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Based in the stylish enclave of London SE1, our luxury fashion PR agency has helped clients to generate coverage, enhance their brand image and amplify their voices for more than a decade.  

We work closely with our clients and their stakeholders to deliver bespoke luxury fashion marketing strategies. Our campaigns enable fashion brands to achieve goals and exceed their ambitions in the most competitive of spaces. Our extensive catalogue of industry contacts includes global media outlets, international brands, and tastemakers. This network enables us to provide luxury fashion businesses with exclusive and far-reaching coverage in keeping with their brand.

We take a meticulous approach to our work, beginning with in-depth research on the brand, target market, and competitors. This data is used to guide us as we use our deep industry knowledge to execute fashion brand PR and marketing strategies that help brands to thrive.

Our luxury fashion brand expertise

We live in a digital world where a whole host of information and possibilities exist at our fingertips. As a result, the consumer is spoilt for choice. We harness our expert industry knowledge to make luxury fashion brands stand out from the crowd by executing creative, bespoke marketing and communication strategies. We're here to exceed the expectations of our clients and ensure they achieve their ambitions and more. Our collaborative approach will ensure your brand image remains front and centre and shines a light on the exclusivity of your products, helping your brand to attract new eyes, while retaining the continued support of loyal customers. We're laser-focus on producing creative strategies and campaigns for our clients, which has allowed us to succeed in helping multiple brands to gain a competitive edge.  


Since TLA launched more than a decade ago, we’ve built an extensive network of key global contacts within the luxury fashion industry, which has allowed us to grow into one of the best fashion PR agencies in London. Our contacts include, amongst others, reliable journalists and luxury fashion influencers. This means we can secure widespread coverage for luxury brands, allowing them to reach new consumers and build their reputation as an exclusive fashion brand in the luxury sector.


Social media is one of the most useful marketing tools available to us today, yet so many brands fail to leverage it to its fullest potential. Our team of digital and social media strategy experts harness the power of social media to enhance your luxury fashion brand image, without compromising on your core values. We achieve this with a combination of creative campaigns, appealing paid fashion brand advertising and outstanding content creation. We implement these factors across the relevant social media channels, adapting our approach as necessary to maximise results.


At TLA, we only work with the most exclusive influencers, fostering partnerships and alliances based on respect and quality. We only organise collaborations between influencers in the luxury fashion market and brands that are authentic and complementary to the brand’s image. As a result, your brand reaches your target audience in a subtle way as not to diminish your brand’s exclusivity.

Other Services

Content Creation

Before getting started, we dedicate ourselves to understanding our client’s specific goals with content creation. We then leverage our industry expertise to conduct in-depth competitor research and audience analysis. This then allows us to create content that acts as a driver for a brand’s success, by captivating their target audience and enhancing their brand’s reputation.

Media Training

As part of our commitment to exceeding our customers expectations, we also provide a media training service. We teach our clients how to communicate properly in interviews, speeches, and even crisis management situations. This invaluable knowledge allows our clients to effectively manage their brand image when in the spotlight, helping to negate the risk of any potential mishaps or negative press.

Research and Data

When working with a brand, we kickstart the process with rigorous research and data collection, covering everything from a brand’s target audience to their competitors. The data that we collect gives us an in-depth understanding of which approaches would work best for the brand in question, allowing us to strategize a unique plan that supports our client’s best interests.

Content Strategy

We focus on creating an intelligent content strategy that supports a brand’s growth, engagement, and provides value to the customer. By using across-channel approach, we help brands to display consistency, helping to build a high-quality brand image that attracts potential customers and impresses loyal ones.

Events and Experiences

TheTLA team is proud to have organised multiple exceptional and exclusive events for our clients. Throughout the organisation process, we work closely with our clients to curate an event that they’re proud of, and that highlights the exclusivity of their luxury fashion brand. The key to our success lies with our unwavering attention to detail, unrivalled creativity, and commitment to delivering jaw-dropping events within budget.

Partnerships and Alliances

Our treasured “Little Black Book” of contacts grants us access to valuable contacts in the luxury sector, allowing us to organise collaborations between luxury brands and other exclusive companies and individuals. This enables our clients to strengthen their brand reputation while reaching their target audience in new and exciting ways.

PPC and Paid Media

Effective digital advertising relies on an in-depth understanding of the target audience and their online behaviour. Our expert team conducts the necessary research, before creating a paid advertising strategy specifically curated to impress and appeal to your target audience. We carefully monitor the results of advertising campaigns then adjust our approach accordingly, to continually optimise their effectiveness in light of any new information.

Strategic Brand

Our expert understanding of fashion public relations combined with more than a decade of experience means we’re able to go that one step further to help our clients. We do this by offering brands corporate advice, and provide them with well thought out brand strategies so that they have the tools they need to thrive.

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