The Power of Celebrities & Influencers

The Power of Celebrities & Influencers Using Their Platform and Influence For Good

The power of celebrity extends further than just click throughs, shares and likes.2020 has seen the rise of celebrities and mega-influencers taking a stand and using their platforms to highlight social causes and to speak out about injustices. Gone are the days where we as consumers stand by and idolise vacuous celebrities displaying their designer clothes and lavish lifestyles. Whilst here is still a place for this level of consumerism, these days we expect more depth from our celebrities.

From the Me Too Movement through to the more recent Black Lives Matter Movement, it is no longer acceptable for the rich and famous to stand back silently and slightly removed from the issues that affect the everyday lives of their fans. The power of a celebrity taking a knee, raising a fist or calling out organisations for their lack of diversity does more than just shines a light on  a particular cause, it brings solidarity amongst us all. It unites us in a common fight, showing that we can all lend our voice against injustices no matter our race, creed or economic status.

Therefore it is to be commended when celebrities such as Marcus Rashford, Mathieu Flamini, Colin Kaepernick, John Boyega, Blake Lively and Leonardo DiCaprio use their vast platforms to highlight and routinely stand for and against something. It is a year of change and the time has come for everyone to play their part, big or small, in reshaping the future by making positive and impactful changes for the betterment of the next generation.

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