highest-quality natural ingredients. We look forward to working with the trade in the UK to build on the brand’s positioning as a super-premium luxury brand of quality and

TLA appointed to execute a 6-month PR campaign for L’Escargot

December 20, 2023

TLA appointed to execute a 6-month PR campaign for L’Escargot

The Lifestyle Agency was appointed to execute a 6-month PR campaign for L’Escargot.

L’Escargot holds the distinction of being one of the oldest and most celebrated fine dining restaurants in London for nearly 100 years. The iconic French restaurant is renowned for its charm, elegance, impeccable service and the excellence of its traditional French cuisine.

The dedicated lifestyle team promoted all aspects of the French restaurant throughout the campaign, including the exceptional menu, private dining rooms, snail bar and afternoon tea offering. As well as securing event bookings at the restaurant.

TLA targeted national, consumer and luxury lifestyle press and secured an excellent array of detailed converge for the restaurant, across top-tier titles such as Evening Standard, The Telegraph, Vanity Fair and Country & Town House.

The Dally - London’s first hyperlocal, female-founded private members club launches in islington

December 1, 2023

The Dally - London’s first hyperlocal, female-founded private members club launches in islington

The Dally, North London’s first neighbourhood focussed private members club that celebrates local, is launching in Islington, early spring 2024, co-founded by Caroline Baldwin and Claire Ilardi-Crow. The Dally, is artfully crafted and rooted in warmth, local socialising, inclusivity and good vibes. The Dally, is artfully crafted and rooted in warmth, local socialising, inclusivity and good vibes. Set in a delightful three-storey period townhouse at 181 Upper Street, London N1, the new thoughtfully created club is nestled between the boutique shops of the bustling streets. The club is the first of ambitious plans to bring further neighbourhood members clubs in and outside of London - all designed on a micro level to serve and support locals. As a club, The Dally’s membership focus is on local residents, sourcing F&B, interiors and partnerships where possible, from suppliers within the neighbourhood and supporting talent from the local community amongst other initiatives.

After spotting a gap in the market, female founders and long-time friends, Caroline Baldwin and Claire Ilardi-Crow, noticed that Islington had flourished as living, working and playing had evolved in recent years, but the ‘new way of being required a new space to be in.’ A place where diverse interests meet through generous hospitality, a destination where members enjoy the central London experience without having to travel. The Dally is supported by industry stalwarts, Matt Hobbs of Copper Beech and Jamie Caring, who bring their unparalleled experience in hospitality, having played instrumental roles in globally recognised names, including Soho House, Annabel’s, Scott’s and The Groucho Club.

Caroline Baldwin, CEO, says:

We’re creating a place where you always feel at home. A straight-talking retreat where personalities are valued more than professions. A place to hang with friends, escape for some quiet time, dine with a date or revel in an unexpected chance encounter. You’ll be in great company.

Exquisitely designed by Busby Webb with a nod to curiosity, there’s a host of dedicated spaces sprawled across the townhouse including The Living Room, a relaxed lounge and bar on the ground floor, serving all-day drinks and a flavoursome club menu of diverse breakfasts bowls, light bites and charcuterie boards, and snacks with a playful twist at the bar. The first floor 30 cover restaurant will serve simple and thoughtfully prepared, modern European dishes, using sustainable, seasonal and wherever possible, locally sourced ingredients. The Loft is a spacious bar space for events, live music, supper clubs and private celebrations. Members can also retreat to The Cocktail Bar, which is an intimate, bijou space to savour a little mixology. An outdoor terrace at the front of the venue gives members space to watch the world pass by. In addition, there are also quiet areas to focus and catch up on emails.

Set within the invigorating intersection between commerce, politics and creativity that is Islington, the Founders have created a social hub for the poetic, charming and vibrant community, a place for local people and businesses to feel they truly belong.

Claire Ilardi-Crow, CMO says:

At The Dally each member is part of our community, we’re a place where different views can come together and where you can meet new people. We want our members to leave at the end of the day with more than they arrived with – whether that’s due to a great conversation, a thought-provoking event, or laughter and stories following a night out with friends

The Dally Membership is £630 annual (or £66 per month) and a one off £250 joining fee. Members will receive a host of benefits including a year- round cultural calendar of events from live music and comedy nights, to talks, workshops and film screenings, plus wellbeing seminars and business briefings. With a guest list of up to three per member and dog friendly on the ground floor, The Dally is the new destination for great company that the community can feel they truly belong.

Londons Oldest French restaurant launches indulgent afternoon tea

November 1, 2023

Londons Oldest French restaurant launches indulgent afternoon tea

Set in the heart of Soho, L’Escargot holds the distinction of being one of the oldest and most celebrated restaurants in London. This legendary French restaurant is renowned for the excellence of its traditional French cuisine and its impeccable, friendly service.

Due to popular demand L’Escargot has launched an exquisite afternoon tea. Guests will be able to indulge in a selection of finger sandwiches, including ‘Wiltshire ham with Dijon mustard’, ‘Cucumber with cream cheese and chives’, ‘Scottish smoked salmon’ and ‘Burford Brown egg mayonnaise.’

A selection of home baked scones will be on offer filled with golden raisins and served with Cornish clotted cream and English strawberry jam. To finish, guests will be offered a selection of mouth-watering cakes including a delicious Raspberry & almond frangipane, Chocolate éclair and Snail shaped meringues. A selection of teas from the famous Paris based Mariage Frères will be served including Earl Grey Imperial (Black), English Breakfast Tea (Black), Thé à L’Opéra (Green), Rooiboss Bourbon (Herbal), Wild Camomile (Herbal), Silver Linden (Herbal), Lemon Verbena (Herbal), Peppermint (Herbal) and Vert Provence (Green). Champagne Henriot and Crémant de Loire will also be on offer for guests to enjoy.

Over its almost 100 years L’Escargot has achieved a string of accolades, including ‘Best French Restaurant in London’, ‘Best Restaurant in Soho’, and ‘Most Romantic Restaurant in London’. Head Chef, James Tyrrell, who comes from Claridge’s Hotel and trained at Langan's Brasserie under the renowned Richard Shepherd, heads up the kitchen. James, known as “Jimmy”, has a love of classic French food, and loves to work with seasonal produce from independent suppliers.

The restaurant was a firm favourite of Princess Diana and over the years has hosted an array of prominent artists, actors, musicians and celebrities including Coco Chanel, Frank Sinatra, Elton John, Mick Jagger, Judy Dench, and HRH The Princess Margaret. Petula Clark and Shirley Bassey both sang around the piano, Lucien Freud and Francis Bacon used to lunch at the restaurant together once a month. Housed in a magnificent 18th century Georgian townhouse dating from 1741, the building was one of the first houses to be built in Soho and was the private residence of the Duke of Portland. Stepping inside L’Escargot, guests are greeted by an enchanting interior, which retains original features that have delightful aesthetics and provide a cosy, intimate atmosphere.

The rooms are colourful and eccentric; with chandeliers, ornate mirrors, soft lighting, and a large collection of art with works from Matisse, Bacon, Gadney, Peter Blake, Grayson Perry, Keith Haring and Lubaina Himid. The upper floors contain a series of private dining rooms, seating 10 – 40 guests, which are perfect for special occasions, corporate events or private dinners. At the top of the house is the Snail Bar, which regularly hosts live music events and on Friday’s and Saturdays has a wonderful pianist.

Afternoon tea at L’Escargot is priced at £48pp and is available to book online at

buddha to buddha: timeless, ageless, genderless jewellery

November 1, 2023

buddha to buddha: timeless, ageless, genderless jewellery

Buddha to Buddha: the renowned luxury jewellery brand, designed in Amsterdam and ethically handcrafted in South East Asia, is celebrated for its distinctive blend of timeless design and powerful expression.

Buddha to Buddha is known for its exceptional craftsmanship and innovative designs. With a rich heritage in blending traditional techniques with modern aesthetics, the brand has gained a global following for its unique and distinctive pieces. Each jewellery item is a testament to the brand's dedication to quality, creativity, and self-expression. Their mission is to create durable, premium jewellery that celebrate life’s milestones and remain with their customers forever.

Buddha to Buddha’s handmade jewellery serves as an antidote to mass-produced sameness. Their jewellery seamlessly blends traditional craftsmanship with modern trends, creating collections that capture the essence of individuality and self-expression. Each jewellery item is a testament to the brand's dedication to quality, creativity, and self-expression. The Buddha to Buddha collection is comprised of Heritage, Gold, Refined, Leather, Black Rhodium and Statement Pieces, whereby each product is designed to last a lifetime. At the forefront of Buddha to Buddha sits the celebration of rebirth; rebirth is part of the continuous process of change, whereby we are born and reborn during different milestones in life.

Buddha to Buddha’s Heritage Collection includes their iconic signature silver jewellery pieces. The collection features a diverse range of jewellery, including bracelets, necklaces, rings, and earrings. A chain forms the base for every design. The core is made of different sections forming a chain out of unconventional connections.

Craftsmanship is at the core of the brands premium jewellery and their 925-sterling silver and 14-carat gold masterpieces are created by the best craftsmen of the trade. They take pride knowing that each piece of jewellery is made by hand in South East Asia, therefore, every piece is unique, and each piece has a soul.

Throughout the years, Buddha to Buddha has always preserved spirituality at the core of its DNA. In 1997, their founder, Batul Loomans, travelled to South East Asia in search of enlightenment, at the end of this life changing trip, he had a heavy bracelet made to remind himself to forever stay grounded, mentally and physically. It was at this moment that Buddha to Buddha was born and the core of the brand came to life.

Celebrate Christmas and New Year’s Eve at the landmark, 5* hotel, The Royal Crescent Hotel & Spa

October 31, 2023

Celebrate Christmas and New Year’s Eve at the landmark, 5* hotel, The Royal Crescent Hotel & Spa

5* Royal Crescent Hotel & Spa in Bath is the perfect location to celebrate the festive season in a relaxed and luxurious setting. It is also the most iconic location in Bath in which to bid farewell to 2023. Guests can treat themselves to a three night Christmas package at the luxury hotel, residing across Christmas Eve, Christmas Day and Boxing Day, as well as a glittering New Year’s Eve package to bring in the New Year. Three Night Christmas Package at The Royal Crescent Hotel & Spa

Christmas Eve Celebrations

Upon arrival at the hotel on Christmas Eve, guests will enjoy mulled wine and festive afternoon tea and spend an afternoon at their leisure - the spa will be open for bathing and indulgent treatments. Guests will then meet their fellow house guests at a Champagne and Canapé Reception, accompanied with carol singers by candlelight. This will be followed by an indulgent three- course dinner and accompanying wines before guests retire to their luxurious rooms in the evening.

Christmas Day Celebrations

Guests will enjoy a leisurely breakfast on Christmas Day, followed by a pre-lunch Champagne Reception, prior to dining on a lavish traditional Christmas lunch with all the festive trimmings and wines from the house cellar. Guests can then retreat to the Garden Cinema where a movie will be shown and served with Baileys hot chocolate and popcorn to be enjoyed on the outdoor heated terrace. In the evening, Head Chef, Martin Blake, will conjure up a light buffet supper, served with wines selected by the hotel’s award-winning Sommelier.

Boxing Day Celebrations

Guests will dine on a delicious breakfast on Boxing Day morning and can then experience the spa or take time to wander around beautiful Bath. Traditional Afternoon Tea will then be served in the afternoon and guests will experience a Champagne Reception with canapés in the evening, followed by a five-course Farewell Festive Dinner with exquisite wine. Guests can then join the Royal Crescent Casino with “fun money” and prizes.

New Year’s Eve Package at The Royal Crescent Hotel & Spa

The Royal Crescent Hotel & Spa will host a glittering, night-to-remember house party on New Year’s Eve. Guests will delight in a five-star party with a real sense of occasion, with a black-tie dress code, five-course dinner, and music and merriment throughout the evening. On the 31st, guests can indulge in a Festive Afternoon Tea in the Drawing Room accompanied by the Chef’s seasonal cordial in the afternoon. This will be followed by a Champagne and Canapé Reception before dining on a lavish five-course black-tie dinner accompanied by wines from the hotel’s cellar. Music will be played throughout the evening from the hotel’s resident DJ and guests can see in the New Year at midnight with a traditional piper and a glass of Champagne. Guests can stay on either Saturday 30th December 2023 or Monday 1st January 2024 and enjoy breakfast served until late morning, as well as taking a dip in the Spa.

Great Scotland Yard Hotel, London, is launching a sumptuous multi-sensory Festive eating

October 30, 2023

Great Scotland Yard Hotel, London, is launching a sumptuous multi-sensory Festive eating

To celebrate the Christmas period, 5* Great Scotland Yard Hotel, London, is launching a sumptuous multi-sensory Festive Afternoon Tea, an indulgent Christmas Lunch at The Yard, a delectable Thanksgiving Dinner at The Parlour and a New Year’s Eve party.

Thanksgiving Dinner at The Parlour

On 23rd November from 6-9pm, Great Scotland Yard Hotel will be hosting a traditional Thanksgiving feast where indulgence knows no bounds. Guests will savour an exquisite three course menu including ‘Devon crab sweet potato and orange velouté with corn bread’, ‘Roast turkey, confit root vegetables and cranberry sauce’ and ‘Pumpkin pie’. They will also kickstart their evening with a specially crafted Thanksgiving cocktail that will set the perfect tone for a memorable celebration. Thanksgiving Dinner is priced at £75pp.

Christmas Lunch at The Yard

Guests can elevate their festive celebrations with a sumptuous lunch in The Yard, from 1pm to 4pm on Christmas Day, where festive magic meets gastronomy excellence. A three-course feast will be on offer for guests to indulge in, including ‘Turkey ballotine, pigs in blanket, glazed root vegetables, sage ratte potatoes, red pickle cabbage and cranberry Jus’ and a trolley of pastries including ‘Chestnut Mont Blanc’ and ‘Christmas pudding with brandy sauce’. Christmas lunch is priced at £99pp, with a glass of champagne upon arrival and is accompanied by the enchanting ambiance of Christmas music, crackers, and festive decorations.

Festive Afternoon Tea

Taking place in The Parlour, a relaxed lounge at the prestigious hotel, the Festive Afternoon Tea is elevated to new heights with a unique twist that combines the aromas and flavours of Floris London’s iconic fragrance, Santal, with exquisite pastries and teas. The multi-sensory Festive Afternoon Tea launches on 27th November, running until 1st January. Guests will indulge in ‘Bronze Turkey, cranberry remoulade on brown bread’, ‘Chestnut stuffing and Montgomery cheddar Yorkshire Pudding’ and ‘Bergamot and spiced milk chocolate Christmas pudding’. Created by the hotel’s Senior Sous Pastry Chef, Alexandra Ellis, this afternoon tea will allow guests the opportunity to explore this exclusive scent whilst enjoying the flavoursome afternoon tea. Pricing starts at £59 for a standard booking and £70 for a Champagne booking. Guests can also book an Infinite Champagne booking for £89 for an hour and a half.

New Year’s Eve

Guests can also celebrate the New Year in style at the luxury hotel. The intimate speakeasy bar Sibin will open its doors and share the space with The 40 Elephants cocktail bar up until 2am with a DJ raising the vibe and welcoming in 2024. Guests will also have the chance to purchase take out champagne to enjoy while watching the Westminster fireworks. New Year’s Eve celebrations will begin at 8pm- 11pm for the pre-firework drinks & DJ. There will be a minimum consumption of £50pp. Then there will be post firework drinks & DJ from 11pm - 2am with a minimum consumption of £70pp.

L’Escargot: a legendary french culinary gem filled with eccentricities in the heart of Soho, London

September 25, 2023

L’Escargot: a legendary french culinary gem filled with eccentricities in the heart of Soho, London

Set in the heart of Soho, London, L’Escargot holds the distinction of being one of the oldest and most celebrated fine dining restaurants in London for nearly 100 years. This iconic French restaurant is renowned for its charm, elegance, impeccable service and the excellence of its traditional French cuisine.

Encapsulating the spirit of old Soho combined with an age of relaxed luxury and its legendary status, the restaurant is renowned for traditional French cuisine with a regularly changing and immaculately presented menu focussing on the finest seasonal ingredients, which celebrates classic French dishes with a modern twist. The world famous Les Escargots flambéed in Pernod, come by the dozen and is a must-try for anyone seeking an unforgettable experience. The menu features the finest French delicacies and dishes from the flavoursome Lobster Bisque, Bouillabaisse, seasonal game and Pâté en Croûte ‘Maison’ to the legendary Tournedos Rossini, Coq au Vin, Boeuf Bourguignon and the divine Soufflé au Chocolat.

L’Escargot was a firm favourite of Princess Diana and has hosted an array of prominent artists, actors, musicians and celebrities over the years including Coco Chanel, Frank Sinatra, General de Gaulle, Elton John, Sam Smith, Mick Jagger, Dame Judy Dench, the Kray's and HRH Princess Margaret. Petula Clark and Shirley Bassey both sang around the piano, Lucien Freud and Francis Bacon used to lunch at the restaurant once a month.

The restaurant has achieved a string of accolades, named as Best French Restaurant in London and Best Restaurant in Soho - a reputation it retains to this day. Head Chef James Tyrrell reigns at the helm, who comes from Claridge’s Hotel and trained at Langan's Brasserie with the great Richard Shepherd.

Housed in a magnificent 18th century Georgian townhouse dating from 1741, the building was one of the first houses to be built in Soho and originally the private residence of the Duke of Portland. Stepping inside L’Escargot, guests are greeted by an enchanting interior, which retain original features that have delightful French aesthetics and a cosy, intimate atmosphere draped in velvet and chandeliers with a back drop of original, esteemed works of art throughout the entire venue.

The rooms are colourful and eccentric; with ornate mirrors, soft lighting, and a large art collection with old photographs of celebrity clients and contemporary art from Matisse, Bacon, Hockney, Peter Blake, Grayson Perry and Lubaina Himid. The upper floors contain a series of private dining rooms, seating from 10 – 40 guests, which are perfect for special occasions, corporate events or private dinners. At the top of the house is a private club bar, the Snail Bar, which regularly hosts live music events and on Friday’s and Saturdays has a wonderful pianist.

Whether you are a seasoned gastronome, a lover of the arts, or simply seeking an unforgettable dining experience, L’Escargot promises a truly memorable experience.

The Royal Crescent Hotel & Spa Partners with The Amethyst Trust to Welcome Immunocompromised Guests & Those with Experience of Cancer into the Spa & Bath House

August 20, 2023

The Royal Crescent Hotel & Spa Partners with The Amethyst Trust to Welcome Immunocompromised Guests & Those with Experience of Cancer into the Spa & Bath House

The landmark 5* Royal Crescent Hotel & Spa in Bath has partnered with The Amethyst Trust, creating a specially adapted treatment menu of TEMPLESPA treatments that are suitable for guests who are medically frail, recovering from illness or are suffering or recovering from immune compromising diseases such as cancer. These adaptable and customisable treatments allow therapists to create bespoke treatments to suit the guests needs and are one of the first hotels to do so and the only venue in Bath to offer the treatments. Therapists have been trained to enable people who are being treated for cancer, or have been treated in the past, to enjoy the amazing benefits of massage therapy knowing that their therapist understands how to safely treat them. The partnership has launched to meet the needs of people who have experienced cancer and other life limiting illnesses, who are seeking massage, relaxation and pampering therapies in the spa.

