Meet the team: Scarlett

My name is Scarlett, I'm a yoga teacher and freelance Fashion PR based in London. I’ve been with the wonderful TLA for around three years, working on a number of fab clients across the board. I’ve worked in PR for over a decade - giant agencies, smaller agencies, in-house… But the team at TLA are unbeatable. Also, they’re one of the only agencies to kindly allow me flexible hours. Don’t get me wrong, I get sh*t done, but my yoga teaching & spare time is super important to me.

I’m also filling my life with other studies and practises. At the risk of sounding like Orlando Bloom, I do a 30 minute daily meditation & self healing - a practise I picked up whilst training to be a Reiki Healer. Reiki is a super powerful non-manipulative treatment used to transfer energy with the hands - and has been known to heal mentally, physically and emotionally. I’m also halfway through a course studying to be an Ayurvedic Diet and Lifestyle Consultant. Ayurveda is an ancient Eastern healthcare system that has been used to treat illnesses for centuries. It blends the worlds of science and spirituality - something I try to reconcile on a daily basis!

I adore food and am plant based - this topic definitely divides but is super important to me - and I dip in and out of astrology & the zodiac. I’m always the first to tell the TLA girls when the moon is working its magic! Last but not least, I love movement, and learning how we can move more intelligently. Did you know the way we breathe and walk impacts our entire system? There are so many issues we’re only just researching and learning more about - old exercise routines and diet culture are so outdated…

Thanks for reading!

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