No Travel? No Problem!

Here at TLA, we’re mad about travel. Indeed, it’s where we have our roots and continue to flourish. Ski chalets, luxury hotels, top notch spas and outerwear brands… You name it, we’ve worked on it. Sigh - most of all we miss being able to travel and see these places at the drop of a hat. For now needs must, but Covid-19 won’t stop us creating epic campaigns for our further flung clients.

According to travel body, VisitBritain, the prediction for inbound tourism in 2021 is for 16.9 million visits, up 73% on 2020 but only 41% of the 2019 level…So a long way to go before things start to level back out to what we knew previously as ‘normal’.

But there is some positivity, too! As we look ahead to 2021 and as the world shifts in front of our very eyes, we’ve considered three of the trends that might be on the [metaphorical] horizon, and mean you can still get that travel fix…

A whole new meaning to the word ‘office’

Why not swap your four blank walls for the beach? We’ve seen a shift towards remote working that will mean a bit more of an ‘out of office but working from anywhere’ vibe. Perhaps you and your colleagues will form an exotic office gang? Far less naughty than it sounds, we’re referring to the hiring of an island or space for your team to work remotely. In response to the pandemic, airlines are also offering more flexibility to change hotel & flight bookings at no extra cost…

Local & lovely

Not being able to fly has its perks. If you’re anything like us then lockdown has prompted a curiosity in not just our local areas, but the more remote & rural parts of the country. It might not be for everyone, but breaks in which you can take in the deep sea air, shower, eat, trek and star gaze from the comfort of your camper van are on the rise. Check out our wonderful client and iconic landmark, The Royal Crescent Hotel & Spa in Bath, for inspiration here in the UK.

Every day I’m bubbling

Keep your bubbles close. Big parties of people - friends, extended families, that old school friend you once spoke to on Facebook - will be seeking private getaways. You’ll have options both locally and further afield for this, but perhaps the most sensible and hassle free would be a countryside getaway. Air bnb’s are seriously upping their game in preparation for this - games rooms, cinema lounges, gorgeous views - you name it.

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