Jöttnar launches new ski collection

British mountain clothing brand Jöttnar launches new ski collection

Jöttnar is not your typical outdoor clothing company. With no room for compromise, they deliver an unrivalled quality of technical outdoor clothing designed specifically for those striving to push the limits and reach the most extreme high-alpine demands.

The concept behind Jöttnar was born during Arctic Circle training by two former Royal Marine commandos, Tommy Kelly and Steve Howarth. Kelly and Howarth are both keen skiers and mountaineers with a wealth of first-hand experience operating in harsh and inhospitable conditions.

Drawing on the experience of its two founders, Jöttnar develops innovative protective wear using only the finest materials and construction methods. If Kelly and Howarth’s credentials aren’t enough, all of the clothing is tried and tested on Jöttnar’s Pro-Team. The Pro-Team is a tribe of climbers, alpinists, skiers, speedflyers, BASE jumpers, wingsuit flyers and survival specialists who all play a part in testing and developing Jöttnar’s range of activewear.

Jöttnar’s top three must-haves for serious skiers this season!

Ragnarök – This jacket is designed for those adventurers taking on big mountain descents. It offers 900 Fill Power hydrophobic goose down insulation wrapped inside a waterproof, breathable shell and further zoned with HERMOLITE® synthetic insulation in potential wet-out areas. A jacket unbeatable in keeping you warm and dry in harsh weather.

Odin – New for 2018/19, this hardshell mountain jacket is built from new Jöttnar SKJOLDR™ windproof, waterproof, breathable fabric. Serving as a final protective outer layer for skiing and mountaineering, this jacket is designed to protect you from the harshest of winter conditions while its’ versatility lends itself to year- round use.

Heimdall - A winter weight, jersey-style Merino wool base layer designed to keep you dry, warm and comfortable when faced with tough winter conditions. To be worn under a light mid layer/hardshell combination or under an insulated shell, Heimdall is particularly suited to inbounds skiing and lift-served and heli-served off-piste.

Conquer giants with Jöttnar, the elite of outdoor clothing. Unrivalled in quality and the best protection against treacherous conditions.

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