TLA's Top Influencer Marketing Campaigns for 2020

Influencer Marketing: you’ve heard us bang on about why it’s so important for your brand, but how to spot a really good example of it? That’s something that’s not as easy. Keep reading to see our four favourite influencer campaigns of 2020 (and one from the past, but it’s worth it) that will hopefully inspire you for the upcoming year.  

1. Puma’s 160over90

This campaign tapped into creators by forming Under the Radar FC – a YouTube football team featuring gaming influencer Manny and fellow YouTubers, powered by PUMA. Using Manny’s platforms to deliver a calendar of bespoke content, audiences were taken behind the scenes of the nation’s favourite sport. As a result, the team delivered over 11 million views across platforms and over 500 thousand engagements.

2. BMW #The1Challenge

BMW braved it and dived headfirst into their debut TikTok campaign. Teaming up with prominent influencers such as Falco Punch, Sky & Tami and PatroX to perform dancers specifically created for the campaign. Falco’s video has accumulated 243,000 likes and the hashtag itself has collected over six million views. 

3. Lil Miquela 

Who said your favourite influencer had to be human? In 2018, Prada made a bold move help promote their spring/summer collection with the help of virtual influencer, Lil Miquela. The on-screen celeb released multiple pieces of content to help showcase the clothes and help Prada’s brand visibility. With VR very prominently on the horizon, could this be the future of influencer marketing?

4. Buttermilk for Dior 

To champion diversity and to celebrate the launch of Dior’s Forever Foundation, Dior teamed up with 67 micro-influencers to represent 67 skin shades available over 67 days - pretty genius, right? The 290 pieces of content produced achieved 1.85 million impressions and 591 thousand engagements for what was Dior’s most inclusive campaign to date.

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