A Look Back At Some Of Our Favourite PR Campaigns For 2020

The industry has seen many changes over this last year, with people working from home and adjusting to the new work, life balance due to the coronavirus outbreak.

However, this change hasn’t stopped the minds of creatives from developing new and inspiring ideas to get people talking and as we step into a new year we’re looking back at the marketing and PR campaigns that have caught our eye so far in 2020.

Greggs X Vegan

The new year started on the right foot with Greggs’ new campaign, launching their vegan steak bake as part of ‘veganuary.’  

The much loved bakery released their creation on social media and showcased creative flair and an inclusive mindset, which could set them apart from their competitors.  

Joe Wicks – The Nation’s PE Teacher

Joe Wicks, AKA The Body Coach, kept households on their feet during lockdown via live YouTube workouts every week morning for four months!

It’s safe to say this campaign was a huge hit and inspired generations, young and old, to keep moving and improve their physical and mental health during a crisis.  


As everyone took to social media it was only right to join in the fun. KFC launched #RateMyKFC to tackle lockdown boredom and encouraged everyone to get involved and make their homestyle version of the famous fried chicken when they closed their doors at the start of the outbreak.  

The Social Distancing Gruffalo

Author of The Gruffalo, Julia Donaldson, and Illustrator, Axel Scheffler, created a series of drawings showing characters from the book social distancing in the hope that it would help young children to understand the regulations.

This light-hearted campaign shows creativity and awareness in terms of helping children to better understand what is currently going on in the world.  


And once again, it was the return of the Mac.  

Clever, catchy and creative all rolled into one. McDonalds tweeted their customers in March asking for their song choices ready for the all important opening, when the time was right, and they delivered.

Uber – Thank You For Not Riding

When workplaces fell silent and homes became offices, schools, gyms and so much more in times of crisis, Uber reinforced the “stay at home” guidelines in a way that highlighted the brand in a positive way.

The brand created a touching advert which depicted lockdown life in a moving way, showing togetherness and solidarity in trying times.

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