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With more than ten years of expertise, we take pride in offering luxury food brands unparalleled public relations and marketing services. Our customised strategies and campaigns ensure that brands achieve broad media exposure, enhance their brand image, and attract new and exclusive clientele.

Throughout our collaboration with a client, we engage closely with the brand's in-house team, thought leaders, and brand advocates to gain a profound understanding of the company's culture, values, and objectives. Utilising our digital marketing savvy, event planning skills, and extensive network of industry connections, we deliver the outcomes brands aspire to.

We're committed to surpassing our clients' expectations, which is why we approach every phase of our process with intense dedication and commitment. From initial research to final execution, we guarantee only the highest standard of service.

Why select TLA as your food PR agency

Our food brand expertise

Our intrinsic knowledge of the food industry enables us to deliver effective PR services and innovative marketing strategies to luxury food brands.

Over time, we've cultivated significant expertise in the food market. We keep a close watch on consumer interests, online behaviours, and buying trends. This insight allows us to devise marketing and communication strategies that ensure every luxury food brand we represent is unique and stands out.

From gourmet eateries to renowned food producers, we've supported a diverse array of companies within the food and hospitality sectors, achieving goals from boosting brand visibility to completely transforming media and public perceptions. Working intimately with our clients' in-house teams, we grasp their specific ambitions, enabling us to craft the perfect communication and marketing strategy to elevate a brand's image and position it as a premier choice in its field.


Since the inception of TLA more than a decade ago, we've compiled an invaluable "little black book" of influential contacts in the luxury food industry, including top media outlets and key influencers. This positions us to secure widespread, high-quality coverage for our clients, establishing us as a respected food PR agency.


Social media, when used adeptly, is a potent marketing instrument for food PR firms to consider. Our team of digital and social media strategy experts has the skills and creativity necessary to enhance your online presence, attract new customers, and elevate your brand's status and market position as a luxury entity. To maximise social media's potential, we employ various strategies, including imaginative campaigns, paid advertising, and compelling content creation that promotes engagement.

Influencer Collaborations

It's no secret that food influencers are among the most followed and inspirational accounts on social media platforms. From culinary experts to dietary specialists, we have connections across the spectrum of food and drink influencers, enabling us to organise collaborations that are sure to yield impressive results.

Other Services

Content Creation: 

Our approach to content creation starts with a comprehensive understanding of our clients' content objectives and aspirations. Following this, we conduct competitor analysis and scrutinise the brand's target demographic. This groundwork allows us to leverage our industry acumen and digital expertise to craft unique content that draws followers, boosts brand image, and drives sales.

Media Training: 

We equip our clients with the necessary tools for excelling in their industry, helping them manage their brand image and reputation. Through media training, we teach our clients how to handle interviews, speeches, and crisis management effectively, ensuring the brand is portrayed positively in the media and minimising the risk of negative press.

Research and Data: 

Our partnership with any brand begins with thorough research and data collection. From analysing competitors to understanding the target market, we commit to gathering all necessary information to comprehensively understand the brand, its market standing, and the optimal approach moving forward.

Content Strategy:

Our content strategy is designed to offer value to followers, stimulate engagement, and enhance a brand's image and growth. By adopting a cross-channel approach that mirrors current trends and consumer behaviours, we help brands remain relevant and well-positioned in the eyes of luxury food and drink consumers.

Events and Experiences:

For food companies, the opportunities for unique and memorable events are limitless. We collaborate with our clients to plan an event that meets their objectives. At TLA, we've orchestrated numerous exclusive and media-worthy events that not only meet but exceed the expectations of the brands we represent and their guests, all while adhering to budget constraints.

Partnerships and Alliances:

Our access to an extensive global network of notable figures, ambassadors, and companies within the luxury food sector, coupled with our "little black book" of contacts, enables us to facilitate partnerships between brands and other entities within the industry to strengthen our client's brand image and secure favourable media attention.

PPC and Paid Media: 

Leveraging our technological and digital expertise, we capture your audience's attention with targeted ads. This involves conducting thorough research to understand your target customer's online behaviour comprehensively.

Strategic Brand Consultancy: 

As a food PR agency with over a decade of experience, we bring a wealth of industry knowledge, insight, and connections to the table. This equips us to provide our clients with strategic advice and innovative strategies designed to establish their brands as distinguished and exclusive entities within the food sector.

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