Introducing: The Body Lab

We love a bit of innovation here at TLA. We also love geeking out on technological advancements and movements within the wellness world - which is why we work with some of the biggest movers and shakers in the industry.

There are a lot of new science-meets-wellness trends to get your head around, from Saisei therapy, new meditation float tanks, Sacred Warrior massages, and the Parenie [being exposed to super hot temperatures whilst being hit with leaves]. Yes, really. We want to try them all!

But right now the new kid on the block that’s stopping us in our tracks is The Body Lab, launching this month on Kensington High Street, London. Never seen before science-backed treatments are offered at this wellness facility [please - it’s not a gym, it’s not a spa, it’s not a retreat], which is set to benchmark standards and technologies used by accomplished, peak performance professionals.

Encouraging guests to be the best version of themselves physically, mentally and emotionally, members are guided by their personal trainer to fully access these advancements in science, wellness and recovery to the next generation of technologies as part of their bespoke sessions. State-of-the-art treatments and therapies are designed to optimise recovery, reduce inflammation and stimulate collagen production, amongst many other benefits. The brand’s vision is to offer the most comprehensive and holistic journey to optimal health currently available on the market.

Why not try the Hyperbaric Hydroxy Airpod, an experience that works by speeding up the body’s own healing process by increased oxygen absorption. Or you could opt to enter the Cryotherapy Dual Chamber - the coldest cryotherapy in Europe proven to decrease inflammation and oxidative stress. Alongside that, clients can get pioneering personal training, unrivalled nutrition plans and advice from recovery specialists, and there’s a supplement and wellness lounge offering bespoke protein shakes. We will take one of those and an oat milk latte, please…

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