Travel to slow fashion paradise, with Le Colonel

Epic brand alert: this week we spotlight Le Colonel, our French accessories client doing fabulously sustainable things from their atelier in Lille.

Introducing This Is How We Do, the new up-cycling service from this family run business that invites consumers to send in pre-loved garments to be given a new lease of life. Most of us have that one gorgeous dress that’s been hanging in the wardrobe for years that we tell ourselves we’ll wear but never do, so why not put it to good use and have it turned into a selection of scrunchies, sleep eye masks and protective face coverings?

The service offers two options. Consumers can ‘Give a new life’ by sending their favourite pre- loved item to the workshop for a makeover. Le Colonel’s team of couturiers will get to work producing a range of made to measure accessories in the original garment's wake that could include ties, pocket squares and hair accessories. This way, the owner gets to keep their favourite logo, fabric or motif in an entirely new guise. Alternatively, if you’re stuck with a beautiful old garment and think your only option is to bin it, Le Colonel asks that you simply donate the piece to the TIHWD service free of charge, to find a new home. They’ll give you a cheeky credit for doing so, too.

Either way, Le Colonel put the cherry on the cake by donating a percentage of the profits from TIHWD to The Good Planet Foundation , a company which aims to make ecology and humanism a central issue, encouraging people to take concrete action for the environment.

Le Colonel are striving for an entirely circular experience, reducing their fashion footprint, committing to sustainable sourcing and supporting small business. What’s not to love? Find out more about the service here.

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