The hotel has chosen the British skincare brand, TEMPLESPA, for its exceptional product range that contain the highest quality ingredients to make sure skin is well and truly cared for. Born out of their love of the Mediterranean, everything TEMPLESPA creates is inspired by this special region; the people, the food, the lifestyle and the landscape. Their products combine Mediterranean inspired botanicals with the latest derma-science to deliver visible results.

Helen Griffiths, Spa Manager at The Royal Crescent Hotel & Spa says:

We are delighted to be partnering with The Amethyst Trust, introducing adapted treatments to suit all guests is something the hotel is extremely proud to offer and a partnership that's close to my heart. These patients are often the most in need and sadly refused treatments in many spas and salons. We look forward to welcoming guests to the spa and experiencing the exceptional and relaxing array of treatments on offer.' Recommended by The Amethyst Trust, embrace tranquillity with a selection of adapted TEMPLESPA treatments that are on offer at the The Spa & Bath House. These include the Prescription Facial Tailored to Skin Types and Needs - a totally bespoke facial designed to suit your personal skin type and your concerns. The Power Breakfast Express Facial - a facial that offers quick results, a tester treat for all skin types. And the Drift Away Relaxing Full Body Massage - this deeply relaxing massage, formulated with a dreamy blend of Mediterranean essential oils including Frankincense, Lavender, and Patchouli, is guaranteed to have you drifting away.

Full Hotel Refurbishment with Provenance at Bath Landmark, The Royal Crescent Hotel & Spa

June 28, 2023

Full Hotel Refurbishment with Provenance at Bath Landmark, The Royal Crescent Hotel & Spa

The landmark 5* Royal Crescent Hotel & Spa in Bath has undergone its highly anticipated hotel refurbishment over a six month period, including the relaunch of Montagu's Mews restaurant and bar space, the renovation of the hotel suites and the hotels front of house and drawing room refurbishment.

The Royal Crescent Hotel & Spa is unique in offering guests the opportunity to stay in a Grade I listed building, located within one of the most iconic crescents in the world. The hotel has an incredible sense of grandeur owing to the high ceilings and ornate period detailing. Yet the building's history as private residences lends the hotel an intimate, cosseting air, whilst being undeniably luxurious. The hotel is a home from home, be it for local Bathonians enjoying a drink on the terrace, to overnight guests looking to unwind.

Hotel Suites

The hotel suites were designed by Clayton & Company and Project Manager, Becky Astley, began her designs based on current wallpaper and fabric trends, using bold colour palettes against neutral backdrops. The colour palettes chosen throughout the suites are based on historical Georgian tones by Farrow & Ball and the nature inspired designs with contrasting modern elements work beautifully together in the new schemes, where each suite has been uniquely designed. A stylish, contemporary feel has been created whilst respecting the properties historic Georgian past and celebrating the classic architecture, grand fireplaces and intricate mouldings. Much of the lighting used across the suite refurbishment came from Pooky, with the majority of furniture and artwork sourced from Oka, which is right on the doorstep for any guests staying who may want to recreate a similar look at home!

The fabrics used across the suites have been primarily sourced from Thibaut, Anna French and Jane Churchill, with a few other inspirations incorporated.

Montagu's Mews

Montagu's Mews restaurant and bar space was relaunched with a new concept, in addition to launching a brand new heated dining terrace. Set to delight, this is a completely new dining experience for the hotel following a total restaurant refurbishment. Montagu's Mews is a modern, classic destination, providing locally sourced cuisine set in a relaxing, welcoming atmosphere. Celebrating the heritage and iconic status of the luxury hotel and showcasing its individual style, guests can expect an elevated experience.

Designed by Shelley Reiner, Director of London based interior design company, Suited, using a dramatically re-imagined approach, the effortlessly elegant restaurant and chic bar space of Montagu's Mews incorporates a modern palette of colours and textures and informal, inviting seating. Attentively designed lighting has been integrated throughout and the entire interior reflects the eclectic nature of an 18th century salon, to create a thoroughly modern, classic and luxurious space. This has been inspired by the first resident of No.16 Royal Crescent, Elizabeth Montagu and her salons. Elizabeth Montagu was the host of the Blue Stockings Society, writer, salonière and advocate for women’s education. A fresh and forward-thinking attitude helped Elizabeth bring people together in the spirit of enlightenment; the perfect inspiration to inform the hotel's approach to dining.

Front of House

The front of house of the hotel has been renovated by Woodhouse & Law, briefed to create an impactful entrance, whilst remaining sophisticated and befitting of such a historic and iconic venue. One of the most magical things about the hotel is the gardens; beautiful and unexpected, the team wanted to capture an element of this in the design of the lobby. They fell in love with the beautiful Italian Promenade Fresco design by London based IKSEL, founded by husband-and-wife Mehmet and Dimonah Iksel. This design brings the outside in, with a classical mural. The design of the lobby is reminiscent of the scenic and pictorial papers enjoyed by Georgian
homeowners, the design was also chosen as a reference to the huge influence of Italian architecture, with its emphasis on symmetry and proportions. The fresh, vibrant palette lifts the space, creating an unforgettable entry to the hotel. Woodhouse & Law contrasted the classical mural with a beautiful orange ottoman, with brass detailing and a
contemporary mid-century style desk, clad in brass. They added architectural lighting to highlight the beautiful pediment over the entrance to the drawing room, as well as up lighting two existing armoires either side of the fireplace.

Drawing Room

The drawing room of the hotel, also redesigned by Woodhouse & Law, is an incredible space with ornate plasterwork and triple sash windows. The design team at Woodhouse & Law adopted a simple colour palate using Zoffany Quarter Mushroom above the dado, with Zoffany Mushroom below to add subtle definition. They deliberately chose not to pick out the ornate plaster detailing on each of the panels, so that the antique, original portraits didn’t have to compete. As a contrast, they introduced a piece of contemporary art by British artist Debbie Goldsmith. The colours are bold, whilst the composition of the piece is invigorating, giving the room more energy. They also introduced new upholstery in blues, warm neutrals and oranges alongside bold, colourful pattern from brands including Zinc, Osborne and Little and Casamance, to create further interest and depth within the scheme. Additional occasional tables were added to create cosier, more intimate spaces to sit, whilst fringed ottomans flank the
sofa to provide flexible and versatile seating when the space is used for larger groups. The new, simpler window treatments are in a classical style but are designed to dress the window neatly, without obscuring the view out across the crescent. The pattern featured is by Zoffany and is one of their all-time favourite fabrics.

International tennis star, Casper Ruud, signs on as global brand ambassador for Samsonite

June 21, 2023

International tennis star, Casper Ruud, signs on as global brand ambassador for Samsonite

Samsonite, the world’s leading premium luggage brand, is proud to announce that one of the most talented tennis players in the world, Casper Ruud, has become their global brand ambassador.

As a frequent traveller, Casper relies upon having the best luggage and backpack to suit his lifestyle on and off the court, and with the innovative Proxis and Ecodiver collection he gets just that. Samsonite, a manufacturer of high-quality luggage for over 110 years, has a market leadership position in the industry with a brand that embodies leadership, innovation, and respect for authenticity. These are all values that Casper shares which is why he is so excited to endorse Samsonite brand.

I’m playing tennis and traveling around the world for most of the year and I love it. Because of this, I need durable luggage that makes it easy for me to get around and also looks good at the same time. I have 5 simple rules in sports as well as when it comes to travel which you can discover in our video.” says Casper. “Having durable bags and suitcases that last matters to me. Quality is essential, and that is why I choose Samsonite. Every journey starts with ambition. Pushing harder, reaching goals, no matter what. So I did. Travelling is a big part of my life and I want to stay comfortable without compromising on my style.

The partnership will feature Casper using the latest backpacks and suitcases from Samsonite. Casper will travel with theProxis luggage and his Ecodiver backpack and discover how they stand up to the wear and tear of life on the go as a tennisplayer.

We are thrilled to welcome Casper as one of our global brand ambassadors, as we share similar values, notably trust,resilience, and performance. Light, strong and more sustainable, our Proxis luggage and Ecodiver backpacks match perfectlywith Casper’s travelling experiences.

Says Edouard Wattel - Samsonite Vice President.

Nōema: A Restaurant and Bar that Reflects the Bohemian Soul of Mykonos, Opens for the 2023 Season

April 13, 2023

Nōema: A Restaurant and Bar that Reflects the Bohemian Soul of Mykonos, Opens for the 2023 Season

Nōema, Mykonos’ contemporary Greek restaurant opens for the new season on Friday, 19 May with new star dishes for 2023 and a fresh menu that’s mostly based on zero-waste. Hidden in the historic lanes of Mykonos town, Nōema is an ode to the culinary heritage of this storied Greek island. Formerly an open-air cinema, Nōema is a hybrid space that shape-shifts as the night unfolds: as in a typical Cycladic home, social life is centred around the Avli, a hidden courtyard with loosely defined areas for dining, drinking, and dancing. Nōema also offers a private dining space; a feature that’s unique to the island.

In Nōema’s open kitchen, Culinary Director Athinagoras Kostakos pioneers a new Cycladic cuisine, rooted in simplicity, seasonality, and community. Athinagoras has blazed a trail for modern Greek food and has a unique cooking style which uses depth of flavour to surprise guests.

The menu shines a spotlight on both land and sea, with ingredients cured, fermented, sun-dried and flame-grilled using time-honoured traditions, but composed in unexpected ways that yield surprising depths of flavour. The menu is also based on zero waste, with dishes such as the Calamarata Mavro made using leftovers from the Cycladic Squid, Smoked Taramas incorporating sourdough bread from the previous day and Greek Carob Tiramisu comprised of leftovers from the coffee used at Nōema.

There’s even a selection of delicious zero waste cocktails, including the Kyano & Gaia cocktail using leftover beetroot, the Filoxenia cocktail using leftover peppers from the kitchen and the Forager non-alcoholic cocktail, with surplus herbs. All dishes are designed for sharing with new dishes for 2023 including Aioli Bakaliaros served with crisped lagana bread, Slow-roast Dolmades with beef and rice, served with dill-infused Greek yogurt and Caramela made with baked cream delicately infused with lemon and star anise. Dishes are cooked over an open fire and served at the table, taverna-style.

This experimental attitude carries through to the outdoor bar, where organic elixirs and cocktails are infused with foraged herbs and Greek spirits such as tsipouro, kitro, and prickly pear liqueur. Sip on an exotic Prometheus cocktail - a blend of mezcal and pineapple juice cooked with celery, oxymel, cardamon and lemon peel or a warm Likofos cocktail that combines a variety of rums, Greek brandy and local botanical liquer slow cooked with tropical fruit, aromatic bitters and spices. Nōema’s extensive wine list incorporates the finest wine from both global and local regions, including Bordeaux, Burgundy and indigenous grapes of Greece. Drinks are accompanied by exclusive DJ sets and laid-back, relaxed acoustic sessions and collaborations. This year guests will also be able to experience the ‘Nōema band’ – exclusive to the restaurant, who will perform live, as well as renowned DJs and bands throughout the season from the opening weekend. After midnight, spontaneous celebrations move into the Salon, an indoor space with a bar ideal for intimate gatherings. The Patio is a quiet refuge for striking up conversations and discovering new inspirations in an enclosed outdoor space - the perfect location to host an event in a contemporary, fresh, Mykonian paradise.

Launched in May 2021 and owned by British restaurateur Richard Caring, Nōema creates an authentic gathering place that reflects the generous, carefree spirit of the Cyclades. An unpretentious setting where evenings evolve in true Mykonos style — easy-going, spirited and unscripted.

Refurbishment with Provenance at Bath Landmark, The Royal Crescent Hotel & Spa

March 30, 2023

Refurbishment with Provenance at Bath Landmark, The Royal Crescent Hotel & Spa

The landmark 5* Royal Crescent Hotel & Spa in Bath is relaunching its highly anticipated Montagu's Mews restaurant and bar space with a new concept, in addition to launching a brand new heated dining terrace. Set to delight, this is a completely new dining experience for the hotel following a total restaurant refurbishment.

Montagu's Mews will be a modern, classic destination for food lovers and the discerning traveller alike, providing locally sourced cuisine set in a relaxing, welcoming atmosphere. Celebrating the heritage and iconic status of the luxury hotel and showcasing its individual style, guests can expect an elevated experience, treating them with a passionate and highly personal service, whether it be a midweek lunch with friends or celebrating a special occasion.Designed by Shelley Reiner, Director of London based interior design company, Suited, using a dramatically re-imagined approach, the effortlessly elegant restaurant and chic bar space of Montagu's Mews incorporates a modern palette of colours and textures and informal, inviting seating.

Attentively designed lighting has been integrated throughout and the entire interior reflects the eclectic nature of an 18th century salon, to create a thoroughly modern, classic and luxurious space. This has been inspired by the first resident of No.16 Royal Crescent, Elizabeth Montagu and her salons. Elizabeth Montagu was the host of the Blue Stockings Society, writer, salonière and advocate for women’s education. A fresh and forward-thinking attitude helped Elizabeth bring people together in the spirit of enlightenment; the perfect inspiration to inform the hotel's approach to dining.

The restaurant will serve award-winning dishes from Head Chef Martin Blake and his team. The menu will have a strong focus on locally-sourced ingredients, with exquisite, modern dishes being served. Martin is passionate about incorporating quality produce from local farmers and suppliers into his menus, showing off the best that Bath and the surrounding areas has to offer. Dine on lamb from Whaddon Grove farm, Wye valley asparagus with almond pesto and chicken jus roti and 30-day aged Herefordshire beef tartar.The 3AA Rosette award at Montagu's Mews highlights the culinary excellence that guests will immerse in when dining here.

Whether indulging in exceptional tasting menus, relaxed bar food, delicious breakfast or mouth-watering afternoon tea, a high standard of dining will be experienced.Guests can overlook the green and pleasant gardens whilst dining, as well as having the option to eat outside on the newly renovated, picturesque and peaceful outdoor terrace, under cantilevered parasols and seasonal heaters. The terrace has been newly created to allow guests to enjoy the idyllic grounds of the luxury hotel - the only place in the city centre that offers such a peaceful way to dine.

Montagu's Mews bar offers guests a refined space that will serve a host of local botanicals as well as small batch spirits and high quality wines and beers. Enjoy your delectable drink of choice in the chic, cosy interiors of the bar or as yourelax on the newly renovated terrace - the perfect spot for a summer sundowner.


March 14, 2023


Buzzy beachfront restaurant, The Hut, nestled in the heart of Colwell Bay, reopens March 2023, putting long lunches and alfresco dining back on the menu, as it celebrates its ten-year anniversary.

Having established itself as the UK's most iconic, easy-going beach restaurant, The Hut has built an impressive reputation as the island's hotspot with its chic casual dining, a delicious menu with the freshest of ingredients plus live DJ. It's the place to see one of the best sunsets in the UK with spectacular panoramic ocean views that stretch across the Solent.

Head Chef, Lucian Romocea, will be back this year to bring his Catalan cooking style to dishes and will work under Ian Daw, Chef Director, both formerly of The Ned. They will be bringing a vibrant, mouth-watering new menu to the coastal destination for the summer ahead. Fresh, locally caught seafood and shellfish including crab and lobster caught off boats on the island will certainly be featuring on the menu. There will also be a wide selection of Provence Rosé to sip whilst watching the sun set over the ocean, and for those looking for something with an exciting kick will be tempted by The Hut's dynamic cocktail selection.

The Hut will also be releasing their eagerly-awaited, original recipe book this year, launching May 2023, which will feature a selection of the most delicious and delectable dishes that are served at the restaurant - for those who want to bring a taste of The Hut home with them. The perfect spot for seaside dining and day trips from the UK - it's just 2hrs from Central London. The Hut invites the ultimate summer setting with an unrivalled passion for simple yet delicious local seafood and crisp cold Provence Rosé, on a relaxed and buzzy beach-front location. The Top Deck at The Hut provides breath-taking views of the ocean and is the ultimate private dining experience, capable of holding up to 26 guests on a raised deck overlooking the restaurant. The Roof Deck is also an ideal place to admire the magnificent sunset with a cocktail and can also be privately booked out for up to 75 guests standing or 50 seated.

Located on the north western coast of the Isle of Wight, The Hut is a quick ferry crossing away, or alternatively a twenty-minute RIB journey from Lymington and a 35-minute RIB journey from Southampton. Arrivals can also be made by air via helicopter, landing on a helipad close to The Hut.

The team also offer a personal tender service that operates throughout the day and offers to collect you from your own boat, guaranteeing an exciting and swift docking to your table. Alternatively, day-trippers can take advantage of The Hut's collection service and be picked up in one of their renovated Land Rover 101's, one named Surf, the other named Turf!

The Hut at Colwell Bay creates the ultimate summer setting for a dining experience like no other.


February 22, 2023


With a successful career developing Chinese cuisine at famed restaurants in Asia and then in London, Chef Chee Hwee Tong has returned to launch Gouqi, a new high-end restaurant in St James’s, London, opening February 2023 and is set to be one of the capital's most exciting openings for this year. Chef Tong achieved seven Michelin Stars across many countries but is significantly raising the bar with Gouqi.

The new restaurant concept marks Chef Tong’s return to the London restaurant scene following his departure fromInternational Restaurant Group, Hakkasan in 2019, after an 18 year tenure as Executive Head Chef. Under his leadership, Hakkasan Group became the global leader in contemporary Chinese cuisine, with Hakkasan, Yauatcha and HKK all winningMichelin stars.

Gouqi will see Chef Tong continue developing and evolving his innovative contemporary Chinese cuisine, located at 25-34 Cockspur St, opposite the Canadian Embassy, Trafalgar Square. Using premium live produce sourced from around the globe, the menu offers an abundance of flavours, techniques, ingredients, and dishes drawn from across China.Of course, the food is the star of the show with a diverse array of culinary options, all served on custom made chinaware foreach dish. Norwegian King Crab, Canadian Crab, Gillardeau Oysters, Scottish Lobster, Diver Scallops and Diver Razor Clams feature on the 'Live Seafood' menu, or choose from the sensational range of 'Supreme Seafood' dishes, such as Whole South African Kippin Abalone (20 Heads), braised with Japanese Sea Cucumber or South African Fish Maw.Barbecued dishes such as the Legendary Peking Duck with Oscietra Caviar is served 3-ways and carved table side, and theEight Treasure Crispy Chicken with Foie Gras is available with a 24 hour advanced pre-order. Mouthwatering meat and poultry dishes such as Slow Cooked A4 Wagyu with Chef’s Special Sauce, and Sizzling Taiwanese Three Cup Chicken are also available, as well as a range of vegetables, tofu, rice and noodles.

