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Dom Perignon

With over a decade of experience, we're proud to provide luxury food and drink brands with outstanding public relations and marketing services. Our bespoke strategies and campaigns help brands to receive widespread media coverage, amplify their brand image, and reach new and exclusive customers.

Throughout our time working with a client, we collaborate closely with the brand's own in-house team, thought leaders and brand advocates to gain a deep understanding of the company's culture, values, and goals. We then leverage our digital marketing knowledge, event organising expertise, and extensive database of industry contacts to provide brands with the desired results.

We're dedicated to exceeding our client's expectations, which is why every stage of our process is treated with the same vigour and devotion. From research through to execution, we only provide the highest-quality service.

Why choose TLA as your food and drink PR agency

Our food and drink brand expertise

We possess an innate understanding of the drinks industry that allows us to provide effective food and drinks PR services and fresh, creative marketing strategies to brands in the luxury sector.

Over the years, we've built deep expertise in the food and drink market. We have our finger firmly on the pulse of consumer interests, online behaviours, and purchasing patterns. We leverage this knowledge to implement marketing and communication strategies that make sure that each luxury drink brand we work with is distinctive and stands out from the crowd.

From whiskey brands to iconic restaurants, we've worked for various food, drink, and hospitality companies, achieving everything from amplifying a brand's image to completely revitalising media and public perceptions of a brand. We work closely with our client's in-house teams to ensure that we thoroughly understand their precise goals. This allows us to meticulously plan the right communication and marketing strategy to enhance a brand's image and help to position them as an exclusive option in their sector


Since we founded TLA over a decade ago, we've built an invaluable "little black book" of influential contacts within the luxury food and drink industry, including esteemed media outlets and exclusive influencers. This allows us to secure widespread, high-quality coverage for our clients. As a result of our success, we've grown into a respected food and drinks PR agency.


When leveraged effectively, social media is a powerful marketing tool that drinks PR companies must pay attention to. Our expert team of digital and social media strategy specialists possess the knowledge and creativity required to grow your online social presence, reach new customers, and enhance your brand image and market position as a luxury brand.

To optimise the potential of social media platforms, we use several approaches, including creative campaigns, paid advertising, and inspiring content creation that encourage engagement.


There's no surprise that food and drink influencers are some of the most popular and inspiring accounts on social media channels. From vegan and vegetarian influencers to wine specialists, we have access to a whole variety of contacts within the food and drink influencer sphere, allowing us to facilitate collaborations that are guaranteed to provide results.

Other Services

Content Creation

Our content creation approach begins with an extensive understanding of our client's content goals and ambitions. We then conduct competitor research and an analysis of the brand's target audience. This prep work means we can use our industry knowledge and digital expertise to create unique content that attracts followers, enhances a brand's image, and generates sales.

Media Training

To ensure our clients are well equipped to thrive in their industry, we help to equip them with the necessary tools to manage their brand image and reputation.We do this by providing media training that teaches our clients how to conduct interviews, speeches, and crisis management systems in a way that presents the brand favourable to the media. This helps to mitigate the potential form is quotes or negative coverage.

Research and Data

Whichever brand we work with, we always begin the partnership by conducting research and data collection. From analysing competitors to understanding the brand's target market, we're committed to gathering all the data necessary to thoroughly understand the brand, its market position, and the best possible approach as we advance.

Content Strategy

Our content strategy aims to provide followers value, encourage engagement, and boost a brand's image and growth. We achieve this by implementing across-channel approach that reflects current trends and consumer behaviour to help brands stay relevant and well-positioned in the eyes of luxury food and drink consumers.

Events and Experiences

The possibilities for creative and exclusive events are endless for food and drink companies. We work collaboratively with our clients to curate an event to achieve their goals. Here at TLA, we have organised multiple exclusive and press-worth events that have exceeded the expectations of the brands we work with and their guests while staying within budget.

Partnerships and Alliances

We have access to a vast global network of noteworthy individuals, ambassadors, and companies within the luxury food and drink sector. In addition, our"little black book" of contacts allows us to arrange collaborations between brands and other like-minded companies and individuals within the sector to strengthen our client's brand image and secure favourable media coverage. ‍

PPC and Paid Media

We employ our tech and digital know-how to capture your audience with targeted ads. To achieve this, we conduct in-depth research that allows us to understand your target customer's online behaviour.

Effective digital advertising relies on an in-depth understanding of the target audience and their online behaviour. Our expert team conducts the necessary research before creating a paid advertising strategy specifically curated to impress and appeal to your target audience. Using PPC, we implement strategies and tweak them based on ongoing testing and learning.

Strategic Brand Consultancy

Asa food and drink PR agency with over a decade of experience, we possess a priceless level of industry knowledge, insight, and connections. This means we can offer our clients strategic corporate advice and strategies that will allow them to position themselves as prominent and exclusive brands within their industries.

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