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The Sharing Economy set to take over the sea and skies.

Fractional ownership is a new concept, allowing partners the ideals of luxury travel without the burdening time and monetary commitments often associated with them. Sail away lazy Summers in the haven of your own private yacht, or hop on a private plane and jet around the globe at your own convenience. Sounds good, doesn’t it? 

The sharing economy is rapidly taking over the way we travel, from where we stay to how we get there and the world of luxury is no exception. Offering luxury travel options, whilst decreasing their often limiting commitments, sharing is the perfect solution for those who want a piece of the fantastic experiences on offer.

SeaNet, established in Europe in 2014 by Matty Zadnikar, offers fractional ownership schemes in luxury yachts situated in a range of idyllic locations across Europe. Partnering with Benetti Yachts to provide the very best in luxury sailing, Zadnikar took advantage of a gap in the market and created SeaNet to offer a solution to the problems associated with sole ownership, without compromising on experience. While SeaNet has the seas covered, NetJet offers the very same fractional ownership solution for the skies. 

NetJets, a private jet sharing scheme, was founded in Europe in 1996 by Warren Buffet to offer luxurious and convenient travel options. With 85 aircrafts and access to 5,000 airports across the world, NetJets allows you to jet off to some of the busiest cities in the world, or conversely to remotest most tranquil island locations. Personalising your travel experience to accommodate your every possible need, NetJets planes are available at all times to clients. At the same time arranging everything from airport travel transfers with a private chauffeur to four course gastro-meals on board. 

Together the schemes provide contemporary solutions, whilst maintaining excellent quality services, and add to the emerging market of fractional ownership schemes. Not limited to the seas and skies, the concept of a ‘sharing economy’ includes holiday homes. Most schemes offer clients a select number of weeks, during key holiday periods across the year, accommodating for school holidays and peak Summer weather season. Depending on your shares, clients can expect a predetermined number of weeks to enjoy their exclusive holiday experience without a care in the world. 

Not only do the benefits of fractional ownership include the exclusive, luxury holidays in breathtaking locations across the world, investment in the scheme acts under the same principal of sole ownership; any monetary benefits experienced are equally experienced by their respective owners. 

Proving a success in the US, the concept of a sharing economy is transferring to European waters broadening the possibilities for spectacular Summer experiences closer to home.