There's a curated feast of appetisers including the standout Steamed Royal Dim Sum Platter featuring 8 types of dim sum treasures, with a vegetarian option. A more extensive dim sum menu will be available for lunch from 1st March. A well crafted 8 course European style tasting menu can be enjoyed with a wine pairing option as well as a la carte sharing options. Completing the dining experience are the extraordinary rare teas, which are a joy to consume - the Emperor’sGolden Eyebrow has just 2kg produced per year and Gouqi is currently the only restaurant in England that has it on the menu. Jin Jun Mei is an exquisite black tea, hand rolled entirely from tender spring buds by Master Wen in the protected forests of the Wuyishan. Over 100,000 buds are needed for one precious kilo with only a few prized kilos crafted each year.Over multiple infusions, expect notes of tropical fruit, honeysuckle and burnt toffee.

Gouqi has 78 covers, including two private interconnecting dining rooms; Crimson & Ruby, which seat 8 and 10, and combine to accommodate up to 20 guests. There's also 3 tables within a semi-private area and 18 seats at the bar serving appetisers. A spacious restaurant with ample banquette seating and views of the kitchen from the restaurant, the interior is refined and understated featuring low lighting, exquisite finishes with artwork from 6 different award winning Chinese artists and flower arrangements by Botanique. The restaurant name derives from the goji berry, as a symbol of health and vitality that inspires the ethos of the restaurant. Offering the highest of standards in personalised silver service, guests will receive a memorable experience to match the food and drink quality.

Alan Tang has been appointed Restaurant Director and brings his reputable experience from a dedicated career in front of house roles in the hospitality industry, including Michelin starred restaurants, global brands and 5 star luxury hotels with brands including Hakkasan, Four Seasons, Imperial Treasure and Shangri-La The Shard. A judge for the Young Chef YoungWaiters for the China/South-East Asian category, he's also a Member of the Institute of Hospitality. The traditional wine cellar is well stocked and features Chinese wines and Goji wines overseen by Head Sommelier, Valentin Bunea. Bringing a wealth of experience working in the worlds best cocktail bars, Jamie Rowe, Bar Manager, presents an innovative cocktail programme inspired by the four Chinese mythological creatures, the Azure Dragon of the East, the Vermilion Bird of theSouth, the White Tiger of the West, and the Black Tortoise of the North.

Editors notes

Chef Tong trained in Singapore, working for Chef Chin Hon Yin, a master of Cantonese cuisine, and it was under his mentorship that Tong Chee Hwee honed his own skills and techniques. He then moved to their Kuala Lumpur restaurant and in 1995 he moved back to Singapore to work at the hotel Carlton as a fryer chef. After fourteen years at both Happy Valley Singapore and its sister restaurant in Kuala Lumpur, Tong Chee Hwee moved to the Ritz Carlton Hotel in Singapore, where he was discovered by Alan Yau - who oversaw the kitchens at the highly regarded Chinese restaurant at the Ritz Carlton. Tong was persuaded to move to London in 2001 to become Head Chef at Hakkasan. Within a year Hakkasan won a Michelin star in the 2003 guide, making it the UK's first Chinese restaurant to do so.

A nightclub legend - the future

January 16, 2023

A nightclub legend - the future

March 2023: Watch as what the industry is calling “Boujis 2.0” opens in March 2023 with physical and digital innovations never seen before by London’s nightlife or indeed the world’s.

From a team familiar with hosting royalty and rockstars alike, the new venture brings the-buzz back into London’s nightlife scene. Expect B London to explode onto the scene.

Together, Jake Parkinson-Smith, Carlo Carello, Fraser Carruthers, Steve Manktelow and Barth Rougier, with over 80 years of experience between them, at such iconic venues as Mahiki, Raffles and Boujis, will open the doors to B this Winter. Designed to evoke nostalgic memories of unforgettable nights, with twists and turns to blow your mind, B is the club of the future.

This team know how to deliver exceptional nightlife; having curated nights with David Guetta, Pete Tong, The Black Eyed Peas and Lady Gaga. Barth Rougier, Partner & Creative Director brings a new modern twist to the team at B, and will be looking to diversify West London’s music scene like never seen before!

The team have entertained figures such as HRH The Duke and Duchess of Cambridge, Prince Harry, Justin Bieber, Leonardo DiCaprio, Kate Moss and Rihanna and sold a million bottles of vodka and champagne between them. The place you don’t want to be at, you NEED to ‘B’e at. Opening its doors on the Old Brompton Road, this is Kensington & Chelsea’s only nightclub of its kind.

B is inspired by iconic London clubs . This fond nostalgia has fuelled my partners and I to create B. We intend to create a London legend. Demand entertainment? Consider it delivered at B” Carlo Carello, Founder

Designed by Neil Morten of GMP, recognised for his award winning work on Ministry of Sound, the club is a melting pot of luxurious and urban influences. Polished concrete provides a backdrop to Warhol pop art icons and Basquiat’s finest graffiti for an urban sleek vibe, juxtaposed with leather banquets.  Dive into the delights of the hidden Cubanista speakeasy while the club pumps away on the other side of the wall. A secret world within a world. A story to be told only on a need to know basis.


B propels the nightclub industry firmly into the modern era. The team achieve a global first, partnering with Caduceus the most robust and advanced blockchain, to deliver a true metaverse nightclub web 3 experience. Caduceus is a metaverse protocol for decentralised edge-rendering and an infrastructure-level, open blockchain platform specifically built for the metaverse and the decentralised digital world. It’s manufactured with next-level processing power and rendering capabilities and has been formed and developed by prominent investors and blockchain specialists.]

Working together, the teams will be opening the first 1:1 nightclub replica on the metaverse in 2023. This marks a fundamental shift in human interaction and socialising, bringing the experience of London’s finest nightlife to an international audience.

Caduceus is so thrilled to be part of this exciting project and no doubt we will deliver the world's first metaverse club experience to the global audience. The Metaverse will be a fundamental shift in the way humans interact. The team from B is the best in this field and with our robust technology, we are set to inspire the world!’ Bobby Chow, Co-founder Vertex Labs


January 11, 2023


The Royal Crescent Hotel & Spa, Bath, has refurbished 11 of its most luxurious hotel suites. Each one has been individually designed - creating a contemporary, stylish feel whilst respecting the properties historic Georgian past and celebrating the classic architecture, grand fireplaces and intricate mouldings.

Clayton & Company, were appointed to design the new suites. Project Manager, Becky Astley, began her inspiration based on current wallpaper and fabric trends, using bold colour palettes against neutral backdrops. The colour palettes chosen are based on historical Georgian tones by Farrow & Ball and the nature inspired designs with contrasting modern elements work beautifully together in the new schemes, where each suite has been uniquely designed.Much of the lighting used across the refurbishments came from Pooky, with the majority of furniture and artwork sourced fromOka, which is right on the doorstep for any guests staying who may want to recreate a similar look at home! The fabrics used across the suites have been primarily sourced from Thibaut, Anna French and Jane Churchill, with a few other inspirations incorporated.

The Sir Percy Blakeney Suite, the main wedding suite in the hotel, had to have the most elegant design scheme, whilst still feeling relaxed and intimate. A palette of pinks and greens on a neutral backdrop has allowed the architectural details of the room to speak for themselves. The ceiling was beautifully hand painted in the lounge and the furniture chosen includes rich green velvet chairs offset by deep buttoned comfy sofas. The focal point of this bedroom is of course the bed – a luxury 4poster, draped in a lightweight fabric with soft textural cushions and subtle patterns.

The Ralph Allen Suite is where opulence and elegance come alive with a refined palette of rich grey tones contrasted with deep blues and purples. The colour palette is about balance, where there is a stark contrast in light-meets-dark as a backdrop. Taking in the beautiful view of the Royal Crescent private gardens, botanical elements were introduced via the artwork and pergola line drawings in this suite.The Royal Crescent Suite underwent a complete redesign whereby some strong personality has been injected. The main colour palette for this bedroom combines hues of rich reds and blues, which work wonderfully together in the fun fabric on the4 poster bed. For the artwork, contemporary black and white art sketches of Bath sit alongside impressionist masterpieces byJim Thompson.

The suites’ refurbishment finds the perfect balance using modern interiors and fusing them together in the right way to maintain the traditional and historic elements of the luxury 5-star hotel.

Leading Footwear Brand NAKED WOLFE debuts first retail store

December 4, 2022

Leading Footwear Brand NAKED WOLFE debuts first retail store

Luxury footwear label NAKED WOLFE, known for the iconic “Spice” platform boots and a cult-like Gen Z status, launches its first retail space on London’s prestigious New Bond Street.

The debut store launch is a testament to the rapid growth of the brand, amassing over 1.2 million followers in the last 5 years. Naked Wolfe is now stocked in globally renowned luxury retailers such as Selfridges, Harrods, Browns, Neiman Marcus and Saks. Its original fashion forward designs have made their way into the most coveted wardrobes, including Billie Eilish, Hailey Bieber, Bella Hadid & Olivia Rodrigo.

Originally based in Hong Kong, the Naked Wolfe concept was developed for 18 months before expanding to offices in Los Angeles & London. Siblings Bronte, Cooper, Cody, and Luke Mance found their love for shoes at an early age from their family white labelling company. Born out of frustration with the lack of representation within youth culture and inflated pricing of the luxury footwear industry, Naked Wolfe challenges all predecessors
in the domain. The brand commits to a slow-fashion strategy, perfecting designs and materials over a 4–6-month period.

Named in last year’s Forbes 30 under 30 list, the four founders remain at the forefront of the business, announcing their first store launch as a result of growing consumer demand. Co-Founder and Creative Director, Bronte Mance states:

"We saw an opportunity to offer a new aesthetic to designer footwear that differed from traditional fashion houses - This retail space marks a huge moment in Naked Wolfe’s history. We are beyond excited to be present on one of the most iconic luxury shopping streets in the world, sitting right next door to some of the world’s leading designer brands."

Having launched with a ‘0’ paid marketing strategy, Naked Wolfe has established itself as a viral sensation, propelling it into a dominant position in the luxury footwear and accessories space. In Spring 2022, the “Lyst” Index named the ‘Spice’ platform boots the hottest fashion product in the world. The title is awarded on products that have generated the most sales, searches and views within the app as well as worldwide social engagement.

The first store concept features a logoed exterior, in the signature Naked Wolfe orange. The AW22 Womenswear and Menswear collections will be on display, alongside the original hero footwear styles. Launching with exclusive-to-store pieces, there will also be never-seen-before new styles available. Naked Wolfe’s debut store opens this week at 163 New Bond Street, Mayfair, W1S 2UQ.

A new partnership with leading luxury and hospitality group, Metropolitan Gaming.

November 8, 2022

A new partnership with leading luxury and hospitality group, Metropolitan Gaming.

The Lifestyle Agency has just announced a new partnership with leading luxury and hospitality group, Metropolitan Gaming, owned by Silverpoint Capital.  

TLA has been appointed to support the hospitality firm’s marketing drive in a rebrand across its portfolio of leisure destinations. A portfolio that operates eleven casinos across the UK, Egypt and TLA will be responsible for the group’s long-term integrated communications strategy in the UK, as well as its corporate and public affairs

In the short term, TLA will be spearheading the PR and communications approach for the launch of a rebranded, high-profile destination that is set to launch in London’s Mayfair area.

Along with Metropolitan Gaming’s number of other notable destinations, TLA will work closely with the hospitality firm to ensure that the new destination remains a long-term success beyond its A-list attended debut.

The account will sit within the agency’s dedicated lifestyle team headed up by Charlie Mason-Pearson, Founder/ MD of TLA.

Account Director with international comms background joins TLA

September 27, 2022

Account Director with international comms background joins TLA

Georgina Scott has joined The Lifestyle Agency as Account Director.

Coming from a diverse client portfolio background in B2C communications for local and global brands between London, Southern Asia (Maldives) and the GCC region, Georgina has a soft spot for brand story-telling and the luxury sector. Georgina was responsible for the comms team for the GCC region (KSA, UAE, Bahrain, Oman, Qatar) for Rolls-Royce Motor Cars, and played a pivotal role in a series of brand-defining global campaigns for the luxury automotive brand across the Middle East. Adding to her experience in luxury travel, Georgina also spearheaded campaigns for five-star Maldives hotels including St Regis Vommuli, Raffles Meradhoo Maldives and Kandima Maldives. While she operated from the UAE, Georgina also managed the comms and led on strategy in communications for other well known travel / fashion and lifestyle brands including Ted Baker, Sandro, MAJE, Levi’s and Conrad Dubai and OMNIYAT. She directed on event projects for the inimitable luxury Scottish whisky distiller, The Macallan, and led communications in the GCC for Twitter and Coca-Cola.

Georgina’s UK comms background has seen her manage communications for some of London’s leading luxury hotels and hospitality groups, including Sanderson, St Martin’s Lane, Mondrian, Sheraton Grand Park Lane and STK (The One Group). She has also worked on a range of UK consumer brands including NOW TV (Sky), Waitrose, Walkers, Echo Falls and Celebrity Cruises. Georgina is excited to join TLA and hopes to offer valuable insights for client direction, given her international experience and expertise in the travel and lifestyle sectors.

International Fashion Illustrator Bil Donovan To Host Live Talk and Demonstration at The Royal Crescent Hotel & Spa, Bath This September

September 13, 2022

International Fashion Illustrator Bil Donovan To Host Live Talk and Demonstration at The Royal Crescent Hotel & Spa, Bath This September

The Royal Crescent Hotel & Spa in Bath is inviting art, design and fashion fanatics to meet internationally-renowned fashion illustrator, Bil Donovan, as part of a live talk and demonstration. Taking place 22nd September at 2pm, the event is in collaboration with Gray M.C.A, international leaders in original Fashion Illustrati.

For one day only, guests in attendance will learn first-hand about Bil’s fascinating work to date as part of a live talk, alongside Gray M.C.A. fashion curator, Connie Gray. This will be followed by a demonstration whereby Bil will create a spectacular, one-off fashion illustration in front of guests. The event will also include a decadent and delicious champagne afternoon tea in the hotel’s elegant Dower House Restaurant.

Donovan’s roots lie in traditional fine art painting and watercolour techniques where he embodies a unique creative language that oozes glamour, luxury and style. His instantly recognisable illustrative style has led to an enviable list of clients, including the likes of Vogue, Vanity Fair, St. Regis Hotels, Saks Fifth Avenue and The Metropolitan Museum of Art, New York. For the last 12 years, Donovan has also held the esteemed title of Artist-in-Residence for Christian Dior

Lorraine Jarvie, General Manager at The Royal Crescent Hotel & Spa comments:

“t is a huge pleasure to host the impressive talent that is Bil Donovan, alongside Connie Gray at Gray M.C.A. We are always looking to offer our guests new and exciting experiences to look forward to and will be delighted to welcome them along to this one-of-a-kind event.

The event forms part of Gray M.C.A gallery’s wider programme of events to launch their new exhibition: The Art of Elegance at Cromwell Place, London on 13th September. Bringing together an exquisite selection of iconic original artworks by Bil Donovan, the exhibition celebrates the beauty and grace of fashion as captured by the supreme master of elegance. An ode to his revered legacy as a major force in determining the fashion renaissance, The Art of Elegance marks the first time such a large body of Donovan’s work has been gathered for an exhibition.

Rumble Launches New Carbon Neutral & Futuristic HIIT Circuit Studio in Fitzrovia

August 18, 2022

Rumble Launches New Carbon Neutral & Futuristic HIIT Circuit Studio in Fitzrovia

Boutique fitness and wellness studio, Rumble, will expand its HIIT circuit offering, launching a new studio in Fitzrovia. The zero-carbon footprint studio will open in a spectacular new London location on New Cavendish Street. The studio will feature new, innovative HIIT Circuits, offering a 40 minute class with circuits starting every 10 minutes, running all day long, and are focused daily on either building muscles or conditioning/cardio – with over 600+ exercises available.

The expansion of Rumble’s unique futuristic HIIT circuit offering, will allow members to train with both built in screens hanging from the walls, showcasing the exercises to guide them through their workout, and trainers, to motivate, supervise, push and assist. Founded by Ukrainian, Lenka Chubuklieva, Rumble will be supporting We Help Ukrainians via the studios, to help Ukrainian refugees find support worldwide and is personally assisting at We Help Ukrainians London warehouse for support and aid. Rumble has also recently launched in Primrose and is due to launch in Shoreditch in October.

Whether you’re running late or arriving early, this won’t matter with Rumble Circuit as you can drop into the next rotating class, making it the most flexible HIIT circuit workout in the UK, following Rumble’s mantra of “It’s never too early or never too late to HIIT the gym.” The circuits change daily focussing on different body parts including burn and build workouts for upper body, lower body, full body, abs and booty.

As with Rumble’s flagship Dalston Studio, Rumble Circuit will continue its environmental efforts and will plant a tree for every workout to help off-set its carbon footprint. A studio with a conscience, all products will be sustainably sourced, with no single-use plastic on site. Rumble has partnered with brands like Avobar, who provide healthy sustainably sourced delicious food, and Cowshed, who supply environmentally friendly handwash, shampoo and conditioner.

Lenka Chubuklieva says:

We’re thrilled to be expanding Rumble Circuit - our popular HIIT circuit offering, across London and making some of our most popular classes from our Dalston location more accessible. We appreciate that people’s lives are busy, and your day doesn’t always go to plan, so that’s why we have created the most flexible HIIT circuit studio to fit around you. You are never late or never early and can drop into a class whenever you choose.

Rumble Circuit has just launched in Primrose and is due to launch in Fitzrovia in September and Shoreditch in October. Rumble Circuit offers pay-as-you-go classes, memberships and personal training options.

waterdrop® Launches LUCY® The High-Tech Sustainable Bottle Cap that Filters Water and Tracks Hydration

August 17, 2022

waterdrop® Launches LUCY® The High-Tech Sustainable Bottle Cap that Filters Water and Tracks Hydration

waterdrop®; the global hydration specialist, has launched LUCY®; an exclusive, sustainable, and high-tech bottle cap that cleverly filters and purifies water, controls the level of hydration, and reminds users, day by day, when it's time to drink more, whilst on the go, leading to a healthier lifestyle.

The innovative UV-C purification function deactivates up to 99% of potential germs and bacteria in drinking water, whilst keeping the bottle clean and odour-free. Thanks to a special sensor, the LUCY® Smart Cap records water consumption and automatically stores it for you in the waterdrop® Hydration App. By comparing your fluid intake with your daily hydration goals, you can easily monitor your progress and develop better drinking habits. Short flashes at regular intervals act as a reminder to reach individual daily targets. This can also be personalised in accordance with individual needs.

The innovation marks a move into the drink tech space for the Austrian brand, known for encouraging people to drink more water with it range of the world’s first microdrinks - made from natural fruit and plant extracts, enriched with vitamins and without sugar. Designed to enable users to drink clean water directly at the point of consumption, LUCY® offers several forward-looking features in addition to the range of sustainable accessories.

Martin Murray, CEO & co-founder of waterdrop® says:

Our aim is to actively develop ecological solutions to promote responsible consumption of tap water: it is a safe, economical and sustainable source of drinking water. Tap water is available everywhere at all times and does not require transport or plastic. Our LUCY® platform is based on the concept of decentralised (filtered) water, where our customers will enjoy the taste and functionality they desire - at point of consumption.

