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Private Fly

For over a decade, TLA has helped the world’s leading travel and yachting brands to grow their business through an extended audience reach, craft enhanced brand images and secure lucrative coverage in coveted online and print media outlets.

We have a dedicated team of communication and marketing specialists who understand the travel and yachting industry and what it takes for a brand to succeed. Our access to a global network of influential industry contacts allows us to connect brands with journalists, internationally recognised brands and potential partners and clients. As a result, brands receive the exposure they need to stand out from the crowd.

Our work begins with a thorough research period where we analyse the travel and yachting market and a brand's target audience to uncover potential opportunities. This data allows us to develop a bespoke communication and marketing strategy that's designed to help brands reach new heights.

Why choose TLA as your travel or yacht PR agency?

Benefit from our years of luxury travel and yacht brand expertise

Since TLA was founded over a decade ago, the digital world has evolved considerably. We've adapted to these changes, always paying attention to emerging trends in travel and yacht PR. Our advanced and established industry expertise means we possess the knowledge to help scale your brand. Collaboration is at the core of what we do. In order to exceed our client's expectations time and time again, we work exhaustively to understand their goals fully. We know that there's no one-size-fits-all approach. So, we're committed to producing a tailor-made communication and marketing strategy designed with your own specific ambitions, market challenges and business goals in mind.


As a PR agency with a decade of experience behind us, we're proud of the extensive network of valuable contacts that we have acquired. This "little black book" includes noteworthy media outlets and luxury influencers. They know and trust us to provide compelling news and other PR materials, giving us an advantage that many rival agencies covet. As a result, we can secure exclusive coverage for brands, helping to position them as leading players within the luxury travel and yachting market.

Social Media Solutions

Social media performance is vital in a brand's digital marketing efforts. However, it's a time-consuming endeavour that can be difficult to manage alongside running the operations of a successful travel or yachting business. Our team of digital and social media strategy experts have the tools and know-how to leverage the power of social media and build your online presence. We can help you to establish your brand name, grow your audience, and reach new customers. We achieve this with inspired campaigns, paid advertising and beautiful content creation across the relevant channels. Every piece of content we put out is designed to captivate your target audience, spark conversation and set new trends. All of our social management is data led, so you can be confident we’re posting at optimal times for maximum reach and engagement.  

Precise Influencer Marketing

With the ever-growing prevalence of social media influencers, choosing the right individuals to work with can be daunting. Here at TLA, we understand the world of influencer marketing better than anyone. Therefore, we are committed to only fostering partnerships between brands and the most exclusive influencers, so that your brand reaches new audiences through authentic endorsements.

Other Services

Content Creation

For us, effective content creation relies on an acute understanding of our client's objectives. We work collaboratively with your in-house team to understand what you want to achieve from your content before analysing your competitors and your target audience. We then commit ourselves to producing content that's specifically created with your goals in mind, and with your thought leadership and tone of voice front and centre.

Media Training

One of the most crucial elements for a brand's continued success is the public and media's perception of your company. Therefore, we offer our clients a media training service, where we coach them in interview, speech, and crisis management. The knowledge we impart to our clients allows them to foster a positive brand image and avoid any unfortunate mishaps or negative misquotes.

Research and Data

Our approach to working with a brand always begins with a period of meticulous and thorough research. We collect data covering a variety of things, including a brand's current market performance, its target audience, its competitors, and potential market opportunities. This data lets us understand how best to proceed when creating a marketing and communications strategy.

Content Strategy

When it comes to content, we aim to create a cross-channel strategy that works in collaboration to enhance a brand's image by providing value to the consumer and presenting our client as a leading choice within the yachting industry.

Events and Experiences

The team at TLA conceptualise and implement press-worthy special events for our clients that foster important industry relationships and amplify brand awareness. From sponsorship outreach and logistical planning to pre and post-event publicity, we cover all the elements necessary to ensure your event captures the attention of the media and your customers.

Partnerships and Alliances

Thanks to our cherished Rolodex of contacts, we have access to many significant industry contacts in the luxury yachting sector. This means we can arrange valuable partnerships and alliances between your brand and other exclusive companies or individuals, leading to improved press coverage and an increased audience reach.

PPC and Paid Media

Here at TLA, we have an in-depth understanding of PPC and paid media and what it takes to ensure that digital advertising delivers results. Before getting started, our digital marketing specialists will conduct an in-depth analysis of your target audience's online behaviour. This will allow us to curate an advertising strategy designed to appeal to the particularities of your target audience. Then, once we've launched a campaign, we carefully monitor the outcomes and use the results to adjust our approach.

Strategic Brand

Our years of industry knowledge and expertise allow us to provide our clients with valuable advice and insight, in addition to thoughtful brand strategy, so that they have all the tools necessary to thrive in the luxury yachting market.

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