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An unusual pairing with Bodegas Muga...

When it comes to perfectly pairing our wines with a delicious meal; it’s safe to say we all know the classics. A full bodied red with dark meat or rich pasta, crisp white with fish or chicken and always chase your oysters with a glass of champagne. However, this Spring, Bodegas Muga encourage wine lovers and foodies to branch out and embrace the complexity of the world of beautiful wine. As there’s countless varietals of grapes available around the world (not to mention the many notes of spices, fruits and oak to accompany) it is unsurprising to hear that food and wine should not be limited to the predictable pairing of the past.

Coming into the warmer Spring season, Bodgas Muga encourage wine lovers to sample their lesser known rosé and white wines which are certainly something to be experienced. Each sip of the Muga Rosado 2016 and the Muga Blanco 2016 reveals the tradition and character of this region, which is one of the few in the world where wine is made using only native grape varieties.

With the Muga Rosado 2016 created using a blend of Garnacha, Viura and Tempra grapes and grown on the shaded slopes of the Obarenes mountains, the wine offers a pale and elegant appearance. A complex aroma of white fleshed lychees and apricots lead to a long finis, combined with a sweet and fresh balance on the palette.

Muga White 2016 is fermented using carefully selected French oak casts which gives the wine an aroma of pastry shop ‘sweetness’ from the lees and spices of the oak. Produced using a blend of Viura, Malvasia and White Grenache grape varieties, the Muga White 2016 also has a crisp aroma of green apples and citrus fruits which adds to its complexity.

When choosing a wine to pair with your meal this summer, relax and unwind with a cool glass of Rosado 2016 and boldly opt for a bit of Asian influence in the form of delicious sushi or Chinese dim sum. Alternatively try venturing outside of the norm and pair a Muga Blanco 2016 with Mediterranean paella or perhaps a dose of sophisticated Peruvian cuisine.

Founded in Haro, La Rioja, in 1932, Bodegas Muga remains to this day a family-owned winery comprising of five vineyards. The La Loma vineyard provides a unique topography from the geographical plateau of the land, while the Sajazarra vineyard – situated at the maximum altitude for vines – produces some of the best varieties of grape thanks to Bodegas Muga’s distinct growing process. Bodegas Muga uses all six regional vine varieties, utilising traditional methods handed down through generations.

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Charlie Mason Pearson,