The waterdrop® Hydration App

LUCY® works alongside the waterdrop® Hydration App, tracking drinking progress on the device automatically, and regularly synchronising its hydration data – no extra action is needed. The app tracks water consumption and offers personalised drink reminders, while allowing users to visit the site, shop within the app and participate in challenges and streaks to earn points for the waterdrop club

The app is compatible with both iOS and Android. iOS users can download it on an iPhone or iPod Touch running at least iOS 14. Android users can download it on a smartphone running at least Android 8 version. LUCY® can be used on every waterdrop® bottle and is available to purchase for £119.

The unlocking of an icon Great Scotland Yard Hotel

August 4, 2022

The unlocking of an icon Great Scotland Yard Hotel

Authenticity and tradition meet modern luxury following a £120 million rebuild of the five-star luxury Great Scotland Yard Hotel, Westminster. Expect the unexpected at one of London’s most historic and cherished buildings that's dedicated to delight - this hotel holds more hidden stories than any other kind in London. An 1820’s Grade II listed building with Edwardian and Victorian architecture, the Great Scotland Yard Hotel is part of the Hyatt Group and officially launching March 2022, having briefly opened before the pandemic and subsequently closed during lockdown.

The famous address of a legendary site immersed in iconic British history - originally the HQ of the Metropolitan Police, it’s where Jack the Ripper was interviewed, Charles Dickens frequented and the location used by Arthur Conan Doyle throughout his novels. It was subsequently taken over by the Ministry of Defence and also used as the recruitment office during both World Wars. It has been entirely rebuilt and extended by two floors to create 152 rooms and suites, where no two rooms are the same. The ground floor hosts the inimitable cocktail bar, The 40 Elephants and afternoon tea lounge, The Parlour. Set to launch for 2022 is a 5-storey detached private residence, No.1 The Townhouse, on the site that was once home to H.R.H. The King of Scotland.


'Service' is the hotel’s flagship artwork. A bold installation exhibited in the hotel’s entrance hall, this work tells the extraordinary story of Great Scotland Yard through thirty portraits and establishes the narrative and themes that continue throughout the hotel. Each portrait has been judiciously selected by Nicole Green to tell the multi-layered history of Great Scotland Yard. Through extensive research, Green chose a range of diverse characters including notorious gangsters and infamous criminals, prominent judges, lawyers and politicians, police personnel, literary figures and monarchs from the 12th Century to the present day, who all serve as the embodiment of the incredible history of this London landmark.

Paying homage to its roots, guests can absorb London’s rich heritage and anecdotes from the stolen artifacts from yesteryear presented under glass tabletops, to the specially commissioned artworks by current prisoners, on display, curated by Koestler Arts. Installed above the fireplace within the grand Forty Elephants Bar is Nicola Green’s Bob Haired Bandit, featuring Lillian Rose Goldstein (née Kendall) a key member of the notorious Forty Elephants Gang. Each of the hotel’s bedrooms has been individually curated so that every room has become a micro-gallery, featuring several artworks including a series of prints by Nicola Green.


Your very own London address - this private presidential townhouse sits on the site that was once home to H.R.H. The King of Scotland. Thoughtfully restored, this standalone Georgian-fronted Grade II listed private residence is adjacent to Great Scotland Yard Hotel. 2,153 sq. ft. of pure luxury situated over five stories, No.1 The Townhouse provides an exclusive and intimate experience. Featuring a private entrance, the townhouse is also accessible via a hidden corridor in the hotel. Thoughtfully restored to celebrate the hallmark features of a classic British townhouse, with interiors, which tastefully balance traditional and modern influences. Bespoke artwork features in every room by renowned artists, including; Nicola Green, Jason Mulligan, and Alastair Mackie.

The ground floor at GSY provides a beckoning trove of food and beverage outlets that uncover classics with a twist, made from the finest ingredients, rooted in honest craft.


Hidden in plain sight behind a false bookcase, Sibín is an elegant yet relaxed space for evening drinks. Presenting a fresh and inclusive approach to the world of whisky through a carefully curated and ever changing selection. The menu will also feature a mix of classic and antagonist style whisky cocktails. Síbín, a term coined in Ireland meaning illicit whisky and used to refer to an illicit bar or club where excisable alcoholic drinks were sold without a licence, offers high-quality whiskeys – rolling stock with new suppliers – with wood and smoke flavour profiles as well as classic (and creative) cocktails, food pairings and snacks. Featuring artwork from the likes of Alastair Mackie, Belinda Frikh and Cornelia Parker RA, each piece adorning the walls has been chosen to reflect the glamorous and sultry atmosphere of the Síbín.


The hub of the hotel, open all day until late serving everything from barista coffee to specialised signature cocktails, and local craft beers. The food offering incorporates all that is good about London; its cultural diversity and fusion of cuisines. 'The Forty Elephants' were famous and feared by as the UK's first and only all female gang, taking a unique place in the history of British crime. Famous for their glamorous style, high calibre and looks, the notoriety of the young gang came about when lead by Alice Diamond, known as the smartest shoplifter in Great Britain. Under her leadership, they targeted luxury fashion and jewellery shops, successfully staling the finest garments, furs and diamonds. They were active throughout the 19th and 20th century, and their heyday was in the interwar period. The gang operated from the Elephant and Castle District, allied to the Elephant and Castle Mob. Their forty portraits surround the room and items from their thefts are displayed under glass tabletops, whilst Nicola Green’s 5-colour silkscreen print ‘Bob Haired Bandit’ embellished with diamond dust, takes pride of place above the fireplace.


Distinctly different, the Afternoon Tea at the Great Scotland Yard Hotel is in collaboration with the iconic perfumery Floris London, the only appointed perfumery to Her Majesty The Queen, and is quite unlike anything experience before. This multi-sensory afternoon tea experience is inspired by the notes of the historical British perfumiers luxury fragrance ‘A Rose For...’. The scent is reflected through an assortment of seasonal cakes and patisserie complementing the keynotes of the fragrance: rose and vanilla. Launching March 2022, a dog afternoon tea is available in partnership with Talula Eats, who handcrafts gourmet organic dog food and sweet treats in their Fitzrovia kitchen. Their expert in-house canine nutritionist formulates doggie delicacies using only the freshest organic ingredients and locally sourced ingredients. With this expertly crafted Afternoon Tea menu, pooches can enjoy doggy delicacies such as a Fresh Doggie Bowl, Doggie Digestives and a Pink Peony cupcake. A portion of all Talula Eats’ sales goes directly to the DOTS (Dogs on the Streets) charity.


The flagship restaurant brings Michelin starred chef Niklas Ekstedt's signature style of wood fired ‘old Nordic’ cooking to the UK. Ekstedt at The Yard focuses on Scandinavian cooking techniques using the very best seasonal British ingredients; featuring a menu of signature dishes, alongside an inventive cocktail menu and extensive wine list. The open kitchen, which feels like an extension of the restaurant floor, allows diners to sit at the heart of the action.

TLA adds a new Digital Content Manager to the team

August 1, 2022

TLA adds a new Digital Content Manager to the team

My name is Holly and I have recently joined The Lifestyle Agency (TLA) as the Digital Content Manager. In my previous career I worked as a fashion model with Select Model Management for over seven years. This provided me with a valuable insight into the workings of the luxury fashion industry, having worked on editorials for Vogue, Elle, Grazia, Harrods, V, Dazed and Glass Magazine, as well as global campaigns for many luxury brands. Since graduating from Goldsmiths University, I have been working in digital content design, with a focus on beauty, fashion, and luxury hospitality.

Originally from Cornwall, I have lived in London for the past 14 years, residing in Kensington and Chelsea. I spend my free time with my young daughter, travelling and visiting local restaurants and exhibitions. I am passionate about art history and visual culture.

I enjoy working on all creative aspects of digital marketing, from written and visual content creation to brand strategy. I am very excited to have joined the TLA team, where I can continue to offer my expertise within the luxury market, and I look forward to collaborating with the team on the many exciting projects ahead.

TLA announces new client wins - The Meat and Wine Co, Dreammaker and Wellness Warrior

July 30, 2022

TLA announces new client wins - The Meat and Wine Co, Dreammaker and Wellness Warrior

The Lifestyle Agency has announced a series of international new business wins for strategic comms, expanding the agency's food and beverage, travel and wellness client roster.

US based travel and experiential company, DreamMaker, will see an international launch for their premium luxury and interactive platform, which encompasses a PR and influencer campaign.

TLA has also been appointed to launch the legendary international restaurant group, The Meat & Wine Co, into the UK market with their Mayfair restaurant, which is set to dazzle the neighbourhood with its theatrical flair.

The agency has also expanded its fitness and wellness portfolio with a launch event for Wellness Warrior, hosting an immersive yoga event at the Ministry of Sound for VIP and media.

The accounts will sit within the agency’s dedicated lifestyle team headed up by Sam Finley, Head of PR at The Lifestyle Agency.

Meet the team - Megan Davis, Director of Social Media Marketing and Advertising

June 17, 2022

Meet the team - Megan Davis, Director of Social Media Marketing and Advertising

Hi there! My name is Megan and I have just joined The Lifestyle Agency (TLA) as the Director of Social Media Marketing and Advertising. I’ve been in the industry for over 10 years now. Working across many brands and sectors, from luxury fashion and jewellery brands to supplements and hospitality.

I have established relationships with top influencers, celebrities and personalities globally, having worked across many markets including the US, UK, Paris and Milan. I am excited to have joined the TLA family as my strength is working with luxury brands.

I am a creative at heart and advise on all things from content creation and brand guidelines to advertising, performance analytics, influencer relations and events.I am from the US but have called London my home for over 10 years, residing in the lovely borough of Kensington and Chelsea.

I spend my free time traveling and love to keep active. I am passionate about art, interiors and all things creative. I look forward to my new role at TLA and all thats to come!

Meet the team - Grace, Senior Account Executive at The Lifestyle Agency

May 3, 2022

Meet the team - Grace, Senior Account Executive at The Lifestyle Agency

Hi there! I’m Grace, Senior Account Executive at The Lifestyle Agency (TLA).

I am super excited to start working with such an amazing range of luxury lifestyle clients as well as a lovely team. Previously, I have worked within both agency and in-house PR, for FMCG, consumer and lifestyle brands and have loved it, but I know luxury lifestyle is where I want to be now, so I am thrilled to get going and secure lots of excellent coverage.

Beyond work, I love to explore London – from visiting art galleries and food markets to dining at my favourite restaurants and drinking rosé in the sun with friends! I love to travel and spent three months in Central America post- university where I fell in love with Guatemala and hope to go back one day. I am also an avid-reader and am always on the hunt for the next good book that I can sit in a café or park for hours with!

Meet the team: Claire, Senior Account Manager at The Lifestyle Agency

April 7, 2022

Meet the team: Claire, Senior Account Manager at The Lifestyle Agency

Hi there! My name is Claire and I have just joined The Lifestyle Agency (TLA) as Senior Account Manager. I’ve been working in PR for over six years now, working across many brands and sectors, from luxury consumer, interiors, tech, travel, food, fashion - you name it I’ve probably done it.

I was thrilled to join TLA as my PR heart lies in travel and luxury lifestyle. What could be better than organising a press trip to the most luxurious location, resulting in outstanding coverage and one happy client. A win win in my eyes!

I love being creative, thinking outside the box and would like to say I have a bombastic approach to gaining media coverage, cherishing my little black book of media contacts.

I’ve recently moved back to sunny Brighton as love to be by the seaside. Some of my loves include eating out, interior design, socialising with friends and my two adorable cats Jazzy and Coco!

The 4 types of vacations that may be hard to book in 2022

March 18, 2022

The 4 types of vacations that may be hard to book in 2022

After two years of living with Covid-19, travelers are making big vacation plans again.

But not every type of trip may be available this year, travel professionals said. That’s because many people postponed more ambitious vacations during the pandemic — in some cases two years in a row - leaving little room for new bookings this year.

Nearly half of those who had vacations canceled in 2020 and 2021 plan to take them this year, according to a survey by travel insurance firm Berkshire Hathaway Travel Protection. Only 5.5% are pushing these plans to next year, and less than 4% plan to cancel altogether, according to the survey of more than 1,500 travelers.

In addition, people are taking longer trips and booking them further in advance. Some fall and winter holidays are already beginning to sell out, said Lee Thompson, co-founder of adventure travel company, Flash Pack. But some trips may be fully booked long before then, like these four types of vacations that travel insiders say are filling fast for the summer.

African safaris

Booking an African safari 12 to 18 months in advance could be the new norm, said Shannon Kircher, founder of the U.S.-based boutique travel firm Compass & Vine.

Many travelers dream about going on a safari, but don’t pull the trigger because of the amount of planning and money that goes into it, said Kircher.

Tourists photographing a lion at the Kruger National Park in South Africa.

Tourists photographing a lion at the Kruger National Park in South Africa.

Martin Harvey | The Image Bank | Getty Images

However, the pandemic has “challenged our ideas of pushing off meaningful trips,” she said. Plus, more people have the time and money to travel now, because of canceled trips from the past two years, she said.

For travelers easing back into the idea of international travel during the pandemic, the privacy and open-air nature of safaris are appealing, she said.

“Safaris are inherently socially distanced — you’re around more animals than humans generally,” she said.

Travelers are choosing to visit East Africa from June through October as the period coincides with the great wildebeest migration, Kircher said, with many extending their trip to squeeze in a gorilla trekking experience or a post-safari beach escape.

Hawaii vacation home rentals

Multiple locations in Hawaii are at risk of being without vacancies this summer, said Zander Buteux of home rental company VacationRenter.

“If you wait until June to book for June travel, you will have slim pickings,” he said. “This is especially true for the key cities on each island such as Honolulu, Lahaina and Kihei.”

Two areas that still have a good amount of availability are O’ahu and Hanalei, said Buteux, though he doesn’t expect things to stay this way.

VacationRenter's Zander Buteux said the average trip to Hawaii in June is seven days, and the average nightly rate for properties that month is $442, an increase of 16% from last year.

VacationRenter’s Zander Buteux said the average trip to Hawaii in June is seven days, and the average nightly rate for properties that month is $442, an increase of 16% from last year.

Allan Baxter | The Image Bank | Getty Images

Travel to Hawaii has been on the rise for the past eight months, said Buteux. Business is expected to pick up even more — along with prices — once the state lifts many of its pandemic travel restrictions this month, he said. Starting March 26, visitors from the continental United States will no longer be required to show their Covid-19 vaccination status or a negative pre-travel Covid-19 test to enter.

Summer isn’t the only time of year that’s being booked up fast, said Phil Jones, CEO of the luxury vacation home Pure Kauai. Easter and Christmas periods are also filling up, he said.  

Like Buteux, he said: Once “quarantine restrictions have been lifted, we predict a surge in bookings.”

Luxury dude ranches

Americans who are still hesitant about international travel are booking luxurious off-the-grid vacation spots in the country, said Kircher.

Some well-known ranches are booked more than a year in advance, she said.

The Ranch at Rock Creek in Montana is mostly booked until February 2023, and almost all weekend slots at Wyoming’s Brush Creek Ranch are full, according to their online reservation systems.

Horseback riders embarking on a trail in West Yellowstone, Montana.

Horseback riders embarking on a trail in West Yellowstone, Montana.

Urbancow | E+ | Getty Images

“For most people, the privacy and disconnected nature of dude ranches are appealing,” Kircher said. Activities such as horseback riding, fly fishing and white water rafting are outdoors and naturally socially distanced.

Plus, visitors also get many of their needs taken care of as “most of the high-end lodges are really all-inclusive, meaning food, drinks, and luxury amenities are included,” she said.

Private yacht charters

Booking last-minute summer yacht charters is a thing of the past, said Tim Geisler, founder of Grenada-based sailing company, Nautilus Sailing.

Many destinations, especially in the Mediterranean, are selling out well ahead of time, he said.

Greece, Spain and the French island of Corsica are the most popular charter destinations in the Mediterranean now, he said.

“We are noticing that things are starting to return to almost pre-pandemic levels,” said Geisler, adding that “80% of our charters are already booked out in Spain.”

Minorca, one of Spain's Balearic Islands in the Mediterranean Sea.

Minorca, one of Spain’s Balearic Islands in the Mediterranean Sea.

Gonzalo Azumendi | Stone | Getty Images

Summer yachting trips to the Mediterranean are popular among Americans because they tend to avoid the Caribbean during this time, as it coincides with the area’s hurricane season, he said.

The company is seeing an increase in bookings and inquiries from travelers who want to book trips nine to 12 months ahead of time, which limits inventory down the line, he said.

“The later you make a reservation, the less choice you will have when it comes to yacht size, configuration and location, therefore it’s best to book [at least] six months in advance,” he said.

The company recently started operating in Croatia, said Geisler, adding that there is yacht availability there for the summer, but likely not for long.

The global yacht charter market, which was valued at $16.9 billion in 2021, is projected to reach $26.5 billion by 2027, with Europe being the top go-to destination in the summer months, according to the market research firm Mordor Intelligence.

— CNBC’s Monica Pitrelli contributed to this report.

Isle of Wight hotspot the Hut at Colwell Bay reopens for the 2022 season with a new menu

March 1, 2022

Isle of Wight hotspot the Hut at Colwell Bay reopens for the 2022 season with a new menu

Buzzy beachfront restaurant, The Hut, nestled in the heart of Colwell Bay, reopens March 2022 for their 9th season, putting long lunches and alfresco dining back on the menu. Having established itself as the UK's most iconic coastal destination, The Hut has built an impressive reputation as the island's hotspot with its and chic casual dining, a delicious menu with the freshest of ingredients plus live DJ. It's the place to see one of the best sunsets in the UK with spectacular panoramic ocean views that stretch across the Solent.

New Head Chef, Lucian Romocea, is bringing his Catalan cooking style to dishes from his experience working as a chef in Barcelona. He'll work under Ian Daw, Chef Director, both formerly of The Ned. They'll be launching a new menu, with a selection of lighter style dishes packed with tons of flavour, including 'Seared Seabass with Maitake Dashi, Yuzu Kosho, Pak Choi and Monks Beard' and the Gambas a la Cazuela, with Chorizo, and Piquello Pepper Ragu'. Serving fresh, locally caught seafood and shellfish, signature dishes include 'Roasted Cod with White Beans, Spring Vegetables, Smoked Pancetta and Jalapeño', not forgetting the freshly caught crab as the delicious staple for the 'Crab Gnocchi Bisque, served with Crisp Capers & Sea Lettuce'. Locally grown cucumelons and micro herbs are new this year as well as the kitchen using a local forager on the island for sea herbs and sea lettuce. All the lobster they serve is freshly caught off boats on the island as well as the beautiful crab they use.

There's a wide selection of Provence Rosé, including Château d’Esclans Côtes de Provence, Rosé, France, 2019 or a bottle of Château Saint Esprit, Léoube or Garrus. Those looking for something with an exciting kick can be tempted by their cocktail selection; Thai Lemonade - Old J Spiced Rum, Ginger Beer, Tabasco, Orgeat, Coriander, Lime, Frozen Pineapple & Passion Fruit Margarita, paired with Casamigos Blanco, Cointreau, Pineapple, Crème de Passion, Citrus or perhaps their famous Painkiller - the perfect sundowner tipple.

