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Founded over a decade ago in the vibrant neighbourhood of London SE1, The Lifestyle Agency has today evolved into a leading PR and marketing agency for health and wellness brands. Whether positioning a new brand or enhancing an existing one, achieving outstanding results is what drives us.

Our expert team of communication and marketing specialists understand what it takes for a health and wellness brand to succeed in an ever evolving and increasingly saturated market. With access to a vast network of industry contacts, from influential journalists to global brands and significant individuals, we leverage our connections to elevate client profiles. We excel in building positive coverage and favourable mentions across the media landscape, helping our health and wellness clients to grow their market visibility and reach new, always relevant audiences.

Our processes are backed up by in-depth research. We carefully review competitor activity and messaging, create detailed target audience personas and carefully consider appropriate channels. As a result, we provide tailor-made communication and marketing strategies designed to help businesses grow.

Why choose TLA as your health wellness PR agency?

Our luxury health and wellness brand expertise sets us apart

We've been around for over a decade and since we launched, the luxury market has evolved considerably. As a leading health and wellness PR firm, we know that to stay ahead of the curve, successful communication and marketing strategies must be cutting-edge and adapt as necessary to emerging trends. The depth of expertise we've acquired allows us to provide our clients with an approach that's contemporary, effective and always results driven. Collaboration is at the centre of our work, no matter what project we're taking on. To achieve our client's goals, we need to understand their brand from the inside out. We're dedicated to learning everything we can about our clients and working closely with their in-house team to implement a strategy that exceeds expectations.

PR Management

Here at TLA, we are proud to have built up a treasured "little black book" of valuable industry contacts, which includes significant media outlets and health and wellness influencers. We've developed relationships with these connections that are based on mutual trust, allowing us to offer brands exclusive, high-quality coverage that enhances their position in the industry.

Social Media Solutions

We know the power and influence that social media has, yet we equally understand that maintaining a consistent online presence is time-consuming when trying to manage a company. Our team of social media experts are here to do the leg work for you. We work tirelessly to grow your audience, enhance your brand image, and attract and retain loyal customers.

Impactful Influencer Marketing

Working with social media influencers as a health and wellness brand allows you to expand your reach and market position. However, identifying and securing collaborations with influencers can take time and effort. At TLA, we have already established working relationships with influencers in the luxury market and we can facilitate successful partnerships between these individuals and our clients. We understand the importance of maintaining an exclusive brand image, so we only foster collaborations that inspire authenticity.

Other Services

Content Creation

We at TLA believe collaboration is the key to effective and impactful content creation. That's why we take the time to understand our client's specific goals and objectives before working with them. Our talented team crafts content that works towards these aims and puts the spotlight on a brand's unique and authentic values, thus encouraging engagement and conversions.

Media Training

We are committed to providing our clients with a 360-degree service, which is why we offer media training. This is where we coach our clients on interview and speech techniques and how to manage crisis situations. As a result, brands are better equipped to maintain a positive public perception and avoid misquotes and negative press.

‍Market Research and Data Acquisition

Before creating a marketing and communications strategy, we conduct in-depth research and analysis on the brand's target audience and various competitors, identifying any market opportunities. This data then drives our strategies and allows us to deliver exceptional results.

‍Content Strategy Development and Execution

Our content strategy involves a cross-channel approach that's goal driven. We work with our clients to produce value-added content that translates into tangible results. We always aim to help to strengthen a brand's position in the market, boost brand image and awareness, and highlight the brand's exclusivity.

Creating Unforgettable Events and Experiences

Here at TLA, we are specialists in organising and executing industry-specific events that successfully cater to a brand's specific target audience. We aim to create press-worthy experiences and facilitate vital industry networking and relationship-building opportunities.

Partnerships and Alliances

As a result of our "Little Black Book" of significant contacts, we have access to various health and wellness industry specialists and invaluable connections. This enables us to coordinate partnerships and alliances between our clients, exclusive companies, or important people in the industry. As a result, brands enjoy favourable press coverage and a boost in audience reach.

PPC and Paid Media

When executed well, PPC and paid media allows brands to reach new audiences and secure valuable interaction with existing customers. We're committed to implementing digital advertising strategies that deliver results. Before we begin an ad campaign, we analyse a brand's target audience and their online behaviour. From the information, we can create targeted ads, then monitor their effectiveness, and use this information to make the appropriate adjustments to our approach.

Strategic Brand Consultancy

Over the years, we've built up a deep expert knowledge of the health and wellness industry, with valuable experience in health and wellness public relations. We want to share this knowledge with our clients by providing invaluable corporate advice alongside our brand strategy. This allows us to provide our clients with everything they need to continue to flourish and maintain a competitive edge.

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