Five of TLA’s top Marketing Trends for 2021

A Social Shopping Mall

Let’s start with the obvious: it wouldn’t be marketing without sales as the end game. 2021 will see an influx of brands using their social media platforms for this very purpose; with more ‘shoppable’ Instagram pages & posts - great for brands that are unable to build an e-commerce platform, and super-fast for consumers.

Increased, Useful Communication

Don’t you hate it when you speak to a machine or get a generic Instagram response? Or worse still, no response at all? This year will see brands increase not only their responsiveness to inquiries but also their conversational capabilities, making consumer interaction as educational, convenient and helpful as possible.

Virtual Events

Visa issues and Covid restrictions - be gone! What started as a temporary marketing tactic and solution may overtake as the world shifts its patterns of behaviour. Online soirées we witnessed in the height of lockdown from drinks brands, fashion labels and the like are very much here to stay.

Video: The Chosen Format

Are our attention spans getting shorter, or is there just more to see? Almost every platform, from Facebook to Instagram, TikTok to Twitter, and LinkedIn to YouTube [no wait, they were already doing this!] will increase their video content, ability and overall wow factor. PS. AR & Gaming platforms will also play a big role too.

Live & Authentic

In an age of pandemics, ‘woke’ beliefs and fake news, the consumer wants to see their favourite brands live, and identify with them with 100% assurance. With buyers becoming more aware and informed than ever, brands should strive to go live as much as possible in order to interact and show their human side.

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