The Hut is the perfect spot for seaside dining and day trips from the UK - it's just 1hr 30mins from Central London. The Hut invites the ultimate summer setting with an unrivalled passion for simple yet delicious local seafood and crisp cold Provence Rosé, on a relaxed and buzzy beach-front location.

Located on the north-western coast of the Isle of Wight, The Hut is a quick ferry crossing away, or alternatively a twenty-minute RIB journey from Lymington and a 35-minute RIB journey from Southampton. Whether by sea, air, train or nearby, visitors can arrange travel via one of their partners HERE. The team also offer a personal tender service that operates throughout the day and offers to collect you from your own boat, guaranteeing an exciting and swift docking to your table. Alternatively, day-trippers can take advantage of The Hut's collection service and be picked up in one of their renovated Land Rover 101's, one named Surf, the other named Turf! When the sun comes out the energy here goes up again and thanks to an infinitely grazeable menu of surf and turf classics, rosé fuelled courses and one of the best sunsets in the UK, The Hut at Colwell Bay creates the ultimate summer setting for a dining experience like no other. Note to Editors: Since opening in 2013, The Hut based in Colwell Bay on the Isle of Wight has built a reputation as one of the UK’s most iconic shoreline restaurants and bars. The destination offers picturesque views and the freshest seafood in a relaxed and easy-going environment. Using locally sourced produce wherever possible, the team at The Hut have created a menu that combines culinary classics with innovative ideas, making for a refreshing approach to typical seaside dining in the Solent.

Introducing The Body Lab

January 29, 2022

Introducing The Body Lab

We love a bit of innovation here at TLA. We also love geeking out on technological advancements and movements within the wellness world - which is why we work with some of the biggest movers and shakers in the industry.

There are a lot of new science-meets-wellness trends to get your head around, from Saisei therapy, new meditation float tanks, Sacred Warrior massages, and the Parenie [being exposed to super hot temperatures whilst being hit with leaves]. Yes, really. We want to try them all!

But right now the new kid on the block that’s stopping us in our tracks is The Body Lab, launching this month on Kensington High Street, London. Never seen before science-backed treatments are offered at this wellness facility [please - it’s not a gym, it’s not a spa, it’s not a retreat], which is set to benchmark standards and technologies used by accomplished, peak performance professionals.

Encouraging guests to be the best version of themselves physically, mentally and emotionally, members are guided by their personal trainer to fully access these advancements in science, wellness and recovery to the next generation of technologies as part of their bespoke sessions. State-of-the-art treatments and therapies are designed to optimise recovery, reduce inflammation and stimulate collagen production, amongst many other benefits. The brand’s vision is to offer the most comprehensive and holistic journey to optimal health currently available on the market.

Why not try the Hyperbaric Hydroxy Airpod, an experience that works by speeding up the body’s own healing process by increased oxygen absorption. Or you could opt to enter the Cryotherapy Dual Chamber - the coldest cryotherapy in Europe proven to decrease inflammation and oxidative stress. Alongside that, clients can get pioneering personal training, unrivalled nutrition plans and advice from recovery specialists, and there’s a supplement and wellness lounge offering bespoke protein shakes. We will take one of those and an oat milk latte, please…

For more information, visit  

Meet the team: Andra

October 6, 2021

Meet the team: Andra

Hi everyone! I'm Andra, TLA's new Social, Digital and Influencer Manager, and I've just joined the team after freelancing as a Comms specialist with a penchant for social media management for a while, and having previously worked in PR, Comms and Social for various luxury fashion and lifestyle clients

The main reason I couldn't say no to TLA was the wide variety of clients that the agency represents. With this, there is a steep learning curve, and never a dull moment in the day-to-day of the role. I can't wait to delve into strategising and creating new things for everyone, and to meet as many people as possible.

When I'm not absolutely glued to my phone, I can be found avidly watching all fashion shows host of the runway, keeping my finger on the pulse of all trends, and thinking of ways to recreate these on a budget. Other than fashion, I love interiors and everything that involves food and I'm an avid reader. When I'm not doing any of the activities mentioned before, I can be found behind some words at The Everyday Magazine, behind some posts at Home of Passion, and thinking of ways to re-launch my blog that can be found here.

If you have questions about how to get your brand seen in the digital world, or how TLA can do some amazing things for you and your brand, don't hesitate to drop me a line at

Photo credit: Alina Raducea

Video Content: It's Go Time

August 26, 2021

Video Content: It's Go Time

It’s no secret that all major social media apps are swaying towards video-first content, but why?

Typically, video content performs best with most algorithms - pushing it to the top of your feed therefore capturing more viewers attention, resulting in souring engagement rates. Did you know, in 2019 users spent an average of six and a half hours a week watching online videos? That’s a whopping 59% increase since 2016 (

Video content also tends to last longer. Take TikTok and Instagram Reels as an example, a video you may have seen on your For You Page will resurface days, even months, later on your Instagram Discover page, this is because video-first content typically attracts more interactions and shares, helping it to stick around for longer.

So, where do you start when it comes to incorporating video into your social media strategy? Start small and aim big: add in a few Instagram Reels into your IG content plan, start a TikTok account for your brand and play around with their range of in-app features, produce a content shoot where you’re able to capture some short BTS clips to share on your main social channel feeds

If you want to chat video (or anything social), you know where to find us. Drop us a DM on instagram - we’d love to help.

Meet the team: Samantha

August 19, 2021

Meet the team: Samantha

I’m Sam and have recently joined the team as the PR Account Director. I come from an agency and freelance background with 15 years of experience in the luxury, interior design and hospitality sectors.

I love the creative side of PR and coming up with new, game changing ideas, collaborations and events to deliver best in class campaigns for best in class clients. Working with the passionate and exceptional team at TLA to deliver these results is so rewarding!

I’m passionate about culture, design, art and discovering the next new, exciting thing in town. I’m also looking forward to seeing so much more of the world!

Meet the team: Donna

August 5, 2021

Meet the team: Donna

Hi! My name is Donna and I am the PR Director here at The Lifestyle Agency. I’ve been working on PR and Communications for over ten years now, both agency and in-house. My niches have varied from fashion, lifestyle and wellness, to FMCG and luxury travel - there’s never been a dull day.

I’m a creative person, so I love working on campaigns where I can shed more creative insight as well as PR expertise. I really enjoy working with a variety of clients at a time and generating fabulous coverage - it’s always so rewarding!

Work life aside, I am crazy about travelling. One of my top travel memories was visiting Borneo in 2016 and hiking up Mount Kinabalu, also taking a trip to the Orangutan sanctuary (one of my favourite animals). I’ve also been to Mauritius, Dubai and Vegas with the hope to travel more in 2022.

Meet the team: Katie

June 29, 2021

Meet the team: Katie

Hey, my name is Katie. I recently joined The Lifestyle Agency as a PR Account Executive. Previously, I have worked both in-house and agency across various clients, predominantly within the food & beverage and fashion sectors. I’m looking forward to working across TLA’s accounts as it allows me to branch out and expand my experience within different sectors.

A little bit about me. I am currently training for the London 2021 Marathon and raising money for three incredible charities: CARE International, Cancer Research UK and The Marsden Charity. The marathon is taking place on October 3rd, 2021, I love a challenge, and this has proven so far to be a tough mental and physical one, so I am looking forward to the big day. I have always had a strong passion for sport and fitness, so I am excited about working with UNITY and The Body Lab and learning more about the health and wellness industry. Over the last few years or so, I have taken up sailing, so I am delighted to be supporting the team with The Hut in Colwell Bay, as it’s every south coast sailors favourite dining spot.

I think especially now is an exciting time for the PR industry; as we emerge from a year of continuous restrictions and lockdowns, everything has been impacted. How we live and interact with each other, how we work and communicate, how we move around and travel.  I think the pandemic has changed consumers’ expectations about the way brands should communicate, so coming onboard TLA’s team during this period is an exciting time and provides the opportunity to explore new ideas, media platforms and channels.

Meet the team: Roweena

June 24, 2021

Meet the team: Roweena

I’m Row, it’s lovely to meet you! I am the Office Manager slash Personal Assistant here at TLA; basically I keep everyone in shape, on track and make sure our office life is great. Previously, I have worked in roles within the hospitality industry as well as the gaming sector - both very different to what I do now but I have loved the variety. What I love about being at TLA is the opportunity to just get on with it, my role also allows me to gain a vital insight into the PR world which I find fascinating.

When I’m not whipping everyone into shape, you can catch me jamming out on my saxophone or producing music (currently teaching myself, those DJs make it look easy…) I am also a Dungeons and Dragons fanatic and love everything to do with fantasy, especially Lord of the Rings. I LOVE TikTok, and enjoy seeing how we integrate our work at TLA onto these new social platforms - it’s all very exciting.

If you have any general enquiries about TLA, drop me an email on, we love to chat!

Wellness: how to track your progress?

June 24, 2021

Wellness: how to track your progress?

It’s easy to feel overwhelmed by wellness.. Where does it come from? Which option to choose? What's best for me? It’s also tempting to discount something new when you haven’t dabbled with many traditional ‘wellness' exercises - why embark on a Himalayan Goat Yoga membership having not sampled classic, traditional yoga?

With stress levels rising - 79% of employees commonly experienced work-related stress in 2020 - it’s no wonder we're on the search for the next anxiety reliever. Not to mention the disruption of [cough cough] Covid adding to the increasing pressure of everybody’s day to day. The increase in the variety of wellness options means we’re also looking to track our progress levels. So what are the pros and cons, and could we be diminishing our wellness levels in the effort of its pursuit?

Smart phone, straps and watch brands promise to improve your state of wellbeing by monitoring everything from your heart rate to your sleep patterns - light, deep, REM etc. Its pioneering technology means we can count calories, follow running statistics and check ‘body battery’ efficiency, meaning we know when is and isn't optimum to exercise. We can also look at more intimate statistics, from the menstrual cycle to stress rates, and even our blood oxygen levels. There's no doubt these are the must-have accessory of fitness and wellness enthusiasts everywhere.

Our favourite feature of most fitness trackers is that they feature Wi-Fi and Bluetooth, meaning you can receive calls & emails without the distraction of your phone. It is a great way to stay connected, and means a close contact can keep an eye on your whereabouts in the absence of a phone. Phew! Whether you want to take 8,000 steps a day, or are doing a couple of sprints...Jumping on the spot anyone? These trackers will hold you accountable and become a bit of a workout buddy.

Alongside this, there's a lot to be said for honouring the human body's natural rhythm and inclinations. Sometimes your mood might wish to override a fitness tracker, and - we all deserve a break. If that's the case, try not to give yourself a hard time - metrics aren't everything. You’re also asking a lot of your mind - tracking and scrolling gives the brain a nice but short-lived dopamine hit, which can escalate into a cycle of work - reward - work - reward.

We love the idea of monitoring progress, but we also appreciate that there is more to wellness than numbers - it’s also about how we feel, our sense of safety, and nourishing the body with a balance of what it truly wants. Let us know if you use a tracker, which one and why?

Meet the team: Molly

May 11, 2021

Meet the team: Molly

Hey! I’m Molly, TLA’s Digital Account Manager. I joined the glorious house of TLA last July and quite frankly, can’t believe where the time has gone. After freelancing as a social media manager and content producer for a few years, I decided it was time to join an agency to widen my client-base and get stuck in on some larger activations. 

My day-to-day responsibilities of my role include commandeering social strategies for clients, creating show-stopping content, reporting on engagement and other social analytics and liaising with our truly wonderful clients, there’s lots more but I’ll keep it snappy for now.

One of the things I adore about TLA is the incredible clients we get to work with. When we onboard a new brand, we always say that we don’t offer the usual ‘agency’ vibe; we’re an extension of your in house team. Without sounding cliche, no two days are the same - from cocktail tasting to producing content shoots, it’s incredibly exciting.

When I’m not glued to my phone scrolling through Instagram you can find me wining and dining at a local restaurant near our office on Bermondsey Street, or working on my small business side-hustle, What Molly Wrote.

If you have a question about your brand’s social media presence or more about what TLA can offer for you digitally, drop me an email on and let’s chat!

Meet the team: Scarlett

April 29, 2021

Meet the team: Scarlett

My name is Scarlett, I'm a yoga teacher and freelance Fashion PR based in London. I’ve been with the wonderful TLA for around three years, working on a number of fab clients across the board. I’ve worked in PR for over a decade - giant agencies, smaller agencies, in-house… But the team at TLA are unbeatable. Also, they’re one of the only agencies to kindly allow me flexible hours. Don’t get me wrong, I get sh*t done, but my yoga teaching & spare time is super important to me.

I’m also filling my life with other studies and practises. At the risk of sounding like Orlando Bloom, I do a 30 minute daily meditation & self healing - a practise I picked up whilst training to be a Reiki Healer. Reiki is a super powerful non-manipulative treatment used to transfer energy with the hands - and has been known to heal mentally, physically and emotionally. I’m also halfway through a course studying to be an Ayurvedic Diet and Lifestyle Consultant. Ayurveda is an ancient Eastern healthcare system that has been used to treat illnesses for centuries. It blends the worlds of science and spirituality - something I try to reconcile on a daily basis!

I adore food and am plant based - this topic definitely divides but is super important to me - and I dip in and out of astrology & the zodiac. I’m always the first to tell the TLA girls when the moon is working its magic! Last but not least, I love movement, and learning how we can move more intelligently. Did you know the way we breathe and walk impacts our entire system? There are so many issues we’re only just researching and learning more about - old exercise routines and diet culture are so outdated…

Thanks for reading!

TLA's Top Four Post-Lockdown London Day Trips

April 19, 2021

TLA's Top Four Post-Lockdown London Day Trips

The wait is finally over for us Brits. As lockdown continues to lift and restrictions are slowly but surely eased, we’re so excited to get back out there and support some of our favourite local businesses to help boost the economy.

From your classic beer gardens to enjoying a hot-tub boat cruise along the River Thames, we’ve popped our favourite post-lockdown London day outs for you to enjoy with your bubble below:

1. The Hawk’s Nest - Shepherds Bush @thehawksnestldn - From plenty of outdoor spaces in a hidden garden to perch to craft beer and gourmet pizza, what more could you want from a post-lockdown night out.

2. Skuna Boats Floating Experience - @skunaboats - Hear us out: your bubble, booze (if you like), a BBQ all in an easy-to-drive electric hot tub boat that’s available in all weather conditions IN LONDON. Need we say more….

3. A good ol’ fashioned British picnic - Pick a park (we’re not short of these in London…) pull out your picnic rug and dust off your hamper! Think cupcakes and finger sarnies, and if you want to spice it up a little, take some canned cocktails - we LOVE @funkincocktails Passion Fruit Martinis. Try them for yourself and see what you think!

4. Skylight Rooftop - @skylight_london - Located in the infamous Tobacco Dock, book your spot at the Skylight Rooftop to enjoy some drinks and food with a glorious view of the whole city. It’s a 10 from us!

Travel to slow fashion paradise, with Le Colonel

March 25, 2021

Travel to slow fashion paradise, with Le Colonel

Epic brand alert: this week we spotlight Le Colonel, our French accessories client doing fabulously sustainable things from their atelier in Lille.

Introducing This Is How We Do, the new up-cycling service from this family run business that invites consumers to send in pre-loved garments to be given a new lease of life. Most of us have that one gorgeous dress that’s been hanging in the wardrobe for years that we tell ourselves we’ll wear but never do, so why not put it to good use and have it turned into a selection of scrunchies, sleep eye masks and protective face coverings

The service offers two options. Consumers can ‘Give a new life’ by sending their favourite pre- loved item to the workshop for a makeover. Le Colonel’s team of couturiers will get to work producing a range of made to measure accessories in the original garment's wake that could include ties, pocket squares and hair accessories. This way, the owner gets to keep their favourite logo, fabric or motif in an entirely new guise. Alternatively, if you’re stuck with a beautiful old garment and think your only option is to bin it, Le Colonel asks that you simply donate the piece to the TIHWD service free of charge, to find a new home. They’ll give you a cheeky credit for doing so, too

Either way, Le Colonel put the cherry on the cake by donating a percentage of the profits from TIHWD to The Good Planet Foundation , a company which aims to make ecology and humanism a central issue, encouraging people to take concrete action for the environment

Le Colonel are striving for an entirely circular experience, reducing their fashion footprint, committing to sustainable sourcing and supporting small business. What’s not to love? Find out more about the service here.

Commerce + E-Commerce in 2021: What Can We Expect?

February 26, 2021

Commerce + E-Commerce in 2021: What Can We Expect?

It’s no secret we had to adapt and shift our entire lives over the last year, and we’re not set to return to full normality for some time. 

One prominent change that came to light is the way we shop. IRL shopping became online-only, and our need for speed, demand and convenience grew imminently. But what does this mean for the future of commerce and e-commerce? As the UK announces it’s roadmap to wander slowly out of national lockdown, we think about how our shopping habits will evolve, and what will stay the same. 

At the height of the pandemic, 10 years of e-commerce growth happened in just 90 days. Say what?! Nearly 200 million people shopped online for the first time last year, making online-shopping a trend for both digital and physical brands to jump on and ramp up their marketing tactics. In a recent global report, it was noted that e-commerce as a percentage of total global retail sales will also continue to grow over the next five years, causing shopping platforms to dramatically shift their online strategies to accommodate, and to tap into new customer profiles.

While this summer looks to be a little more positive than the last when thinking about shopping footfall, not all consumers will head back to normality. It’s expected that 60% of shoppers will not return to their usual retail habits, and continue to shop online according to a First Insight’s survey conducted in January 2021. “It’s time for retailers to create better connections with consumers by targeting them with the right marketing messages to entice them to spend both in-store and online,” says First Insight’s CEO, Greg Petro. 

So e-commerce brands, keep doing what you’re doing. As we merge into the ‘new normal’ and step away from the pandemic, it’s important you continue to fuel the online habits that were brought to life over the past year to ensure growth in the current climate.

Resources: McKinsey / First Insight

E-commerce is Coming to Tik-Tok, Creating New Marketing Opportunities For Luxury Brands

February 12, 2021

E-commerce is Coming to Tik-Tok, Creating New Marketing Opportunities For Luxury Brands

The video content based platform, TikTok, is exploring new e-commerce features to monetise viral content; ramping up competition with Facebook and YouTube and creating a world of new opportunities for brands and marketers to engage with Gen-Z consumers and influencers

Surging in popularity - mostly due to its content-based algorithm and it's almost daily viral content - TikTok challenges sent luxury brands from Gucci to JW Anderson viral in 2020. With plans to implement new features akin to Instagram and Facebook, including self-service advertising, affiliate marketing and in-app brand catalogues, the shift could spell an opportunity for brands to capture the app's 1 billion monthly active Gen Z users

According to Kantar’s recent Media Reactions survey of global marketers, TikTok advertising investment is set to rise strongly in 2021, with 66 per cent of global marketers planning to increase spend.

