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Sail your Summers away with SeaNet!

Fractional ownership is fast becoming the best way to own a luxury yacht, without the hefty price-tag, making your dream voyage less of a financial burden.

SeaNet offers a unique co-ownership scheme of their extensive range of unbeatable Benetti yachts for those lusting after the most enviable summer lifestyle. You’ll feel right at home on-board your customized yacht as you sail around Europe this Summer.

Launched earlier this year in Europe by Matty Zadnikar, SeaNet fulfils a noticeable gap in the market following their success with SeaNet USA. As a yacht enthusiast, Zadnikar sought to target the consumer who desired the decadence of life on the seas without the time concerns and monetary commitments. Partnering with Benetti Yachts in an exclusive relationship, Zadnikar launched SeaNet to solve the issues facing yacht owners and offer an ideal solution without compromising on experience. 

From the shores of Croatia to the white sandy beaches of Sardinia, SeaNet offers a range of breathtaking locations ensuring that you and your guests are never short of places to go. SeaNet manages every element of your yacht ensuring that while on-board you can truly relax and enjoy a service perfectly tailored to your needs. When on terra firma, SeaNet will ensure that every element of your yacht is taken care of from maintenance and crew to arranging flights to and from your yacht. What more could you possibly want?

The concept of co-owning a superyacht makes for the most fantastic and memorable experiences without the grievances of being a sole owner. Owning your own yacht, despite only being used for a few weeks a year, requires yearlong costs. With SeaNet, the financial commitment is minimised as SeaNet yachts can be owned by up to 4 people with all initial costs split between the owners. Each boat is equipped with a professional management team to reduce the stress associated with sole yacht ownership, resulting in the most relaxing experience possible and maintaining the indulgence that life on the sea brings.

Should you wish to sell your shares in the yacht, you may sell any time with no pressure from SeaNet. So whether it’s something you want to explore for a few years, or a permanent fixture to your family summers, SeaNet offers the best solution for all situations. The scheme provides a range of ownership options, ranging from 25%, 33%, 50% up to 75% ownership of the specific yacht. Whilst 25% ownership guarantees you 7 weeks in total during the year, with 2 weeks during peak European cruising season, 50% ownership entitles you to 4 weeks sailing during peak time, with an additional 10 weeks to enjoy during the rest of the year. Perfect for any Summer get away!

Be the envy of all your friends and experience the most incredible yachting holidays, without the burden of the financial commitment that comes with sole ownership.

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