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Christian Laboutain

Since we founded our luxury PR agency over a decade ago, we’ve leveraged our extensive network to help brands in the luxury sector to build their reputation and reach their target consumers. Through working with us, companies are exposed to our exclusive ‘little black book’ of contacts, which includes influential journalists, internationally recognised brands and significant partners and clients.

Collaboration is at the heart of what we do and we work together with each brand’s in-house team to deliver a bespoke campaign that stays true to the brand’s core values.  

Our approach is considered and determined, combining strategic assessment, perceptive brand awareness, and in-depth research with our decades worth of expertise. Our unwavering commitment to understanding our client’s specific needs allows us to provide marketing for luxury brands that exceed our client’s expectations time after time.  

With more than a decade of experience behind us, we’ve worked with brands that vary from those that are internationally recognised to the next generation of luxury brands.

Why choose TLA as your luxury marketing agency?

Benefit from our extensive luxury brand marketing expertise

The world we live in is developing at an ever increasing pace, meaning the marketing of luxury brands needs to cut through the noise to make themselves heard. This requires a marketing and communication strategy that’s curated by experts with in-depth industry knowledge. We’re dedicated to supporting the ambitions of our clients and we pull out all of the stops to provide you with a unique solution that will improve your brand’s reputation, enabling and assisting the growth of your business. Our proven track record of success with luxury clients has allowed us to build a reputation as a leading PR agency in London for luxury brands.  

PR and Media Relations

Since the beginning, the TLA team has prioritised building and maintaining strong relationships with our contacts in the luxury sector. We work with a mixture of international media outlets and influencers, allowing us to provide PR for luxury brands that provides them with the press coverage required to achieve results reach their goals.  

Social Media

Our luxury brand PR agency is made up of a team of experts who will amplify your brand image by delivering a digital and social media strategy to broaden your reach and enhance your reputation.  To achieve this, our team works tirelessly to build your brand’s online presence across the relevant channels with approaches including intelligent social campaigns designed to deliver results, paid luxury brand advertising and inspired content creation.  

Influencer Marketing and Collaborations

Here at TLA, we leverage our contacts with those who have influence over the luxury lifestyle target market audience and build the brand’s name by exposing brands to new potential customers. Influencer marketing for luxury brands requires a delicate balance of presenting brands in an authentic manner, while maintaining the exclusivity of a brand’s image. We know how to walk that line.

Other Services

Content Creation

After taking the time to understand the specific requirements of our clients’ goals, we then conduct in-depth audience and competitor research, before curating beautiful, unique, sophisticated content for our clients that’s designed to captivate the luxury target market audience.

Media Training

Asa reputable luxury brand PR agency, we’re committed to supporting brands in anyway we can, including assisting them in the development of their media facing skills. This allows our clients to effectively communicate their message to others, whether in a media interview, speech, or during a crisis management situation. We show brands how to control interviews, allowing them to hone their messages, refute difficult questions, mitigate the risk of misquotes.

Research and Data

‍‍Before we begin strategizing and curating plans, content, and other required copy, we commit ourselves to thoroughly researching all the relevant available data surrounding a brand’s target audience and their competitors.  This data analysis grants us with valuable insight into the viability of different approaches and the potential results and allows us to create strategies that are tailored to enable brands achieve their goals.

Content Strategy

We understand the importance of focused content creation where individual pieces work together to achieve the overall goal of attracting and retaining customers, as well as building a positive brand image and reputation. Our content strategies adopt a cross-channel approach, allowing us to optimise the use of the relevant social channels, earned and owned media to deliver a brand’s message to their target audiences, encouraging new customers, and retaining loyal ones.

Events and Experiences

TheTLA team organises and delivers exclusive and unforgettable society and media events and experiences for luxury brands, whether in London or elsewhere. We approach the planning of each event meticulously and creatively, to create press-worth events that will blow guests away, all while keeping things within budget. Whatever the event is we’re committed to providing exceptional and impressive bespoke experiences that exceed the expectations of our clients and their valued guests.

Partnerships and Alliances

Our access to a network of influential contacts allows us to facilitate successful partnerships between luxury brands and other like-minded companies, globally recognised ambassadors, and exclusive luxury events. As a result, our client scan better reach their target audiences, in an impactful and valuable manner.

PPC and Paid Media

When executed well, PPC and paid media allows brands to reach new audiences and secure valuable interaction with existing customers. We're committed to implementing digital advertising strategies that deliver results. Before we begin an ad campaign, we analyse a brand's target audience and their online behaviour. From the information, we create targeted ads, monitor their effectiveness and use this information to make the appropriate adjustments to our approach.

Strategic Brand Consultancy

Asa leading marketing agency for luxury brands, we’re devoted to collaborating closely with our clients. We excel at delivering intelligent, creative and tailor made strategic communication campaigns designed to help companies flourish. As part of this, we offer expert corporate advice and thoroughly researched brand strategy so that our clients have the tools they need to prosper in their vertical.

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