TikTok has a virality factor like no other platform, so while marketers may need educating on new and innovative ways to engage with the platform, the opportunities are endless.

Love it or loathe it? TLA round up their 2021 Valentine's gift guide

February 11, 2021

Love it or loathe it? TLA round up their 2021 Valentine's gift guide

Loved up in lockdown?  Love it or loathe it? After the year we’ve had, one thing for certain is that it’s about celebrating our loved ones and cherishing life’s small but special moments.  Whether it’s valentine’s, galantine’s or simply an excuse to treat yourself, we think that’s reason enough to share some love, whether you say it with flowers or like to go a little ‘off-piste’ in ways to say ‘I love you’, we’ve got you covered with some of TLA’s top favourite gifts to give this romantic time of year..(according to our calendar’s at least!)

Cask88 – Scottish Folklore series

From budding whisky enthusiasts through to seasoned collectors, Cask 88 inspires the perfect gift with their impressive and world renowned collection of rare and antique whiskies.  Wonder your mind and taste buds to the Highland’s and experience the Cask 88 Scottish Folklore series; a collection of unique, single cask expressions selected to represent the breadth and depth of Scotland’s famous culture and heritage, whilst telling the tales of generational myths and old folktales.

Golden Hour – Reversible blush set of three silk face masks, £21

Upgrade your mask game with Golden Hour’s beautiful silk satin masks, handcrafted in the heart of London and San Francisco.  Double layered with the softest silks to ensure extra protection, these masks come in an array of flattering and effortlessly elegant shades.

The Royal Crescent Hotel & Spa – A Valentine’s Promise, from £600

Give the gift of a romantic trip to look forward to!  Situated in one of the UK’s most stylish postcodes, just a stone’s throw from London, The Royal Crescent Hotel & Spa captures peace and serenity in the heart of Bath.  From the delicious culinary delights and organically sourced food served at award-winning Dower House, to the regenerated spa that sits beautifully in the converted Coach House, and the Taittinger Spa Garden where aromas of lavender, bergamot and rosemary await, the Royal Crescent Hotel champions the very best of British.

Truly a place of romance, the crescent lawn is where Jane Austin is said to have penned some of her most famous novels, so there really could not be a more idyllic place to enjoy with your very own Mr Darcy.

Le Colonel – Lounge Box, £65

Embrace the lockdown uniform of loungewear with Le Colonel and their latest lounge box in Liberty Ciara Fuscia print. Bright and dynamic in its floral design, be bold and embrace the romance that this pattern brings to your night time routine! This lounge box contains one Liberty Sleep Mask and one Liberty Lounge Short.

Funkin – #Bossbabes party pack, £21.58

It is what it says on the tin..strictly for the bossest of babes, Funkin has Galentine’s all wrapped up in their fabulous cocktail party pack, featuring appearances from the nations favourite, Passionfruit Martini, to the iconic stylish cocktail that brings life to any girls night out, the Espresso Martini. Cheers!

Join the Club[house]. If you can…

February 2, 2021

Join the Club[house]. If you can…

First it was Snapchat, then TikTok. Now anyone who’s anyone in the social media world [so, all of us!] are talking about Clubhouse, an audio only app that combines the intellectualism of TED talks with the intimacy of your favourite podcast, and the guilty pleasure of reality TV. Let me in!

Straight out of Silicon Valley, Clubhouse is as forward thinking and exclusive as you might imagine. An invite only service - you need to know someone who knows someone, if you catch the drift - the app is attracting attention in all corners of the globe. Largely based in the States, the app has attracted a high profile elite, from Elon Musk to Oprah Winfrey, John Mayor to Virgil Abloh. Once in, users can join anything from ad-hoc discussions to pre-scheduled debates. You can either stay on mute or ‘raise your hand’, hopefully catching the attention of the room’s moderator who will grant you access to offer your two cents.

Users can enter into different rooms of their choice, to listen or participate in a conversation. You’ll be able to see who else is in the room, plus view their profiles. Given it’s infancy and exclusivity, joining at this stage means you may well find yourself in a chat room with a top celeb - so remember to play it cool

Most positively, it feels that unlike competitor social apps, the focus is on dialogue, learning and connection, rather than likes, shares or followers. At TLA we love Instagram, but the sheer volume of content that is heavily focused on aesthetics can leave anyone feeling overwhelmed. To boot, there is no record function on any of the chat spaces, so conversations remain timely, secluded and - most importantly - respectful of privacy.

We love the sound of a platform that’s audio-led, and it’ll be interesting to see how something with no visual aids fares in a world of constant images, videos, reels and stories. The app also appeals to our nosey side - who wouldn’t want to listen to an audition for broadway’s next musical, or sit in on a thoughtful chat on cryptocurrency?

In the current environment, being part of a ‘club’ that is accessible from the comfort of your home sounds like something to be coveted. Whilst the world is stuck indoors - it will certainly add spice to the current offering of Zoom chats and book clubs. The only down-side is that it’s currently only available on iPhone [not Android] and that the chats are mostly set in US time zones. But as the crowd inevitably expands, we’re confident it won’t be long before that changes!

No Travel? No Problem!

January 28, 2021

No Travel? No Problem!

Here at TLA, we’re mad about travel. Indeed, it’s where we have our roots and continue to flourish. Ski chalets, luxury hotels, top notch spas and outerwear brands… You name it, we’ve worked on it. Sigh - most of all we miss being able to travel and see these places at the drop of a hat. For now needs must, but Covid-19 won’t stop us creating epic campaigns for our further flung clients.

According to travel body, VisitBritain, the prediction for inbound tourism in 2021 is for 16.9 million visits, up 73% on 2020 but only 41% of the 2019 level…So a long way to go before things start to level back out to what we knew previously as ‘normal’.

But there is some positivity, too! As we look ahead to 2021 and as the world shifts in front of our very eyes, we’ve considered three of the trends that might be on the [metaphorical] horizon, and mean you can still get that travel fix…

A whole new meaning to the word ‘office’

Why not swap your four blank walls for the beach? We’ve seen a shift towards remote working that will mean a bit more of an ‘out of office but working from anywhere’ vibe. Perhaps you and your colleagues will form an exotic office gang? Far less naughty than it sounds, we’re referring to the hiring of an island or space for your team to work remotely. In response to the pandemic, airlines are also offering more flexibility to change hotel & flight bookings at no extra cost…

Local & lovely

Not being able to fly has its perks. If you’re anything like us then lockdown has prompted a curiosity in not just our local areas, but the more remote & rural parts of the country. It might not be for everyone, but breaks in which you can take in the deep sea air, shower, eat, trek and star gaze from the comfort of your camper van are on the rise. Check out our wonderful client and iconic landmark, The Royal Crescent Hotel & Spa in Bath, for inspiration here in the UK.

Every day I’m bubbling

Keep your bubbles close. Big parties of people - friends, extended families, that old school friend you once spoke to on Facebook - will be seeking private getaways. You’ll have options both locally and further afield for this, but perhaps the most sensible and hassle free would be a countryside getaway. Air bnb’s are seriously upping their game in preparation for this - games rooms, cinema lounges, gorgeous views - you name it.

Five of TLA’s top Marketing Trends for 2021

January 14, 2021

Five of TLA’s top Marketing Trends for 2021

A Social Shopping Mall

Let’s start with the obvious: it wouldn’t be marketing without sales as the end game. 2021 will see an influx of brands using their social media platforms for this very purpose; with more ‘shoppable’ Instagram pages & posts - great for brands that are unable to build an e-commerce platform, and super-fast for consumers.

Increased, Useful Communication

Don’t you hate it when you speak to a machine or get a generic Instagram response? Or worse still, no response at all? This year will see brands increase not only their responsiveness to inquiries but also their conversational capabilities, making consumer interaction as educational, convenient and helpful as possible.

Virtual Events

Visa issues and Covid restrictions - be gone! What started as a temporary marketing tactic and solution may overtake as the world shifts its patterns of behaviour. Online soirées we witnessed in the height of lockdown from drinks brands, fashion labels and the like are very much here to stay.

Video: The Chosen Format

Are our attention spans getting shorter, or is there just more to see? Almost every platform, from Facebook to Instagram, TikTok to Twitter, and LinkedIn to YouTube [no wait, they were already doing this!] will increase their video content, ability and overall wow factor. PS. AR & Gaming platforms will also play a big role too.

Live & Authentic

In an age of pandemics, ‘woke’ beliefs and fake news, the consumer wants to see their favourite brands live, and identify with them with 100% assurance. With buyers becoming more aware and informed than ever, brands should strive to go live as much as possible in order to interact and show their human side.

If your business requires support with marketing, digital, social media content creation and more in 2021, TLA has got you covered. Email us your mission at:

TLA's Top Influencer Marketing Campaigns for 2020

January 7, 2021

TLA's Top Influencer Marketing Campaigns for 2020

Influencer Marketing: you’ve heard us bang on about why it’s so important for your brand, but how to spot a really good example of it? That’s something that’s not as easy. Keep reading to see our four favourite influencer campaigns of 2020 (and one from the past, but it’s worth it) that will hopefully inspire you for the upcoming year.  

1. Puma’s 160over90

This campaign tapped into creators by forming Under the Radar FC – a YouTube football team featuring gaming influencer Manny and fellow YouTubers, powered by PUMA. Using Manny’s platforms to deliver a calendar of bespoke content, audiences were taken behind the scenes of the nation’s favourite sport. As a result, the team delivered over 11 million views across platforms and over 500 thousand engagements.

2. BMW #The1Challenge

BMW braved it and dived headfirst into their debut TikTok campaign. Teaming up with prominent influencers such as Falco Punch, Sky & Tami and PatroX to perform dancers specifically created for the campaign. Falco’s video has accumulated 243,000 likes and the hashtag itself has collected over six million views. 

3. Lil Miquela 

Who said your favourite influencer had to be human? In 2018, Prada made a bold move help promote their spring/summer collection with the help of virtual influencer, Lil Miquela. The on-screen celeb released multiple pieces of content to help showcase the clothes and help Prada’s brand visibility. With VR very prominently on the horizon, could this be the future of influencer marketing?

4. Buttermilk for Dior 

To champion diversity and to celebrate the launch of Dior’s Forever Foundation, Dior teamed up with 67 micro-influencers to represent 67 skin shades available over 67 days - pretty genius, right? The 290 pieces of content produced achieved 1.85 million impressions and 591 thousand engagements for what was Dior’s most inclusive campaign to date.

If influencer marketing seems a little intimidating - we can help. Send an email to molly@thelifestyle-agency and let’s chat.

TLA round up their favourite local businesses to support this season

December 8, 2020

TLA round up their favourite local businesses to support this season

As the lift of lockdown two eases and our local businesses begin to open up their doors, the team at TLA have rounded up their favourite local independent stores, with everything from our most treasured French patisseries and leading Mexican lunch spots, to independent arts and cultural hubs and the artisans paradise that is Borough Market. 

This year, now more than ever, it’s so important to support our communities and local suppliers and with a little festive inspiration along the way, here are some of our top spots to support in the heart of TLA’s home, Bermondsey Street.


There is quite simply no other place that beats our favourite small, family run boulangerie patisserie. With three bakeries dotted dangerously close to the TLA office, it’s often the case one of us will stop in our tracks to be tempted by their window display of delicious pastries and guilty pleasures.  This season, Comptoir Gourmand have created their own special hampers for you to gift your loved ones.  Packed with their signature indulgences, every hamper includes ingredients for mulled wine, mini 20 madeleine mould trays, baking mixture, brownies and cookies, as well as a bag of their ground Monmouth Coffee. Find out more HERE

VITRINE Art Gallery

VITRINE, Digital is currently hosting a Pop-Up Shop until3 January 2021. The shop features artworks in the categories ofPrints, Homeware, Wearable, Unique, Books, and Audio with prices starting at£20. Place orders early to arrive in time for Christmas. Find out more HERE

Nine lives Bar

Out of hours, Nine Lives is our stylish go-to spot for the modern house cocktail and a post-work tropical atmosphere.  Just in time forChristmas, they have come through and put together the perfect gift to encourage those to release their inner mixologist; the NineLives Curfew Cocktail Kit.  Packed full of goodies to help recreate the signature Nine Lives experience from the comfort of your own home, the box contains everything from cocktail cans and Nag Champa incense, to bamboo straws and an exclusive playlist by house DJs, the Hotel Lobby. Find out more HERE


LondonBridge’s answer to vibrant, modern Mexican tastiness, Santo Remedio has launched a new range of seasonal gift boxes for those wanting to shake a selection of Mexican Tequila and Mezcal cocktails at home..salud! Find out more HERE

HAKATA Ramen + Bar

One of our favourite lunch spots when we’re feeling ravenous for ramen, HAKATA Ramen + Bar brings everything that ramen-ya in Japan are famous for - quality ‘comfort food’,served in a vibrant atmosphere with friendly service. Find out more HERE

Giddy Grocer

Situated in the heart ofBermondsey Street, the Giddy Grocer is a wonderful artisan grocery store, run by long-term Bermondsey locals who believe in supporting the community andBritish producers. Whether for bread and pastries, wines and ales, traditional deli items and seasonal fruit and veg, the Giddy Grocer does everything to live up to it’s name, serving the community with passion and unbeatable produce..not to mention their famous Christmas dinner sandwich..a TLA favourite! Find out more HERE

The Gated Garden

Brightening up the ThreeCrown Square at Borough Market with its colourful array of flowers, plants and beautiful botanical ornaments, the Gated Garden is a delightful spot to ponder and be inspired for Christmas presents. Find out more HERE

Richard Bramble Collection

Artist Richard Bramble has worked with many eminent British chefs, producers and growers to create ingredient, recipe, fish, and livestock paintings as well as textiles, and an expanding range of ceramics and homewares. His popular local stall showcases these as well as his prints of the many colourful scenes of Borough Market. The key thread of food and nature runs consistently throughout the range. Find out more HERE

Maltby Street Market

Opened in 2010, this unlikelySouth-East backwater is a popular weekend destination.  Fully subscribed since its origination, it’s very limited size and the picturesque character of the railway arches and decoration encourage for careful curation and a churn of local start-ups and star-traders form Venezuelan street food and cheese trucks, to Japanese bakeries and gin distilleries. Find out more HERE

Sustainable brands to watch - 2020 and beyond

December 2, 2020

Sustainable brands to watch - 2020 and beyond

In 2020 it would be remiss of brands not to be acting sustainably, whether it’s a direct call to action lead by their own ethos or an offset of inevitable carbon emissions. With standards rising for Fair Trade, and B-Corp certifications the ultimate accolade, both established and emerging brands need to do their part if they’re going to keep a new wave of eco conscious, Covid aware, Gen Z-ers part of a loyal customer base

Below we’ve brought together five [very different] brands we really feel are pioneering this space. In an attempt to stay objective [ahem!] and varied, only two of these are from our own client roster…

Le Colonel

The French accessories label create beautifully instagram worthy accessories for women, men and children from their family owned workshop in Lille. Being sustainable comes naturally to Le Colonel, having only ever produced in line with demand, however 2021 will see the launch of a new Upcycling project that will surprise and delight fans, as well as do something positive for the planet. Philanthropic and chic…

Brands fighting for women’s health

The last few years have seen a surge in the awareness around women’s menstrual health, with a push for anti plastic, 100% organic, innovative products from accessories to underwear coming to the fore. Check out subscription boxes from Calally, Modibodi and TOTM to name just a few.

Saving our rivers

What could be more 2021 than an app that helps users save the planet ‘on the go’? Planet Patrol is an app founded by paddle boarder Lizzie Carr, which encourages users to ‘snap it and map it’. Their aim is to gather enough data from volunteers & bring global change at both community and government level.

Hotel extras

Our wonderful client, The Royal Crescent, is the only hotel in the city of Bath to provide free electric vehicle charging to their guests, with three Tesla charging points. Now that’s chilling with a conscience.

Keeping fit

Working out feels great; naturally it feels even better if you’re helping mother earth in the process. Brands such as Girlfriend Collective, Vivo Barefoot and Tala are all doing their part, whilst Dalston based Rumble gym plants a tree for every class booking.

Reels vs Tiktok

November 29, 2020

Reels vs Tiktok

We’ve spoken to you before about why your brand should use TikTok, but then a new kid jumped on the block. Earlier this year, Instagram launched Reels - an add on extremely similar to the short-form video platform TikTok. But what are the differences? And which one should you be using? We investigated further...

Reels is IG’s answer to the short-form video style that has completely taken over 2020. It offers a suite of creative tools to create 15-second videos and edit them with music, elements and uber-cool transitions, as well as its own platform within Instagram, to share your creations.

With over 800 million monthly users, Tiktok’s offering is relatively similar to Reels. It’s super easy to use, you can produce creative content and connect with other like-minded creators. So what are the main differences between Reels and TikTok?

- Reels videos can last up to 15 seconds, whereas TikToks can be a maximum of one minute.

- Tik Tok’s demographic is significantly changing. The platform’s usage by 8 to 23-year-olds (Gen Z) is declining while users aged 24 to 39 (Millennials) use is on the rise. If the 24 to 39 demographic, who already make up a significant portion of Instagram’s user base, take their short-form content to Instagram, Instagram has a chance to make a serious impact on the short-form content arena.

- You’re able to see the number of engagements on a Reel, whereas this feature is left to the Creator Insights on TikTok. Instagram has given Instagram Reels the same care and attention as to its launch of IGTV, a feature that allows users to create series-based content that users can release to followers as almost mini-episodes. This allows brands to build organic traffic and widen their community. Tiktok, however, still has popularity vote. The average user watched 52 minutes of TikToks per day, that’s mega. It’s also easy to create low-cost, impactful content. So why not give them both a go?

We’ve linked some of our favourite brands on TikTok and Reels below for inspiration!

Why your agency relationship fail is YOUR responsibility

November 24, 2020

Why your agency relationship fail is YOUR responsibility

It's a well-known fact, whether you work client-side or agency; that agencies (PR or otherwise) often seem to inherit somewhat of a bad stigma or this 'enemy' sort of image from clients. More often than not this stems from clients having been burnt in the past, but as with any relationship if one cannot go into a new partnership with fresh mind and outlook, the relationship is doomed from the start. So contrary to what all us customer facing servants have been taught, these type of failed relationships are the fault of the client and here's how to avoid it.

Now before I jump in it's important to note as someone who has worked both client-side and agency-side I have firsthand witnessed and experienced this (I'll put my hands up and say I may have been guilty of it too but not naming names) - so this is not just coming from a defensive agency worker. Let's jump in shall we?

In order to maximise and make your client-agency relationship work I’ve put together my top five tips that are actually so transferable whether you are a marketing or PR agency or a financial consultancy it all comes down to client management.

THE IMMERSION – this may feel like a no-brainer and something you think you’re already doing but trust me when I say you’re probably doing it wrong. Let’s put it this way… When you hire someone in-house for any role, you need to integrate them into the team, correct? Into your team, into the company, into the culture of the company and into your work style. So why is this not the case with agencies? The first step in making your agency relationship work is the immersion phase of the relationship. At TLA we pride ourselves on having a strong immersion stage with new clients to ensure we can embody the brand, we can confidently be part of internal conversations and so that we can establish ourselves as just an extension of the team. So when you’re looking for a new PR agency, ask them how do they ensure this happens and how quickly you can get up and running - bit of a trick question here.

COMMUNICATION – start as you mean to go on right? It’s the same with communication. Don’t let that conversation die, agree on regular communication methods, formal and in-formal knowledge sharing. It’s imperative to keep that conversation going if you want to ensure an integrated approach. Keep each other posted on changes, updates and ideas you have had. Again we are acting as
one team.

TRUST, HONESTY AND TRANSPARENCY – if you aren’t sure or you’re questioning something say it. No relationship is going to work without trust, honesty and transparency – it is just as important as it would be for any relationship!

CREATIVITY – no one likes a broken record, so keep it fresh, dynamic and creative. Shake things up, share ideas, campaign examples, challenge and push each other to step outside your comfort zone, together.
This goes for the thought process, the approach and the execution.

Last but certainly not least; PASSION. One of the most important things for what we do is passion. It is what drives us, what makes us get up in the morning and why we’re all here. Remember that. I have always thought passion is more important than money – though of course we need the right balance of both. But recognise the passion, cultivate it and you will succeed.

If you’re questioning how to make your client / agency relationship work drop us an email or give us a call and we can tell you exactly where that kink in your chain is. It’s important to iron them out so that you can produce a healthy, successful relationship and not be burned. And we’re not tooting our own horn here, we’re merely taken the time to understand the pain points and downfalls, and we’re changing them.

There’s something quite inviting about an Autumn staycation

November 19, 2020

There’s something quite inviting about an Autumn staycation

Whilst we continue to lust after dream travel destinations and new adventures, a few of the team at TLA has put together it’s UK hot spots to seek out this Autumn season..

Like many of us, I opted for a staycation this year and visited both Keswick and Windermere in the Lake District. Both were stunning but I particularly loved how remote Keswick felt.. Within five minutes you were rambling up mountains surrounded by sheep and finding your way through nature. I remember continually stopping and thinking to myself, ‘this would look even more incredible in the Autumn’. Perhaps a little controversial, but I’m a lover of all things Autumn /Winter… burnt orange and honey-hued leaves, roaring log fires, a glass of red wine and cashmere scarves. It’s absolutely on my list to visit Keswick again in the Autumn to see the array of colours throughout the mountains and hillsides. Closer to home, I love visiting the Maison Talbooth for a Sunday lunch and then going for a stroll through the Dedham countryside.

Kristie - Account Executive


Goodwood: It's very close to where I grew up so I have many fond memories of visiting. The view from the top is exceptional as it looks over the whole of the South Downs..wonderful memories of going back to this special spot and taking the dogs out are what always tempt me back.

Molly - Junior Digital Manager

Is there anywhere prettier than The Cotswolds in autumn?With its quaint villages and rolling hills it's the perfect place to escape to for some peace and quiet and to enjoy picturesque autumnal walks. There are endless green fields for you to roam, and dreamy villages where you can stop for a local tipple next to a crackling fire.

Sarah - Account Manager


One place that’s close to my heart is always Cornwall.. All year round there’s something quite special that to draws you to its coastal bubble.  This time of year is especially tempting; once the summer crowds have filtered out and the crisp autumnal weather crawls in, there’s nothing quite more beautiful than days spent walking vast stretches of sand and discovering the hidden coves, with evenings set up in the dunes warming up by a tin bbq..wherever you find yourself, it’s the perfect UK spot to distract from the everyday hustle and bustle.  I read recently that it’s a scientific fact that you will never regret going for a swim, so if you can brave a brisk dip in the Atlantic, there’s always a cosy pub awaiting on the coastline to nestle in afterward. 

Lydia - Junior Account Manager

I would love to visit Conwy (Conway in English) in Wales.  It’s been named as one on the most beautiful places in Europe, and as someone who is fascinated with old architecture history and what life was like before us, I would love to spend an autumn afternoon walking around the medieval town. Conwy also boasts a beautiful castle (a world heritage site) built byKing Edward I between 1283 and 1289.

Roweena - PA & Team Assistant


TLA Christmas Gift Guide 2020

November 12, 2020

TLA Christmas Gift Guide 2020

The TLA team are looking forward to Christmas more than ever this year, and we don’t think we’re alone. Our Junior Account Manager, Lydia, has already asked if it would be acceptable to eat a mince pie and our Account Executive, Kristie, is already planning to put her Christmas tree up in the middle of November… controversial, we know.

We know people who have their Christmas shopping all wrapped up, those who are nearly done and those who haven’t even started. If you’re the latter, fear not because the TLA team are here to inspire you.

Unique vine adoption concept, Cuvée Privée, have teamed up with Relais & Chateaux property, Les Crayères, to create the ultimate Christmas gift this festive season. I’d love nothing more than to be whisked away to Champagne for the
weekend to visit the Forget-Chemin vineyard, dine at a two-Michelin-starred restaurant and feel the sun on my skin (something that I’ve definitely missed this year!).

Kristie, Account Executive

Even though Christmas might be a little different this year, it won't stop me going gift crazy [within reason £££]! Lille-based accessories label, Le Colonel, are my number one choice for men's accessories. It's a great idea to surprise a guy in your life with a bow tie, tie, braces or cufflinks; something small but impactful that he wouldn't normally buy himself. Their beautiful packaging alone is worth it! I'll be nabbing my partner Josh this silk bow tie – perfect for when we're able to go to events again. One of our longest standing clients is Swedish basics favourite, A Day's March. A winner in the menswear field, they've just launched a womenswear line headed up by the wonderful Behnaz Aram. I'd love to be wearing this checked overshirt in a gorgeous boxy fit by boxing day... hint hint!

Scarlett, Senior Fashion Account Manager

This Christmas, I’ll be sending a selection of Funkin’ pre-mixed cocktails to all my friends. Their Piña Colada and Strawberry Daiquiri cocktails are perfect for those who have really missed travel this year, while their Espresso Martini ‘Bag in a Box’ is great for those who plan to sip Espresso Martini’s all Christmas long.

Molly, Junior Digital Manager

This Christmas, a festive city break and visit to The Royal Crescent Hotel & Spa in Bath would be just the ticket to bring the jolly spirit! For me, I love seeking out the UK’s hidden gems and in Bath there is plenty to be discovered, from the historic cobbled streets and artisan shops, to the cosy pubs and underground wine bars where mulled wine is aplenty! At The Royal Crescent Hotel & Spa, they do everything to deliver a true home from home experience, where every luxury touch creates a special moment. Ok, it’s not quite going to fit under the tree but if this year has taught us anything it is to treasure spending quality time with our loved ones and creating lasting memories”.

Lydia, Junior Account Manager

The rise and rise of slow fashion

November 5, 2020

The rise and rise of slow fashion

2020, the year of Covid. The year of ‘wear masks, save lives'. The year that social and cultural movements, racial injustice and environmental crises were bought to the fore. The year our planet took a break, or according to some more holistic theories, sent a message to the masses to hold back on long haul flights, petrol usage and meat consumption. Never before have we as a race had more time to ponder our ethics, consumer choices, morals and [let’s face it] ignorance than 2020. [Is it Christmas yet?!]

As with many industries, fashion brands have had to reconsider their game plans with heightened speed. Fashion weeks have shifted exponentially; Editors who once flew without a second thought to four cities over one month are - probably to their relief - now confined to watching the catwalk and predicting next season’s trends in 2D

A fantastic result from this - aside from the obvious effects on the environment - is that we’re also being asked to ‘shop small’. At this end of the scale are small brands making waves with an elite, Gen Z following. Swimsuits made out of fishing nets - great! Rucksacks crafted from plastic bottles - Sure! Bamboo undies - Hurrah!.

Team TLA has both seen and posted a plethora of Instagram stories encouraging followers to seek out independent shopping outlets. Influencers such as Aja Barber and Venetia La Manna are calling brands out and holding them accountable at every step of the way [think big, affordable shopping outlets with celeb faces] and people are taking note.

The trouble with this urgent introspection and brand reflection is that for the majority of consumers, shopping small, independent and ethically is not always possible. Understandably, the more locally sourced groceries and clothing brands come with a bigger price tag, and so the pushing of forced examination can sometimes appear insensitive, or at worst, snooty.  

To go back now on the leaps and bounds of 2020 now would be, at best, irresponsible. For many mainstream bigger brands, small changes from the top down have started to trickle through. A middle ground is emerging, and last week’s ban on plastic straws and cotton buds in the UK is testament to that. But for many, is ‘going circular’ or ‘offsetting carbon emissions’ enough? Or simply putting a plaster on the wound?

What do you think; will you be considering altering your fashion choices? Repurposing an old dress into a snazzy scarf? Shopping charity & vintage? Maybe you’re already there. Remember that trying to be too much of a hero can result in anxiety and fatigue, and that even making a small change is still a change.

NB. this piece is a cultural comment and doesn’t reflect the views of an individual at TLA.

In celebration of Black History Month TLA highlights some of our favourite brands.

October 22, 2020

In celebration of Black History Month TLA highlights some of our favourite brands.

In celebration of Black History Month TLA highlights some of our favourite brands and how they are celebrating the Black British community in what has been a historic and troubling year.

2020 has been a decisive year for the Black community and its supports. After protests took place around the world following the murder of George Floyd at the hands of US law enforcement, people and brands alike are looking with fresh eyes at the systemic issue of racial inequality. 

Black History Month UK is an annual event that celebrates the contribution made by the generations of those of African and Caribbean descent living in the UK, who have helped shape Britain's national and cultural life. And, as a month that celebrates Black history, 2020 is certainly one for the history books.  In light of this TLA has pulled together some campaigns from our favourite brands.

Instagram: #ShareBlackStories

Fronted by actor Ashley Walters, Instagram has partnered with some the UK’s most iconic black voices, who have been sharing who has inspired them, shaped the black British experience, or who they feel deserves recognition via IGTV. Other notable people driving the campaign include the author of BRIT(ish), Afua Hirsch comedian Dane Baptiste, the award-winning author, Yomi Adegoke and fashion designer Walé Adeyemi.

Bumble: #MyLoveIsBlackLove

Research done by social app Bumble shows that more than 3 in 4 Black people in the UK (79%) think there is a lack of relatable images and stories about dating as a Black person in the UK. In response, leading black British artists, actors, athletes, entrepreneurs and activists, are working with the dating app brand to better document Black Love and to share what love means to them. #MyLoveIsBlackLove aims to better represent the breadth of Black Love in a real and uniquely British way.

TikTok: #MyRoots

For the month of October, TikTok has unveiled #myroots, an in-app and out-of-home brand campaign that tells the stories of TikTok creators and artists as they celebrate their Afro- Caribbean heritage. The campaign features the likes of singer and songwriter Cat Burns, football freestyler Jeremy Lynch, personality and queer Creator Lily Rose, actor Michael Dapaah and Bedford- based comedian Sherice Banton.

Influencer Marketing, what’s the hype?

September 12, 2020

Influencer Marketing, what’s the hype?

Influencers are no stranger to us common-folk, after every season of Love Island you’ll see the contestants' faces plastered across new clothing and make up lines, or in every club Up North. But what is influencer marketing and how does it work?

The aim of influencer marketing is to identify the influencers in your niche and make them work for you by promoting your brand. A company’s emphasis needs to be on reaching out to the people who can maximise engagement and conversions rather than targeting them as a whole. 67% of marketing professionals say they will increase their budget for influencer marketing next year, so it must be working, right?

Last year, 40% of Twitter uses said they made a purchase because of an influencer promotion they saw on Twitter. So why is it so successful? Influencer marketing creates a sufficient level of trust with the consumer. Think about it, if someone you’ve followed and engaged with for a while produces an honest review about a product you’re thinking of trying, you’ll feel more confident to purchase this after seeing a recommendation.

Influencer marketing is also a fantastic way of creating new content for your brand. Gifting products to your desired influencers leaves them with countless creative opportunities. Therefore, you’ll end up with content that rises above the noise and stands out from the crowd. Everyone’s a winner.

So next time you’re planning a big campaign, why not factor influencers into it. You never know, you may hit those targets faster than you think.

Want to try influencer marketing but you’re not sure how? Luckily for you, it’s something we’re really good at.

Drop us a line at and let’s chat.

The Power of Celebrities & Influencers

September 8, 2020

The Power of Celebrities & Influencers

The Power of Celebrities & Influencers Using Their Platform and Influence For Good

The power of celebrity extends further than just click throughs, shares and likes.2020 has seen the rise of celebrities and mega-influencers taking a stand and using their platforms to highlight social causes and to speak out about injustices. Gone are the days where we as consumers stand by and idolise vacuous celebrities displaying their designer clothes and lavish lifestyles. Whilst here is still a place for this level of consumerism, these days we expect more depth from our celebrities.

From the Me Too Movement through to the more recent Black Lives Matter Movement, it is no longer acceptable for the rich and famous to stand back silently and slightly removed from the issues that affect the everyday lives of their fans. The power of a celebrity taking a knee, raising a fist or calling out organisations for their lack of diversity does more than just shines a light on  a particular cause, it brings solidarity amongst us all. It unites us in a common fight, showing that we can all lend our voice against injustices no matter our race, creed or economic status.

Therefore it is to be commended when celebrities such as Marcus Rashford, Mathieu Flamini, Colin Kaepernick, John Boyega, Blake Lively and Leonardo DiCaprio use their vast platforms to highlight and routinely stand for and against something. It is a year of change and the time has come for everyone to play their part, big or small, in reshaping the future by making positive and impactful changes for the betterment of the next generation.

The rise of the staycation

August 20, 2020

The rise of the staycation

Spain? South of France? Santorini? Forget them all. This year, it’s all about the UK staycation.

Back in June when Boris Johnson gave the green light for domestic travel in England, a staycation was booked every eleven seconds, which really comes as no surprise when 73% of people didn’t take a single day’s annual leave back in April. Couples and families alike were more than ready to fill their car boot to the brim and flee their home.

With various travel restrictions still in place and drastic measurements being taken by governments around the world, travel within the UK is only becoming more and more appealing. With recent quarantine measures announced for those travelling to and from Spain or France, the Google search for ‘UK staycation’ has doubled in the last month (from July 5 th to August 2 nd ).

The global pandemic has completely transformed the way that we travel, and the way in which we want to travel. Passenger demand in April 2020 was down 94.3% compared to April 2019 (IATA) and while this is sure to be on the rise as we begin to come out the other side, we’re still certainly nowhere near back to normal.

The Google search for ‘UK staycation’ more than doubled between June and July and then doubled again between July and August and so the desire for a UK staycation is at an all-time high. Just to put it into perspective; when compared with the same period of time last year, the Google search for ‘UK staycation’ in August 2020 is a whopping 90% higher.

What does this mean for the UK? Well, £49 billion was spent abroad by tourists from the UK in 2019 and so it’s a sure sign that a vast amount of money will be spent on domestic tourism within the UK this year and potentially the next few years, too… great news for the UK hospitality industry.

The UK staycation is certainly on the rise and looks as though it’s here to stay. So, where to?

The future of skiing in a post pandemic world

August 12, 2020

The future of skiing in a post pandemic world

It’s nearing that time again where in any typical year, avid skiers and riders would start dreaming toward new winter destinations and planning their next trip to the slopes, whether it be to one of Europe’s hotspots or further afield to a secret hideaway where guaranteed powder and fresh tracks await.  

In the rapidly changing environment of lockdown lifting, a setback to 2020’s season means that snow might not be the biggest source of uncertainty for skiers and operators, but more the status of the pandemic – can regulars forecast for a jam-packed winter making up for lost time, or perhaps rather a scene of sparce slopes and non-existent queues?

However, in the weeks of lockdown and the constant google searching, it’s clear that demand and eagerness to escape to the mountains still remains amongst holidaymakers with some major ski operators seeing a 125% increase in ski bookings, particularly across Italy, France and Austria, with a prominent interest taking to the half board trips.

While many will be itching to get out to the mountains for sporting pursuits, others maybe apprehensive of what winter’s social scene will look like and what sort of activities will be available..will socially distanced après be the new thing?  

Planning ahead with the current restrictions in place can be incredibly unpredictable and dependent on how the next few months follow; the possibility of isolation periods post-holiday may be the make or break for some.  Not forgetting there are of course a few tempting expenses that come with booking a ski trip and while this may have left tourists questioning their travel priorities, avast amount of resort operators, airlines and hotel & chalet companies have reacted positively to motivate their customers to commit, whether it’s sharply discounted experiences and accommodations, low deposits, valued early flight bookings, transfer deals, 2-for-1 pass products and free ski extras, to name a few.

In this moment, winter 2020-21 will undoubtedly be a different scene to what we’re accustomed to, and with a growing number of health & safety measures being introduced, ski resorts will be needing to operate at a significantly reduced capacity to manage the new ‘norm’.  However, as travel gently starts to resume, many are hopeful that fast forward four months’ time, countries and resorts will have had more time to adapt and ease restrictions to invite tourists back in time for the snowfall.

Taking skiing as a social distanced friendly sport that inherently involves face covering, we hope that come the season and after a year of adjusting, we’ll feel just about safe and ready to say hello to fresh tracks, thermals and Glühwein!

TLA signs LMS Health

June 1, 2020

TLA signs LMS Health

As we are faced with difficult times, we understand the need to focus on personal health, immunity and wellness. As such, we are thrilled to have been appointed by LMS Health to launch and support the latest addition to the LMS Family. We will handle all digital PR which is so crucial at this time, as well as social media for the exclusive health optimisation service moving forwards.

LMS Wellness and LMS Health is the world’s first integrated medicine and biohacking centre, which combines holistic practices with scientific data-driven medicine. Co-Founder and CEO of LMS Health, Dr M Enayat, says;

'We are at a pivotal moment in history where we are faced with a decision on what we do next. I am excited to launch LMS Health and be able to share not only my knowledge and expertise, but also that of my teams, especially as so many of us are facing the repercussions of COVID-19. We are looking forward to working with TLA to help get the important messages out to the public and raise awareness around the ways we can help prevent another peak.'

Self-Taught Canadian Artist TRATE Hosts Virtual 3D Art Exhibition

June 1, 2020

Self-Taught Canadian Artist TRATE Hosts Virtual 3D Art Exhibition

In the midst of social distancing and the search for ways to keep creative and cultured from home, self-taught Canadian artist TRATE will be hosting a virtual and immersive art exhibition for all enthusiasts to enjoy from the comfort of self-isolation.

From the 9th April, TRATE will be exhibiting the launch of his third series, ‘Technicolour Malaise’ – a collection of bold, figurative, oil-on-canvas paintings. Art lovers will be able to navigate their way around each painting, as they explore through the collection of 3D interactive images, as well as enjoy a personal tour with the artist himself.

Infatuated with how people's experiences are etched onto their skin, TRATE has developed a unique artistic ability to reimagine the human form and expose inner thoughts and emotions on canvas. The pieces showcase his haunting aesthetic and embody his ability to capture human sensibilities in a deceptively simple form.

TRATE will be exhibiting the third evocative series of his works ‘Technicolour Malaise’ virtually on

The newest luxury establishment to be introduced to London’s culinary scene

June 1, 2020

The newest luxury establishment to be introduced to London’s culinary scene

The Lifestyle Agency are excited to announce that one of the world’s finest Italian restaurants, Giannino Dal 1899 is openings its doors for the first time in London’s Mayfair.

Globally renowned for serving the very best Italian dishes inspired by traditional Italian home-cooking, the restaurant first opened its doors in Milan 120 years ago.

Located on 10 Blenheim Street, Giannino Dal 1899 London will bring the traditional Italian kitchen to the tables of Mayfair with an à la carte menu featuring authentic dishes with a modern twist.

The newest luxury establishment to be introduced to London’s culinary scene is certainly going to be one of the must visit restaurants of 2020.

Engine Room in Marylebone

June 1, 2020

Engine Room in Marylebone

January always involves compiling a whole list of new year’s resolutions, and one of the most common goals is to exercise more. If you are looking for new and interesting ways to get fit and stay fit this year, then why not consider rowing.

The rowing machine may seem like a daunting piece of gym equipment, but Engine Room classes prove there is no need to avoid rowing – it is fast becoming the hottest workout of the year! Rowing uses over 80% of your muscles making it an incredibly effective way of exercising, and thanks to The Engine Room, it doesn’t have to be monotonous.

Set in a stunning Grade-II listed converted church, the Engine Room in Marylebone is the UK’s first fully integrated boutique rowing and personal training studio. This revolutionary studio boasts state of the art facilities, hi-tech equipment and stunning interiors designed by Bergman Interiors – an award-winning brand renowned for shaping the world’s finest gyms.

Get motivated in a range of fun competitive group classes and you’ll never see rowing in the same light again!

Choose ROW 101 to learn the fundamentals of rowing, opt for BEATS for a teamwork driven class or challenge yourself to BREATHE and really perfect your technique. The Engine Room app built by Technogym ensures you stay motivated as you track your results and push yourself to the next level.

Step up your workout routine with rowing and try out the classes at this state of the art boutique studio. Feeling motivated yet!?

Luciano Pavarotti Life in Art

June 1, 2020

Luciano Pavarotti Life in Art

Decca Luxe, a division of Decca Records, reinvents music as a form of art creating timeless musical objects dedicated to iconic artists – a first within the music industry.

Luciano Pavarotti Life in Art is the first Masterpiece of the series. Decca Luxe has teamed up with British Bespoke Furniture Designers Linley and Nicoletta, the wife of the late Pavarotti, to create a beautiful marquetry art case. The art case is handcrafted by Linley and inspired by the tenor’s colourful oil paintings to signify his passion for painting.

Inside the art case, you will find rare never-before-seen prints of Pavarotti’s own works of art, as well as manuscript paper, brushes and oil paints all carefully selected to match the tenor’s palette. A personal letter from Nicoletta herself is also included!

Incorporated into the box is a specially-built music player containing Pavarotti’s entire recordings with Decca, totalling 130 hours. Let the outstanding technology transport you, with a sound sixty-four times superior to a CD you will feel as though you as though you are hearing Pavarotti’s voice first hand.

10 cases have been commissioned and are available worldwide. The cost of the painting box is £84,000 inclusive of VAT and delivery, part of the profits go to the Pavarotti foundation.undefined.

Discover London's New Izakaya at Hakata Ramen + Bar

June 1, 2020

Discover London's New Izakaya at Hakata Ramen + Bar

The Lifestyle Agency are delighted to announce the addition of HAKATA Ramen + Bar to their portfolio of clientele.

Situated in the heart of London Bridge on Bermondsey Street, HAKATA Ramen + Bar provides the ultimate destination for those seeking an authentic Japanese experience.

Championing exceptional cuisine with their delicious Ramen and serving superb cocktails with a Japanese twist to accompany their authentic fukusai; HAKATA Ramen + Bar sets the standard in SE1.

HAKATA’s basement bar celebrates the Izakaya concept that is so popular throughout Japan.

The cocktail repertoire created by Bar Manager, Ginger Zerbetto, takes guests from a smoky TOKYO Negroni to a refreshing YUZU Mojito which combines Yuzu Saké, White Rum, fresh lime, brown sugar and fresh mint.

The Izakaya menu includes fukusai dishes such as prawn gyozas, soy garlic tebasaki and succulent pork ribs; while the upstairs restaurant serves popular signature Ramen dishes such as the Kumamoto Ramen: a twelve-hour pork bone broth served with slices of chashu pork, menma, spring onion, yakinori, wood ear mushrooms, beansprouts, a soy-stained soft-boiled egg, burnt garlic oil and garlic chips.

Jöttnar launches new ski collection

June 1, 2020

Jöttnar launches new ski collection

Jöttnar is not your typical outdoor clothing company. With no room for compromise, they deliver an unrivalled quality of technical outdoor clothing designed specifically for those striving to push the limits and reach the most extreme high-alpine demands.

The concept behind Jöttnar was born during Arctic Circle training by two former Royal Marine commandos, Tommy Kelly and Steve Howarth. Kelly and Howarth are both keen skiers and mountaineers with a wealth of first-hand experience operating in harsh and inhospitable conditions.

Drawing on the experience of its two founders, Jöttnar develops innovative protective wear using only the finest materials and construction methods. If Kelly and Howarth’s credentials aren’t enough, all of the clothing is tried and tested on Jöttnar’s Pro-Team. The Pro-Team is a tribe of climbers, alpinists, skiers, speedflyers, BASE jumpers, wingsuit flyers and survival specialists who all play a part in testing and developing Jöttnar’s range of activewear.

Jöttnar’s top three must-haves for serious skiers this season!

Ragnarök – This jacket is designed for those adventurers taking on big mountain descents. It offers 900 Fill Power hydrophobic goose down insulation wrapped inside a waterproof, breathable shell and further zoned with HERMOLITE® synthetic insulation in potential wet-out areas. A jacket unbeatable in keeping you warm and dry in harsh weather.

Odin – New for 2018/19, this hardshell mountain jacket is built from new Jöttnar SKJOLDR™ windproof, waterproof, breathable fabric. Serving as a final protective outer layer for skiing and mountaineering, this jacket is designed to protect you from the harshest of winter conditions while its’ versatility lends itself to year- round use.

Heimdall - A winter weight, jersey-style Merino wool base layer designed to keep you dry, warm and comfortable when faced with tough winter conditions. To be worn under a light mid layer/hardshell combination or under an insulated shell, Heimdall is particularly suited to inbounds skiing and lift-served and heli-served off-piste.

Conquer giants with Jöttnar, the elite of outdoor clothing. Unrivalled in quality and the best protection against treacherous conditions.

Our post-COVID19 Dream Destinations

June 1, 2020

Our post-COVID19 Dream Destinations

With the return of travel being something that is being spoken about again, Team TLA are dreaming about what destination they’ll be visiting first and what bucket-list adventure they hope to tick off their list in 2021...


“My trip after all of this will be a bucket-list one! I’m a water baby and need to be by (and in) the sea as much as possible. So, why do I live in London you ask? I ask myself the same question every day…


At the top of my list right now, is the Philippines, of course, with a convenient stop-over halfway in Dubai to see my family. The free-diving opportunities, natural wonders and the beautiful culture of the country is what is getting me through this travel dry spell.

I would spend more time on the lesser known islands, exploring, getting to know the locals (and I’m not just talking about the humans!) and just seeing where the ocean takes me. I love learning new languages and all about new cultures, so I spend more time (trying to) speak to the locals than other visitors in order to find the road less travelled and the hidden gems that you just can’t find online.


I was pretty late to the rise in solo travel and never had a year out to explore the world but I have spent some time in Greece, Spain and Portugal over the last two years –totally on a whim and by myself – and honestly, they were probably the best experiences of my life. The freedom, the self-discovery and the lessons I learned go further than just a typical travel story. They were truly life lessons. Not forgetting my love for content creation and sharing experiences, so watch this space for a post-Philippines vlog!”


C.Khyara Ranaweera, Digital Director



“Despite having travelled to far-flung destinations across the world – a few favourites being Cape Town, Thailand, and Arizona – I have never visited Paris and yet it has been on my bucket-list for as long as I can remember. ‘But you can visit Paris for the day?!’ people often say to me in shock. I know, I know. I just never seem to get there! In April, I was due to finally tick Paris off my bucket-list and stay at none-other than theShangri-La. The minute that it is safe to do so, I’ll be rescheduling my trip to Paris so that I can eat croissants outside quaint French cafés and sip onChampagne beneath the Eiffel Tower.


In 2021, I hope to visit Australia. I visited two or three times as a child but we only ever travelled to the same destination and I didn’t have the opportunity to explore it in the way that I would now. I plan to hire a 4x4, travel along the East Coast and hopefully get lost many times along the way!”


Kristie Smith, Account Executive


“Every few days me, my husband and brother-in-law (I live with them both!)play with the idea of going to the Isle of Wight to see their family… could we get there? Are the boats running? Imagine the beaches and paddle boarding in the sea... Then our consciences get the better of us and we stay at home in our living room. As soon as we can, and if we’re still advised to work from home,I’m heading there with a laptop to set up in a different space for a week. Fresh air, independent cafés, hints of a town that hasn’t moved on since the 30’s.I love it. 


Bucket-list destinations to potentially travel to in 2021: a yoga retreat that I’ve got booked in Turkey this September that I hope can still go ahead and possibly Florida to see our friends who live near the big theme parks!”


ScarlettWoodford, Senior Fashion Account Manager


“I would love to cruise down to Cornwall when this is all over and setup camp for a couple nights on the South West coast… spend the day’s cliff jumping into little hidden coves, eating great food at my favourite pub and evenings spent my favourite way – beach bonfires and sunsets!


For 2021 – the mountains will always be my happy place and so I’d like to venture back out to California and visit some of the National Parks – JoshuaTree and Yosemite in particular. I’d go rock climbing, hike along the giant boulders, walk through cacti gardens and dip into the stunning lakes…just a kick-back trip to be in nature, relax and see some of the world’s most beautiful and unique backdrops.”


Lydia Cleere, Junior Account Manager

Photographer Philip Volkers celebration of Burning Man

May 12, 2020

Photographer Philip Volkers celebration of Burning Man

Philip Volkers, one of the UK’s most celebrated photographers and official photographer for Burning Man, has spent 10 years capturing the raw magic and allure of the festival. ‘Dust to Dawn’ is his new art book, fully sanctioned by Burning Man, showcasing a truly captivating collection of images.

Festival goers join in the effort to co-create Black Rock City, a temporary metropolis featuring modern and high-tech art installations sat amongst the salt flat landscapes of the desert. The people that visit the festival are in themselves extraordinary, and fully indulge in the freedom that Burning Man offers. The community of the festival is very important and is a key theme in Philip Volkers book.

Located in the Desert of Nevada, Burning Man is not a friendly environment for photographers. The images collated in this book are not only a fascinating celebration of the festival, the art and the people, but also an accomplished photographic adventure.

To coincide with the launch of the book, there will be an exhibition of carefully selected pieces at the Bermondsey Project Space, 11th - 15th September, before touring to the Lucy Bell Gallery in St Leonard’s.

Philip Volkers admits he has ‘always had a fascination with human gatherings’ and Burning Man is one like no other. ‘Dust to Dawn’ challenges the common misconceptions of the festival and instead encapsulates the magic and meaning behind it, more than words ever could.

Digital Download : TikTok and the luxury market

May 12, 2020

Digital Download : TikTok and the luxury market

Now you might be thinking TikTok? The platform that the kids are all using? Surely you can’t be serious? But we are. With the platform breaking records, it’s hard to ignore; could TikTok be the nextInstagram?

Any successful marketer knows that to be successful and remain current one needs to be agile and stay ahead of the curve, and that includes your marketing channels, so the following stats are pretty hard to ignore

·      500 Million active users globally
·      Average Of 60 minutes per day usage
·      1.5 billion downloads (and growing)
·      41% Of UsersBetween Ages 16-24
·      More Than 1 BillionVideo Views Per Day

But what do these numbers mean? Ultimately, it means that you can reach a new level of engagement and an entirely new audience for your brand at minimal cost. So here we go, here are my top 5 reasons why your luxury brand should be on TikTok.

The UK’S first purpose-built detox & wellness retreat

May 12, 2020

The UK’S first purpose-built detox & wellness retreat

The Lifestyle Agency is delighted to announce the arrival of Glass House Retreat, the UK’s first purpose-built spa, detox and weight loss retreat set in the heart of the Essex countryside, less than an hour from Central London.

A visionary project created by the Jarvis Development Group, Glass House Retreat offers a unique programme of wellness, fitness and nutrition led by their team of expert therapists, instructors, and nutritionists.

With a twelve-metre indoor heated swimming pool, a Himalayan salt block sauna, a state-of-the-art cryotherapy chamber and an extensive list of specialist spa treatments in partnership with Elemis; Glass House Retreat is set to be the go-to destination for those seeking the ultimate wellness experience or for those who are simply looking to invest in a little rest and relaxation.

Championing raw plant-based cuisine and crafting it into culinary creations to ensure that guests enjoy every element of their experience, Glass House Retreat offers the ultimate when it comes to nutritional diet. A cookery school led by Head Chef Miguel Gouveia is also available for guests to learn the art of nutrition and make delicious meals to ensure that they can continue their wellness journey back at home.

Whether guests visit Glass House Retreat for a spa day or a two to seven-night retreat; guests will leave feeling refreshed and revitalised.

Mahiki Kensington is taking over the Royal Borough!

May 12, 2020

Mahiki Kensington is taking over the Royal Borough!

Launching in September 2017, Mahiki are opening their second London venue in the heart of Kensington, appointing The Lifestyle Agency to handle their PR.

The co-founders of Albert’s private member’s club; Jake Parkinson Smith, Fraser Carruthers and Carlo Carello, have joined forces as Joint Venture Partners, with Piers Adam and David Phelps to bring the world renowned Mahiki experience to the heart of the Royal Borough in September 2017

Putting their own spin on Mahiki, Carlo, Jake and Fraser have introduced Pufferfish to the Kensington location. Taking inspiration from its namesake, Pufferfish will offer an enticing menu of exotic delicacies and theatrical touches including sushi hand seared tableside with a blowtorch. A Raw Bar and classic Mahiki touches will ensure Pufferfish transports diners to a Polynesian Paradise.  A night-time hot spot opens until 3am and serving lunch from Tuesdays to Sundays.

Brunch parties on Saturdays and Sundays with a focus on never ending Mimosa’s and bottomless Bloody Marys make Mahiki the ultimate weekend destination.

The spirit of Mahiki will be encapsulated in the Kensington venue. A celebration of traditional Polynesian style evoked by hand carved statues and authentic materials. The unique and iconic setting with an emphasis on creative detail ensures an unforgettable experience.

Piers Adam, Founder of Mahiki, comments:

Mahiki are so excited to be opening its second London site. After 10 years, Mahiki is now an institution and an authority on award-winning cocktails. reputation for fun, but it will also be introducing a world class head chef specialising in Asian cuisine

This September visit Mahiki K|ensignton, the ultimate party destination for a night out that is set to be unique in every respect.

The Lifestyle Agency Christmas Wishlist

December 5, 2019

The Lifestyle Agency Christmas Wishlist

As December approaches, here at The Lifestyle Agency we are certainly feeling festive.

The Christmas tunes are playing, chocolate is being consumed pre-10am and talk has turned to what we’d like to see under the Christmas tree along with what we buying for our loved ones.

We’ve put together our ultimate Christmas gift list to inspire you. The Christmas countdown is officially on! Happy shopping

“Nothing says Christmas like a snowy expanse dotted with trees whose branches hang low with crisp white snow. This Christmas, I would give my fiancé an Epic Pass from Vail Resorts and we would head for Whistler Blackcomb and spend the day on their tree lined slopes before heading back to the Four Season’s Whistler for a hot chocolate in front of a roaring fire!”

Louise, Director of Travel and Lifestyle

“This Christmas, I’d love to gift my dad a signature piece from Jöttnar’s new winter collection, making sure he’s kept toasty this season whether he’s skiing in the French Alps or hiking across the Scottish Highlands.The Tor hooded down jacket, crafted from high DownTek technology fabric and 850 Fill Power grey goose down, provides the ultimate staple layer to see in the colder months of 2020 – priced at £275 and available in 3 colours.”

Lydia, Senior Account Executive  

"I've had my eye on the Cody & Co Sorby Trainers for my boyfriend ever since they launched last month. These will be so easy to style and are super comfortable. For myself, I'd love to be gifted an experience... a weekend trip to The Royal Crescent Hotel & Spa is at the top of my wish list!"

Lexie, Fashion Account Manager

"I always like to gift an experience that will make memories to last a lifetime. This year, I’ll be gifting my family the ultimate Borrow A Boat Experience – whether it be two nights staying up late sitting by the fire on a luxurious house boat on London’s River Thames or a week-long luxury yacht charter in the Caribbean. With hundreds of experiences to choose from; I’ll be spoilt for choice!"

Kristie, Junior Account Executive

For further information on any of the gifts mentioned please contact

How Brands Are Celebrating International Women’s Day 2021

How Brands Are Celebrating International Women’s Day 2021

The team at TLA take a look at how some of our favourite brands and organisations are celebrating International Women’s Day and pushing for gender equality in society


The Northface launches its second IWD range as part of a global campaign. An ode to women “Never Stop” has been released alongside a campaign film narrated by global brand ambassador Jess Glyne. Aimed at pushing boundaries and celebrating trailblazing women, the campaign raises the voices of iconic women who motivate, inspire and engage their communities. The video includes women such as champion runner and human rights lawyer Stephanie Case, climber Ashima Shiraishi and activist Miramar Muhd.

Action Aid

The International charity Action Aid is calling for a change in the focus of their ‘She Is The Answer’ campaign, targeted at helping women and girls on the climate change frontline. As well as highlighting the disproportionate impact women and girls suffer during a climate emergency and natural disasters, the initiative aims to empower the female voice in the fight in the fight against climate change.


Casetify has teamed up with Equality Now for the launch of their ‘Her Impact Matters’ collection featuring new designs from an all female artist group. Donations from the sale of their cases will be donated to the charity to aid the fight  to create a world where women and men have equal rights under the law.


Jewellery brand Missoma has partnered with The Prince’s Trust to support their #ChangeAGirlsLife campaign by creating a bespoke selection of pendants in honour of International Women’s Day. The organization seeks to nurture, empower and inspire young women to build their own futures through employment, self-employment, education, or training. 


Stationery company Papier, known for its colourful diaries and notebooks, has teamed up with model and mental-health activist Adwoa Aboah for a limited-edition collection. All profits will be donated by Papier to Gurls Talk, a community-led organisation founded by Aboah that works to improve the mental health and wellbeing of adolescents who identify as girls and women. The organisation aims to create safe spaces online and offline for its community to access mental-health resources and share their experiences in a bid to ensure they never feel alone or unsupported.